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Aakash Aath Serial Ek Masher Golpo presents Sanyasi Raja in an all New Avatar


Sannyasi Raja is being shown in this month’s Ek Masher Golpo on Aakash Aath. The story is about Suryakishore Roychowdhury who is a Zamindar of Devipur. He lost his father at a young age. His passion includes horse race and hunting. Dr. Mahitosh Dasgupta is the family physician of the Zamindar. Rani’s jewelry gets stolen. What happens next?

“Given the similarity in the name, audiences will be comparing with the film which starred Uttam Kumar. But I will like to point out that we have not copied from the film. All the incidents shown in the film are based on facts. For example, the doctor made Kusum pregnant. Hence she was killed by him. But in the film it was shown that she committed suicide. Hence, you can see that we have stuck to actual facts. The audiences will come to know about many new facts that we also got to know during the research” said director Shibangshu Bhattacharya.

The script and dialogue is by Amit Moitra. Camera has been handled by Shubhendu Mandol. The music has been scored by Debjit Roy.


Boni who plays the role of the Rani in the serial said “I had seen the film when I was small. Before the shooting began, I again saw the film”. Raaj (earlier worked in serials like Milontithi, Raikishori, Aachal) who plays the role of the doctor avoided watching the film before the shooting as he was afraid that he may unknowingly copy the mannerisms of the actor who played the role of the doctor in the film.

Late actor Pijush Ganguly was playing the role of the Zamindar. But due to his sudden death in a road accident, the shooting was stalled. “We had many setbacks. Apart from the untimely death of Pijush, we also had a huge chunk of out shooting at Jhargram Rajbari being deleted. This has however made us even more determined to shoot the project and complete it. And with everyone’s help and support, we have done it” said the director.


The cast consists of Chandranibha Mukherjee, Boni Mukherjee, Shubhashis Mukherjee, Suman Banerjee, Satyapriya Sarkar, Mou Bhattacharya, Raaj Bhattachara, Smritika Majumder, Asmee Ghosh, Sourabh Saha and others.

The shooting of this story has been done at Belgachia Rajbari, Baruipur Rajbari, Jhargram Rajbari, Bhawanipur Ghosh Bari and some parts have been shot in parts of Darjeeling.

Sannyasi Raja will be shown from Monday to Saturday on Aakash Aath at 7pm.

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New Aakash Aath Serial Meghe Dhaka Tara Starts November 2


The set visit for Aakash Aath’s Ek Maasher Golpo took place recently at Bantala. The story which will be aired for the audience is Meghe Dhaka Tara.

After the partition, the family of a teacher Madhav Chandra Sen was forced to relocate from East Pakistan to Kolkata as refugees. They were poverty stricken and had to struggle a lot to survive in Kolkata. Even in this grim situation Madhav Chandra Sen never gave up on his values and principles. Even though he spoke of such idealistic things, out of his four children only his eldest daughter named Neeta followed his values and principles. She was intelligent and hardworking.


Out of his students Madhav babu talked about Sanath and loved him the most because he was a good student. Neeta and Sanath started loving each other and entered into a relationship. Neeta was the breadwinner of the family. Her mother Kadambini was completely dependent on Neeta. Neeta’s brother Shankar was only interested in music and not concerned about the family. Shankar thought that his music in due time will make him very rich. Her younger sister was not interested in helping the family but was extremely demanding and only cared about her looks. She liked to travel and meet new people. Since they are very poor she was unable to go out of the house and hence never missed a chance to complain about it. Neeta’s younger brother Montu liked to play football and believed that being good at playing football would help him to find work. Neetas’s dream was to marry Sanath and lead a happy married life with him. But suddenly her life turns upside down when Sanath leaves her and marries her younger sister Geeta because of her looks. Neeta was shattered. Neeta liked the mountains and felt that living in the plains suffocated her. She did go to the mountains only to be admitted to an asylum. Neeta had told her brother that she wanted to live. Will Neeta be able to survive? Who will stand by her in this grim situation?


The story is by eminent writer Shaktipada Rajguru while the script has been written by Amit Moitra. The director of this episode is Shibangshu Bhattacharya.

Piyali Basu, Sougata Sarkar, Satyapriya Sarkar, Kalyani Mandol, Raaj, Rumpa Singh and others have acted in this episode.

Meghe Dhaka Tara will be aired from 2nd November 2015, Mon-Sat at 8pm only on Aakash Aath.

Priyanka Dutta

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