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MTV Splitsvilla Season 8Theme unveiled; And this season it is Sunny Leone and Ranvijay pepping up the contestants


MTV the most followed youth brand unveiled the theme of the 8th season of its popular reality show Splitsvilla.

 Men, especially Indian men, require a little bit of orientation and education on wooing women in the correct way. This has become more important because we live in times which demand men to become gentlemen and treat the women right.


This necessary but fun education can range from teachings on grooming, basic values, some help with mental evolution, perception and outlook, the correct things to say and do, the perfect gifts to buy, and more. And who better than Sunny Leone and Rannvijay, to teach the same to the boys on Splitsvilla!! Splitsvilla 8 is therefore aptly tag lined this time with ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’.


To launch the great, cult show a virtual short version of the show was shot and packed the concept into a fun, entertaining music video. A song called ‘What women love’ contains various fun suggestions on ‘what you should learn about what women love to woo them’. Sunny Leone and Rannvijay are seen as a couple cutely dancing and romancing each other, playing out the various suggestions in a Broadway style stage-play, with Sunny leading the suggestions because she knows best, whereas Rannvijay is the good boyfriend who is seen doing the right thing.


The 2 minute music video has been produced in-house by MTV’s Creative Team lead by Keegan Pinto. Its music and lyrics too have been created by Keegan Pinto and the exciting and fresh avatar of a Splitsvilla launch film has been directed by the talented Shai Samtaney.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 surely promises to be something exciting and strike a chord in the hearts of the Indian women.

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Audio Music Album ‘Spectrum-When Melody Speaks’ launched under the banners of Rooh Music

sarod player arnab

Spectrum band recently launched their album “Spectrum-When Melody Speaks” at Music Kafe. Present at the launch of this music album was Arnab Bhattacharya, Gaurab Chatterjee (also known as Gaboo), Pradip Chatterjee (Flutist of Mohiner Ghoraguli), Stephane Amalir (Director, Alliance Francaise), Lasnier Pierre Antoine (Cultural coordinator of Alliance Francaise) and the members of the band, Spectrum.

Speaking on the occasion, Arnab Bhattacharya who is also a member of this band said “The band Spectrum is mainly an Indian Classical music band. This is the first album of the band. We are really hopeful that the music of the album will be appreciated by the audience. The musicians in this band maintain the decorum of various kinds of music and also try to create something new”. The idea of this band was developed by Arnab Bhattacharya who is also a well known Sarod player.

Gaurab Chatterjee

The album consists of eight compositions. First child was composed when a close friend of Arnab Bhattacharya gave birth to a baby girl. The song is basically dedicated to the child. The other composition Dohon is one of the most popular compositions of the band and hence has been included in this album. The other compositions which feature in this album are “Dreams on Strings”, “Final bullet”, “Irish”, “Fire in the ocean”, “Arabic” and “When melody speaks”(classical rag based composition). Rajdeep Karmakar (lead), Sayanjit Ghosh (Bass), Sunayan Das (Guitar), Sumon Debnath (keyboard) and Tamal Mondol (drums) are the other members of this band.

arnab sarod

Stephane Amalir was full of praises for Arnab Bhattacharya and his band. He heard the band play a few months ago at an event on World Music Day (21st June) held at the Allainace Francaise, Kolkata. When he was invited to come for the album launch of the band, Stephanie was very happy to be a part of this endeavor.

The Audio Music Album is full of compositions which are pleasing for the ears and the album promises to be a musical treat for the listeners.

Report and Photographs by: Priyanka Dutta

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