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Solo Music Video of Singer Iman Chakraborty released

Video: Singer Iman’s Solo music video released

“What the audience see now is as important to them as to what they listen. Hence I came up with the idea of doing a single song in the form of a music video. Often there are times that you do ten songs in an album and only one gets the due recognition. To avoid that, I have stuck to one single song” said singer Iman Chakraborty at the release of her first solo music video titles Chhuye Chhuye Dekhi.


Present at the music launch was Mahua Lahiri, Prasen, Anupam Roy, Upal Sengupta, Nandita Roy, Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Anindya Chatterjee, Ritam and others.

“After the success of Tumi Jake bhalobasho from the film Praktan, I wanted another song with the help of which I intend to get the same love from the audience. Hopefully this music video will do the same magic for me yet again” added the singer with a smile.


Composed by Prasen, the lyrics of the song have been written by Ritam. The music arrangement has been done by Raja Chowdhury.


Upal Sengupta said “The concept of releasing a single song is actually nothing new. When singer Runa Laila’s songs used to be released, it only had two songs in two sides. The music video has one song and that is the only difference. However I welcome this idea as people watch more than they listen. Now we can promote via digital space and hence this is very helpful for the artist”.


Wishing Iman all the success and we hope that she continues to mesmerize us with her soulful, heart touching voice!!

Priyanka Dutta

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World Music Day Celebrated with Ganer Ami Ganer Tumi at Starmark

Video: World Music Day celebrated at Starmark

Starmark celebrated World Music Day at its Quest Mall outlet with an event titled Ganer Ami Ganer Tumi. The event saw a huge turn up of musical personalities like Sraboni Sen, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee and others.


On this occasion, eminent music personalities like Srabani Sen, Upal Sengupta and Anindya Chatterjee were felicitated. Singles of noted singers Prashmita Paul, Satadal Chattopadhyay, Rudnaneel Chowdhury, Debjani Bhattacharjee, Anindya Bhattacharya and of Onyo Kshetra were released.


Speaking at the occasion, Sraboni Sen said “Music is everywhere. No one can survive without music. You can love rock music or songs of Tagore. But you cannot simply live without music. This is indeed a great initiative”.

R J Roy was present with his ‘Shabdabaji’ on Bengali music at the event and entertained the audience thoroughly.

Priyanka Dutta

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E Shudhu Ganer Din- Compilation of Modern Bengali songs’ lyrics Launched

Bengali Modern Songs Lyrics compilation E Sudhu Ganer Din Launched

Many of the “adhunik” Bengali songs that many have relished listening on the radios have been compiled in a book titled “E Shudhu Gner Din” by Sisir Chakraborty. The release of this book took place at Starmark in the presence of Anindya Chatterjee, Surajit Chatterjee, Riddhi Bandyopadhyay, S. F. Karim, Ranjan Bandyopadhyay and others.


Around 781 of the Bengali adhunik songs sung by eminent artists like Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Manna Dey and others have been compiled in this book. The main purpose of this compilation is to give the listeners a chance to sing the songs if they ever feel like doing it. S. F. Karim has written the introduction of this book.

Bengali-book-E Shudhu Ganer Din

“There was a time when slim books containing the songs’ lyrics were available for the people. But the problem is those are not available now. Hence I took this initiative of compiling as many songs as possible. There will be mistakes. Please feel free to rectify them” said Sisir Chakraborty.

Riddhi Bandyopadhyay and Surajit regaled the audiences by singing some songs after the book launch was over.

Published by Patra Bharati, the book is priced at Rs 600.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali Audio Music Album of Film Chitra Launched


The music launch of the Bengali film Chitra took place recently at Princeton Club. Present at the music launch were director Abhigyan Mukherjee, Pujarini Ghosh, Neel Bhattacharya, Sushmita Bhattacharya, Sidhu, Mohul Chakraborty, Timir Biswas, Somlata and others.


“Chitra” is about love, revolt and voice against crimes in our society which paves barricades even in the path of love. The film is about an NRI Neel and Chitra who is a college student. They fall in love but the society plays the villain and comes up to disturb the peace in their lives. What happens next is a watch out as the elder sister Chandrima breaks her shackles from her conservative surrounding and steps forward for the empowerment of women and finds the cause of what happened to Neel and Chitra.


Mohul (Dodo)Chakraborty has composed the music for the film. Ambali has penned down the four songs with Prosen penning down the fifth song titled Khunsuti. The movie contains 5songs and one reprise version. Somlata, Rupankar, Timir Biswas, Sidhu, Mouli, Ujjaini has lent their voices to the songs in the film.


The reprise version of the song Sur Chhera has been sung by Pujarini Ghosh herself who is playing the lead in Chitra. To cheer the Chitra team, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee, Satrajit Sen was also present at the occasion.

“Chitra” has Sudeshna Roy, Pujarini Ghosh, Neel Bhattacharya, Susmita Bhattacharya, Jit Chakraborty, Tulika Basu, Sankar Chakraborty in pivotal roles.

“Chitra” is produced under the banner of “Mahaveer Productions” and is scheduled to hit the theatres on 28th August’15.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali Audio Music Album of Upcoming film Jomer Raja Dilo Bor Launched; Abir Chatterjee to be seen a Rom-Com after Long

Bengali Film Jomer Raja Dilo Bor Music Launch

“Finally after quite a long time, I will be seen in a full time romantic avatar in Jomer Raja Dilo Bor. I have been associated with mysteries and detective films for a long time now. Even my audiences have developed an idea that I only do such roles. However, I will like to thank Abir and Anushree for this role which gave me a chance to actually do a full time romantic part on screen” said actor Abir Chatterjee at the music launch of the upcoming Bengali film Jomer Raja Dilo Bor which took place at South City Mall.


Also present at the music launch were director Abir Sengupta, producer Anushree Mehta, Somlata, Shilajit, Upal Sengupta, Nabarun Bose, Payel Sarkar, Anupam Roy, editor Sanjib Dutta and others.

The film Jomer Raja Dilo Bor is about Ria Banerjee who is a feminist author. She hates men very much. Her family however tricks her into marrying Deb Das who is a perfect man. What happens next is what the film is all about.


“When I was asked to do the music of the film, I was neck deep in work and I did not know whether I will be able to complete the job assigned. But luckily I was able to complete the job. The songs are all situational and blends well with the flow of the film” revealed music director Anupam Roy.


With four songs, Upal, Somlata, Nabarun Bose, Anindya, Shilajit and Anupam Roy will be heard in the film. The rap by Nabarun Bose has been picturized on Abir Chatterjee and the actor was visibly happy to try out this unique idea on screen.


Payel Sarkar plays the role of Ria Banerjee in the film. “Since we are nearly in the same age group, we had a great time shooting. However Abir (Chatterjee) thinks that he is a bit senior than us at times” added the actress with a mischievous smile.

After the music launch ceremony was over, Anupam Roy, Anindya, Upal and Somlata engaged the audiences by singing the tracks from this upcoming Bengali film.


Presented by Pramod Films and produced by Anushree Abir Entertainment, the film Jomer Raja Dilo Bor is eyeing for release on the 4th of September.

Priyanka Dutta

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