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Director Tathagata Banerjee’s Short film Portrait First Look Launched; Film’s Crew Inaugurates Exhibition Strokes


India Green Reality Pvt Ltd launched its art and craft exhibition STROKES at Gallery Gold in the august presence of team Portrait. The six day exhibition also saw the presence of children from Khushi, another initiative from the company to reach out the power of knowledge and education to the underprivileged.


The platform also saw the first look at Director Tathagata Banerjee’s short film titled PORTRAIT, a cinematic protest against abuse on women.

“We are committed to promote arts in all its form. And we are very happy to see stokes bringing to life the first look of PORTRAIT” said Amitava Samanta, Director, India Green Reality Pvt Ltd.


The exhibition features 25 canvas, 13 photos and crafts of new artists like Sudipto Kundu, Sankhajit Jana, Priyo, Ranjan Purokait and Bhaskar Rakshit.

Talking about the movie, Director Tathagata Banerjee said “The film has been shot on a very small budget. The concept and script is done by creative director Sanjib Banerjee. The fact that India Greens Reality Pvt Ltd has come forward to promote this movie inspires us to work harder and do better projects.”

Sanjib Banerjee said “The main character of the film is an artist and hence the connection with this exhibition is very obvious. With the first look being shown today, we will be carrying on with the promotions of this film so as to reach a broader audience base”.

The film stars Amrita Chattopadhyay, Deboprasad Halder in important roles. The film will be sent to various national and international film festivals before it is released on the digital media.

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Bengali short film Potrait by Director Tathagata Banerjee Exclusively for the Digital Space


After the success of the short films like Sujoy Ghosh’s Ahalya and Aniruddha Roychowdhury’s Devi, there is a growing urge among the Bengali film makers to make such short films for the digital space. With the help of such films, the directors are able to reach out to the young audience who are more hooked on to the digital space for meeting their entertainment needs. Ace director Tathagata Banerjee whose last film Sesh Anka was a huge hit among the audience is back yet again with his short film titled Potrait. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent was present to cover the shooting of this short film.


The film Potrait is about Tirtho Mitro who is a portrait artist based in South Kolkata. He lives life according to his own wish and terms. He comes across a mysterious girl named Anamika, who requests him to make her portrait. She promises to meet him the next day. But she never returns. What happens next transforms the painter’s vision about life and death.

In between shots, director Tathagata Banerji said “There is a great challenge in making short films which I find quite appealing. Not all short films which are made now are attractive. But there is a growing charm revolving around short films which is good. Keeping this in mind, we decided to make a short film with the help of which we will be reaching out to a broader audience and also attending to the audiences hooked to the digital space”.

The story, screenplay, dialogues and creative direction is being handled by Sanjib Banerji. “It is great to work again with Tathagata Banerji on this project. The film has a social message and also supernatural elements which has been presented in a different manner” said Sanjib Banerji.


Debaprasad Halder who plays the role of Tirtho Mitro in the film revealed that he was having a great time shooting for the film. “I always have a good time shooting with Tathagata da. Since this is a short film, the challenge is even more. I am having a good time and the audiences will surely love the story” said the actor.

Amrita Chatterjee plays the role of a mysterious girl named Anamika in the film. “There is a good balance of supernatural element in the film. The presentation is different. This will be a good experience for the audience” said the actress.

The film has been produced by Createch. Supriyo Ghosh of Createch said “The whole world is moving towards the digital space. Now people see everything on the smart phone. People hardly have the time to go to halls and watch films. The future lies in short films. People want to watch films while on the move. Hence, we ventured with this short film. We are highly positive that the story will be liked by one and all.


Assistant Director of Sesh Anka Shubhadeep Mukherjee aka Bambi is making his debut as the cinematographer and the Top ranked editor of Tollywood Sujay Datta Ray (who has also edited Sesh Anka) has taken over the responsibility of trimming the film.

The film which is of twenty three minutes film will premiere on Youtube.

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New Zee Bangla Cinema Originals film ‘Bhengchi’ Premieres on December 27


Zee Bangla Cinema Originals, since its inception has been gifting the television viewing audiences with great films one after the other. The latest offering is Bhengchi which has been directed by debutant director Krishanu Ganguly.


Bhengchi is the story of Anirban who falls in and out of love, first with his wife Malabika and then a young Aleya. He attempts to murder his wife before actually succeeding in his mission. This lets him live with his sweetheart Aleya but for how long! Will Malabika’s ghost let him find peace in Aleya’s arms?


The film has a stellar cast consisting of the likes of Koushik Sen, Aparajita Ghosh Das, Amrita Chattopadhyay, Joydeep Mukherjee and Debranjan Nag.


The script is by Anshuman Chakraborty while the story is by Krishanu Ganguly. DOP of the film is Subhankar Bhar and Arghya Biswas while the editing has been handled by Pradipta Bhattacharya. Prabuddha Banerjee has composed the music of this film.

“Bhengchi” will be aired on 27th Dec 9 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema. Do not miss the film!!

