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Marmochaya pays Tribute to the Rebel Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam


Marmochaya organized a musical evening at Weavers Studio as a tribute to the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Columbia University’s professor Rachel Macdermot was also felicitated at this musical evening by Marmochaya.

Kazi Nazrul Islam who is mainly known for his revolutionary songs and poems is credited with writing about four thousand songs which are collectively known as Nazrul-Geeti. He is also known as the Rebel Poet due to his revolutionary ideas which he wrote in his poems. Love, freedom and revolution are the three dominant themes in the poems and songs of the late poet. Kazi Nazrul Islam is recognized as the national Poet of Bangladesh.


Owed to her research work on the poet, Rachel Macdermot has been living in Kolkata for the last seven months and even went to Bangladesh where she spent about five weeks. She was felicitated by Sayed Hasmat Jalal. The chief guest at this musical evening was eminent Bangladeshi poet-musician Bulbul. A memento was presented to her by writer and Voice of America journalist Ashimpada Chakraborty. Bulbul and Rachel presented immensely interesting facts about the rebel poet which kept the audience engrossed.


Melodious Nazrul Songs presented by Somerita and Aratrika as well as recitation by many a young and talented elocutionists all the more added to the evening’s agenda of paying tribute to Kazi Nazrul islam.

In short this musical evening paid a great homage and tribute to the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. We sincerely hope that musical events of this kind will be organized more often so that the audience can enjoy the music of the late musicians.

Priyanka Dutta

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Meet Bros Anjjan Compose Music for Bengali Film Koli


Meet Bros Anjjan who enjoyed an undisputed position in the music charts for a very long time with their Baby doll song featuring Sunny Leone will now be composing music for a Bengali film and this is definitely their first time in the Bengali Film Industry. The film that they have composed music for is Koli and the music launch of this upcoming Bengali film took place at Hotel Hindustan international.


Meet Bros Anjjan who also regaled the audience present with the Baby Doll song, while speaking to Sholoana Bangaliana also said that getting an opportunity to work in the Bengali film industry is really overwhelming and the whole team will put in the best efforts to present just the best.

“Koli is about a simple village girl who loses her father at a very tender age.She lives with her mother. With the help of Shankar she gets over the financial crisis and continues with her education. Their relationship grows deeper. But societal circumstances pose threats to their relationship. What happens next is what the film is all about. This is like a next door story” said director Partha Chakraborty. The director also claimed that the love story will stay glued in the minds of the people for a long time.

Ruplekha who plays the role of Koli in the film was full of praises for her co-star Heerok and she admitted to playing pranks on her co-star during the shooting of the film.


Koli has a fusion of Tollywood and Bollywood. Surojit Chatterjee and Meet Bros Anjjan have composed the music for the film. There are four songs in the film which have been sung by Aryan Bhattacharya, Meghna Mitra, Shaan, Shreya,Palak Mucchal and Surojit Chatterjee. Rana Majumder and Surojit have written the lyrics for the songs in this film. Palak Mucchal will also be making her comeback as singer in Bengali films with Koli.


Surojit Chatterjee who has composed the music along with Meet Bros Anjjan said “The music in the film helps in carrying forward the love story. The songs are situational and have not been used just for the sake of it. They all have a role to play in the film”.

The film is slated for release on 14th September.

Priyanka Dutta



Singer Anupam Roy and Gaurab Chatterjee Launch new Bengali Audio Songs album ‘Nirbak Sainik’

nirbak sainik

A Rock music album by the band Inferno was released in the presence of eminent singer Anupam Roy and Gaurab Chatterjee in the Ashutosh Memorial Hall Kolkata. The band which started its musical journey in the year 2005 finally fulfilled its dream of releasing their first musical album “Nirbak Sainik”.

singer anupam roy

The six member band has the dream of becoming the top Bangla band in the city. Som is the lead vocalist, songwriter and composer of this band. Sammy is the backing vocalist, Deb on electric and acoustic guitars, Bachospoti on bass guitar, Kushal on drums and Rahul on electric guitars. The eight songs in this debut album of the band have mixed elements from different genres of music. Ballads, alternative with metal influences and psychedelic are some of the major influences found in the songs of this album. Kolkata, Chokher Sporsho, Protishruti, Leelakhela, Nirbak sainik, Brishti, Koshto and Toke onubhob korechi are the songs which feature in this album.

new Bengali Audio Songs

Anupam Roy congratulated the band for their debut album. “The first album is always special for a band and I totaly understand the emotions that the band members are feeling now. I will also like to mention that I know Rajkumar Sengupta since the time I came to Kolkata. And he has done a great job by supporting this new band by producing their music”. Gaurab Chatterjee of Lakhichara band said “It is always great to see new bands coming up. The music scenario in the band circuit is not so positive. Not many bands are coming up. Hence I welcome this band in the music industry and I wish them all the best for their success in the coming days”.

