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Book Launch of Boighar and Ore Mon Tor Bijone at Oxford Bookstore


Oxford Bookstore played the host to two book launches namely Boighar and Ore Mon Tor Bijone. The books were launched by Amar Mitra, eminent Bengali novelist, Kalikrishna Guha, renowned Bengali poet, Sushmita Basu Singh, Chayan and Smriti Chattopadhyay Samaddar.

The book launch was even more special because Chayan and Smriti Chattopadhyay Samaddar are mother and son in real life.

Ore Mon Tor Bijone is a collection of prose with a musical feel to it. The prose pieces are such that they blur the lines between prose and poetry. Kalikrishna Guha who has written the introduction of the book praised the writer for her style of writing.

Boighor with an introduction by Amar Mitra is a collection of essays on children’s literature of Bengal and abroad. Two essays on Bengali plays and a review of a translated version of a Sanskrit text written by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar is also present.

A panel discussion followed the book launch which kept the audiences engaged.

Priyanka Dutta

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