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Upcoming Kolkata Bengali Film Auto No 9696 Stars Meet the Press; “A Film for the Masses and Classes” Assures Debutant Director Aritra Mukherjee

New Bengali Film Auto No 9696 Press Conference

What is common between Kelo, Uttam Kumar and Rajnikant? Puzzled? Confused? Then let me tell you that these three individuals have risen from humble backgrounds to stardom. The journey may not have been smooth but they have successfully made the transition. If you are wondering who is Kelo, then let me tell you that he is an auto rickshaw-driver by profession who dreams of becoming an actor and starring opposite his favorite heroine. Aritra Mukherjee’s debut film Auto No 9696 is where Kelo’s journey from the common layman to stardom will be shown. The press conference of the film was recently held at One Way Café.


Speaking with our correspondent, the director said “I come from an ad film making background. Hence it was easy for me to make a satirical comedy. When we make ad films, we hardly get more than thirty seconds time. So when I took the challenge of making a film, I knew I had more time in my hands and I could weave a story which will hopefully be liked by the audiences”.


The story of Auto No 9696 revolves around Kallol Das, who is more popular by his nick name Kelo. His only dream is to make it big in life and become an actor. He lives in the slums and is an auto-rickshaw driver by profession. His favorite actress is Juhi and he wants to star opposite her. Whether he is successful in the act or whether his dreams will eventually get shattered is what the film is all about.


“The auto is the first hero in this film while Arjun is the second hero” said actress Amrita with a smile. The actress will be seen playing the role of Chumki, a resident of the slum who is in love with Kelo. Chumki has an important role to play in Kelo’s journey, revealed the actress.

Music of the film is by Savvy and there are three songs in the film. The songs are mainly used in the background and they have been sung by Savvy, Satrajit and Upal.


The USP of the film, according to the director is that it will be liked by both the people who travel in autos and also by those who travel in big luxury cars. This is because the people who are now travelling in luxury cars also had to struggle in their initial days like Kelo.

The cinematography of the film has been handled by Supriyo Dutta while the art direction department has been handled by Amit Datta.


The film is slated for release on 5th June.

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Zee Bangla Originals Upcoming Film Onnyo Bwasonto is a Beautiful Love Story; Award Winning Director Aditi Roy at her Best again


Love is strange and love never follows the fixed path. Zee Bangla Cinema Originals next film venture Onnyo Bwasonto is essentially a love story which is based on a novel by Suchitra Bhattacharya. The press conference of this upcoming Bengali film took place at Princeton Club recently in the presence of the whole team of Onnyo Bwasonto.

The film Onnyo Bwasonto is a tale about a young girl Tannistha who is a straightforward and modern girl. She is about to get married to Shounak, who is her long time friend and also a successful management graduate. Their marriage is about to take place within a year and they will then move to Delhi. Tannistha at this juncture comes across Abhimanyu who is a guy from a middle class background. He is a businessman and wants to set up his own perfume factory. Shounak bags a great job and the marriage is postponed. What happens next? Who actually wins over Tannistha’s heart?

“I play the role of Nandita in this upcoming film. I am married to Suvendu who is more inclined towards theatre and arts. I have to manage my job and also the family. Hence the character of Nandita is very practical and realistic. I have worked with Kamaleswar before in Khaad. Though we are paired opposite each other and our characters are a contrast to each other, we had a great time during the shoot” said Pallavi Chatterjee.

Amrita Chattopadhyay who plays the role of Tannistha in the film was excited to be a part of such a film. “The whole experience is a great one and worth cherishing. Everyone has been very helpful towards me and this has helped me during the shoot” said the pretty actress who has a few films lined up for release.

Aditi Roy who won the very prestigious Netpac Award in 2011 for her Debut Film, Abosheshey, the only Indian Film in International Competition is the director of this film. Speaking at the occasion, the director said “Life is so full of surprises and we do not know what is next in line for us. The film is romantic and explores the love triangle between Tannistha, Shounak and Abhimanyu. It also explores the marital love between Nandita and Suvendu and whether they can bridge their ideological gap and come together”. The director also added that despite having a stellar cast, she never had to worry much about the shooting schedule as the actors have exceeded her expectations and given their level best.

The screenplay and the dialogues have been penned down by Neel B Mitra. Abheri De who aptly handled the camera for Bengali film Bitnoon is doing the same for this upcoming Bengali film.
Prasenjit Chatterjee who was also present at the occasion said “I was much impressed with Aditi’s earlier work and when I saw this script, I was eager to carry on with the work. The other two films Kader Kuler Bou and Ekla Cholo Re have also received good and positive responses from the audiences. We hope that the same will happen with this film too”.
The music of this film has been composed by Dibyendu Mukherjee. Rupankar, Lagnajita and Dibyendu have lent their voices to the songs in the film. The title track has been written by Srijato while the song “Takey joto tarai durey durey” has been written by Tapash Das.
Koushik Roy, Rajdeep Gupta, Manasi Sinha and others will be seen in pivotal roles in this film.
A nIdeas production, the film will be aired on 19th April at 9 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.

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