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New Zee Bangla Serial Jarowar Jhumko; Focuses on Gold Jewelry Industry

Video: Zee Bangla Serial Jarowar Jhumko Press Conference

A press meet was organized to announce the start of the serial, Jarowar Jhumko in the presence of director Snehasish Chakraborty, Shweta, Ankita Majumder, Shubhankar, Shankar Sen (MD Senco Gold), Samrat Ghosh and others.


The story of the serial is about Pannalal Roy who is the owner of a jewelry brand. He owes his success to his talented goldsmith Ajit Karmakar. Pannalal oy hands over the business to his sons. Ajit Karmakar retires due to his ailing health. However due to office politics he does not get the pension amount. Pannalal Roy approaches him once again for the work. This time his younger daughter Jhumko comes forward and takes up this job of designing jewelry. The serial is about the journey of Jhumko.


Subhankar plays the role of Kohinoor in the serial. “It feels great that after Tumi Robe Nirobe, I am again working with Snehasish da. The fact that I am paired again with Shweta shows that the audience has loved our pairing. The fun fact is we know each other and this eases the acting process. We know how the other person will react. That helps a lot” said the actor.

The actor also said “I am not a fan of jewelry. I love wearing slim chains. However I like the fact when my mother and sister go for jewelry shopping”.


Shweta who plays Jhumko in the serial said “For the serial Tumi Robe Nirobe, I learnt the sign language of the deaf and dumb people. For this serial, I have learnt the art of deigning gold jewelry. That will help to lend authenticity to the character. I am grateful to Snehasish da for actually teaching me the nuances of acting. Whatever little I have learnt about acting, it is because of him”.

The actress who did not have much fascination for jewelry before, however have developed liking for it after acting in the serial!!

Ankita Majumder plays the role of Jarowa in the serial. “She is a girl who takes the responsibility of her father and sister. She wants to get married but she does not express this wish. She thinks about her father and sister and who will take care of them if she gets married” said Ankita.


A new collection titled Jaowar Jhumko was also launched at the occasion by Senco Gold and Diamonds.

“Outdoor shooting of the serial has been done in Kerala, where Bahubali was shot. The falls have been used in the shooting. The cast had a great time shooting there” said director Snehasish Chakraborty.

The serial is slated to begin on the 22nd of August. The serial will be shown every Monday to Saturday at 8pm.

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Aakash Aath New Bengali Serial “Amader Choto Nadi” aims to raise awareness about Autism

New Akash Aath Serial Amader Choto Nodi

“It is not always that serials are made on differently-abled children. Autism which is on the rise in many parts of the world and also in India caught my attention. We at Aakash Aath have always strived to do things differently. Hence we have come up with this new serial Amader Choto Nadi which focuses on Autism” said Eshita Surana, Director, Aakash Aath at the press conference announcing the launch of this new serial.


Also present at the press conference were Aarohi Dutta, Ankita Majunder, Payel Dutta, Priyam, Debidas Bhattacharya, Director of Amader Choto Nadi and others.

“The story is about a five year old Autistic girl named Nadi. She is the love child of Amrapali and Shraban. Things change in her life when her mother dies. She meets her biological father who takes her to his house. Shrabon is married to Ananya and also has a son Ayush. All hells break loose and Ananya leaves the house with her son. Ayush finds it difficult to live without his father and hence Ananya comes back. How she bonds with Nadi is what the story will showcase” said Director Debidas Bhattacharya.


Devjit Roy has composed the music for this serial while Supriyo Saha is the editor. The script has been written by Ashoke Bose and Satyaranjan Dinda is the man behind the camera.

Speaking at the occasion, actor Priyam said “I never knew I will be given such a role by Aakash Aath. I am grateful to the channel authorities for giving me such challenging roles. After playing Rabindranath Tagore, enacting the role of a father of a five year old child is tough indeed”.

The cast includes Ankita Majumder as Ananya, Payel Dutta as Amrapali, Aarohi Dutta as Nadi and many others.


The new serial on Aakash Aath “Amader Choto Nadi” began from 15th June onwards from Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm.

Priyanka Dutta

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