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Trailer Launch of Upcoming Bengali Film Virus; An Engaging Psychological Thriller

Video: Trailer launch of Upcoming Bengali Film Virus

In the august presence of actors Nigel Akkara, Sreelekha Mitra, Ankita, Anindya Banerjee, director Shouvick Sarkar, music director Debanjan Banerjee, the trailer launch of the upcoming Bengali film Virus took place.


The story of the film is the story of a killer named Anish Dutta who is a victim of AIDS. Since he is a victim, he does not ask for sympathy. He on the other hand wants to feel the same around him. Madhumita comes to the rescue of Anish. The film is the tale of trust and relationship and how this gets exploited in the course of time.

Speaking at the occasion, Nigel Akkara said “This is a psychological thriller. At the end of the film, it is shown that this is a disease of the mind and not of the body. This has been a challenging role. I enjoyed doing it. I am presently in the experimental phase of my career”. The upcoming films of the actor include an untitled ghost film, a film on theatre and Ekti Golpo Naa.


Sreelekha Mitra was full of praises for Nigel’s acting. “He is such a powerful actor. There was a scene where he will be looking in my eyes. His gaze was so piercing that I had a hard time forgetting that look. He gets so much in the character that it is a pleasure working with him” said the actress.


The story and screenplay is by Shouvick Sarkar. The cinematography is by Deba and the editor is Toton Maity. The associate director is Neel Mitra. The film has been produced by Ganpati Productions. The previous project of this production was the National Award winning film Ballygunje Court which released in 2006.

The film is slated for release on 29th July.

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Nigel, Rii, Sreelekha shoot for upcoming Bengali film Virus


The shooting of the upcoming Bengali film Virus is currently being shot in different parts of the city.

Directed by Shouvick Sarkar, the film Virus is about a girl named Riya who is in her early twenties. It is evident from her jolly nature that she had tasted success even at such a young age. However she dies all of a sudden. Is that a simple suicide or is there something more critical forcing her to end her life?


The story and script is by Shouvick Sarkar. The music has been composed by Debanjan. The DOP is Deba while Debalay is the editor of the film.


Sreelekha Mitra, Rii, Ankita Dey, Nigel Akkara, Anindya Banerjee, Mousumi Saha, Kunal, Anup and Sumanta Mukherjee will be seen in important roles in this upcoming Bengali film.

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Upcoming Bengali Film Chaar Diker Galpo to tell the Tale of Life


Upcoming Bengali film Char Diker Galpo, comprises of four short stories created by Pranabes Chandra. As the name suggests the movie speaks of people from four different sects of our society of varied mentalities and varied ways of surviving.


The first story is the life of a sculptor who earns his living from selling his little piece of art and compromising with people who are financially bigger than him. The second story deals with a fisherman and his daughter who solely survives on the visitors who come over on weekends and the behavior of the tourists towards them and how they tackle life. The third story talks about a “Tangawala” who has a good survival because he is the sole means of transportation and he is always helping others in their situations. However people have taken him for granted which ultimately becomes the biggest loss of his life. The last story is about a struggling actress who gets the help of another struggling boy in the tinsel town. Though the boy is not established himself, still he manages to help the girl purely out of good intentions.   Bengali-Film-Chaar-Diker-Galpo

Char Diker Galpo stars Samadarshi, Anindya Banerjee, Chandraniv, Sumona Das, Biswajit Chakraborty in various roles. The film is set in Kolkata and parts of Murshidabad”. “Chaar Diker Golpo” is produced under the banner of “Chandracon Advertising”.

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Singers Somlata Acharya and Shilajit record for upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply; Music Composed by Chirantan Banerjee


Singer Shilajit and Somlata Acharya were found at the recording session of the upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply at Red Earth Dream studio. The two recorded songs for the film which is directed by Amitava Bhattacharya and is based on the struggles of an actress who is a transgender.


“I had initially refused to sing the song Dehadhin because I felt I had sung such songs too many times. But when I heard it later, I got hooked to it and I thought of changing my decision. I am happy that I actually took the decision of singing the song” said Somlata Acharya.

The film Conditions Apply is the story of an actress who is gender neutral. The film showcases the emotional and the spiritual changes of the actress and her protest against the hypocrisies of the society.


Chirantan Banerjee who is the music director of the film said “I have composed the songs according to the mood of the film. The film has a sensitive topic and hence the songs are made in that way. There are four songs in the film and the lyrics have been penned by Akash Chakraborty and me. We are so obsessed with gender, that we categorize everything according to it”. Working on the film has changed the mindset of the young musician towards the trans-genders. “Earlier I used to avoid them. But now after being associated with this film, I have understood how much lonely they are. I now understand them better” said the young musician.

Chirantan Banerjee has also sung the title track of Arshinagar directed by Aparna Sen and starring Tollywood Hero Dev and has acted in the film as well.


The film Conditions Apply boasts of a stellar cast consisting of Mumtaz Sorcar, Suchanda Chanda, Shilajit Majumdar, Rajesh Sharma, Chandan Sen, Anindya Banerjee and others.

Produced by Vinayak Pictures, the film is slated for release soon.

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