The band regaled the audience with songs like Sohor, Nirbak Sainik and more.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali Audio Songs Album Rohoshyo released at Gallery Gold; Aatman Audio supports the venture

Bengali Audio Songs

Aatman Audio’s latest Bengali Audio Songs album Rohoshyo was released recently in the presence of Reshmi Chatterjee, Sidhartha Ray (Cactus), Somnath Ghosal and Suman at Gallery Gold in Kolkata.

Human psychology is a very interesting topic. The album Rohoshyo deals essentially with the different aspects of the human psychology. The variety of emotions that goes in the mind of the individual has been brought out in this album. The album has seven songs-Tumi Kothay, Bidaay, Shasti, Baburam, Flashback, Rohosyo and Rohoshyo mash-up. The songs have been written and sung by Suman himself. Speaking on the occasion, Suman said “This is my solo album and I am very excited. I can feel butterflies in my stomach. This album is a very direct way of attacking the hypocrisies of the human psychology. We pretend something in front of others and we behave differently once they are not present. This behavior is a part of human psychology and hence this album”. The artist also focused on the fact that the audience and the music fraternity together must unite to change the face of the music industry in Bengal.

Sidhartha Ray aka Sidhu of Cactus band highlighted on the aspect that the amount of money that is spent on film music album is seldom spent on a non-film music album. The amount of labor that goes into making film music and non-film music is the same hence both should get the due appreciation. But the difference in budget has led to the rise in popularity of the film music and the lack of popularity of the non-film music. There will again be a revival of the non-film music with the active participation of new artists and the music companies. In the early nineties it was non-film music that was leading the music scene but now the scenario is completely different but a change is inevitable. The singer feels that there will be a revival of non-film music with proper investment in this field.

Bengali Audio Songs Album Rohoshyo

Rohoshyo deals with the mysteries of the human mind. This will be an interesting album to listen to and will enthrall the audiences for sure.

Priyanka Dutta

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Audio Music Album ‘Spectrum-When Melody Speaks’ launched under the banners of Rooh Music

sarod player arnab

Spectrum band recently launched their album “Spectrum-When Melody Speaks” at Music Kafe. Present at the launch of this music album was Arnab Bhattacharya, Gaurab Chatterjee (also known as Gaboo), Pradip Chatterjee (Flutist of Mohiner Ghoraguli), Stephane Amalir (Director, Alliance Francaise), Lasnier Pierre Antoine (Cultural coordinator of Alliance Francaise) and the members of the band, Spectrum.

Speaking on the occasion, Arnab Bhattacharya who is also a member of this band said “The band Spectrum is mainly an Indian Classical music band. This is the first album of the band. We are really hopeful that the music of the album will be appreciated by the audience. The musicians in this band maintain the decorum of various kinds of music and also try to create something new”. The idea of this band was developed by Arnab Bhattacharya who is also a well known Sarod player.

Gaurab Chatterjee

The album consists of eight compositions. First child was composed when a close friend of Arnab Bhattacharya gave birth to a baby girl. The song is basically dedicated to the child. The other composition Dohon is one of the most popular compositions of the band and hence has been included in this album. The other compositions which feature in this album are “Dreams on Strings”, “Final bullet”, “Irish”, “Fire in the ocean”, “Arabic” and “When melody speaks”(classical rag based composition). Rajdeep Karmakar (lead), Sayanjit Ghosh (Bass), Sunayan Das (Guitar), Sumon Debnath (keyboard) and Tamal Mondol (drums) are the other members of this band.

arnab sarod

Stephane Amalir was full of praises for Arnab Bhattacharya and his band. He heard the band play a few months ago at an event on World Music Day (21st June) held at the Allainace Francaise, Kolkata. When he was invited to come for the album launch of the band, Stephanie was very happy to be a part of this endeavor.

The Audio Music Album is full of compositions which are pleasing for the ears and the album promises to be a musical treat for the listeners.

Report and Photographs by: Priyanka Dutta

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