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Aparajita Adhya and Kanchan Mallick as Anchors of Rannaghore Rockstar 2 on Colors Bangla


After the huge popularity that it received in the first season, Rannaghore Rockstar 2 is back with the second season of the reality show. The first season which was aired about one and a half years ago had Mithun Chakaborty as the anchor. This latest season will however see ace actors Kanchan Mullick and Aparajita Adhya as the hosts.

The new show has been devised in a new way with new rounds. There will be two contestants who can be accompanied by the person’s family members or friends. The first round is the Welcome drink round titled “Ami khabo tumi bhabo” where the first contestant who completes the drink gets to answer the questions first. There will be four options namely- triangle, round, red and yellow. One will be blindfolded in the round. The other will have to explain within the stipulated time what the food item is.


The second round is Gondho bichar-shobdo kolpo drum. The contestant will have to understand from the smell what the particular food item is. The machine is named Nakani chobani. The third round is Challenge is jomoz dish. One will have to make the dish by seeing the recipe. The fourth round is Dim age na murgi age. The contestant will race and try to catch the cock. The contestant will be told beforehand about the dishes in the utensil. This will be jumbled up later on. The one with the cock will have to guess the food item in the dish.

The contestant with the maximum score will go to the jackpot round and will have to complete a gigantic task. At the end of each round, there are prizes for both the winner and the loser. The show has been produced by Subhankar Chattopadhyay.


Speaking about the show, Aparajita Adhya said “I have done anchoring for many shows like Taka na Shona, Shera Bouthan and others. The fact is our generation knew how to act and also to anchor well. The new generation only focuses on the acting part. Maybe they are not interested or maybe they focus only on acting. Whenever there is a need for anchors, I, Sudipta or Bidipta get the call. This is my first pairing with Kanchan as anchor. We have a good chemistry and people will like that”.


Every week there will be a celebrity episode. Some of the celebrities who will be seen in this season include Ridhima Ghosh, Gaurav Chakraborty, Debdut Ghosh, Pushpita and others.

Kanchan Mullick who is famous for his comic timing said “I have participated in the first season as contestant. And now I am the anchor of the show with Aparajita. She has an image of her own due to her acting in films and television. However she has broken the image and you will see a new Aparajita. The rounds are new and the people will love it”.


Sumit Samaddar who plays Ghata Kesto was also present in the first season of this show. He said “My character has become so popular that they have kept it in this season too. Ghata kesto have improved his lifestyle and has a chain of stores now. He wears a golden chain now due to this reason. He has assistants named Param, Bancha who confuse the contestants when they come to pick up items to prepare the dish”.

Premiering on 20th October, the show will be aired every Thursday to Saturday from 8.30 to 9.30 pm only on Colors Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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Aparajita Adhya and Debshankar Halder Conferred Prerona Scholarships to 15 Students

Video: PC Chandra Prerona Scholarships

Actor Aparajita Adhya, Debshankar Halder along with Mr. B.K. Chandra and Mr. Uday Chandra of PC Chandra Jewellers conferred the Prerona Scholarships to fifteen students from across the state. This is the second year of this scholarship program. The first year saw three students being conferred with this scholarship.


The Prerona Scholarship Program is a scholarship program to provide financial support to under privileged achievers. With the help of this initiative, students can complete their schooling. This is given to those students who overcame all obstacles to shine in the first big examination of their lives, Madhyamik 2016.

PC Chandra-scholarships

The students who received the scholarship this year are Abhijit Pal, Anupam Ghosh, Chandrima Bhattacharya, Dolon Kole, Jatindra Nath De, Madhupriya Bhowmik, Manoshi Pramanik, Rehena Khatun, Sathi Saha, Shipra Kotal, Shapath Bhandari, Shreyasi Halder, Tababrata Ghosh, Sumonara Khatun and Santana Mandal.


Speaking at the occasion, Debshankar Halder said “I am glad I came to this event. I am actually so impressed with the way these young students stay focused on their aim despite all these hardships. I wish them all the best and hope that they achieve much more in their lives”.

The scholarship includes a token of Rs 120000 each which will reach them on a monthly basis of Rs 5000 for two years.

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Celebrities Inaugurate Innovative Event Management and Creative Media House


Eminent actors Aparajita Auddy, Indrani Halder, Biswajit Chakraborty, Debdut Ghosh, Arunima Ghosh, Rimjhim Mitra, Oindrila Sen, Sritoma among others were also present on the occasion to mark the beginning of Innovative Event Management & Creative Media House.

Mr Amit Kumar Sarkar, Managing Director, ANS Educational Focus Pvt Ltd. announced the launch of Innovative Event Management & Creative Media House & ANS Infra Focus Construction, their new ventures in the Television & Film Industry and Real Estate Business respectively. Director, Mr Raja Sen, Actor Debshankar Halder, Dr Sujay Biswas, CEO, Techno India, Ms Mahua Lahiri, Director, Asha Audio & Mr Anish Chakraborty, CEO, Sikom Group were present in the event.

 ANS Educational Focus Pvt Ltd. is one of the renowned institutes among other Medical and Engineering Institutes. It caters to the needs of students by uniquely developing comprehensive and holistic environment to teach them. ANS Educational Focus Pvt Ltd. had been in the educational sector for the past 17 years. Even though they had their presence in the Real Estate business for some time now, specializing mostly in affordable housing, they are new-comers in the Film & Entertainment Industry.

With the opening of such a new institution, new comers will surely get a platform and gain knowledge about the field of media and entertainment.

Priyanka Dutta

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Zee Bangla Barsho Baran 1423 Celebrations to Treat Audiences with Two Fun filled Sundays on April 10 and 17


Zee Bangla’s Poila Baisakh celebration Barsho Baran 1423 promises to treat the viewers with songs, dance performances, great food and games. The anchors of the special episode are Saheb Chatterjee and Aparajita Adhya.

The participants consist of Rupankar and his wife, Pushpita and her husband, Bhaskar Banerjee and his wife, Kushal Chakraborty and his wife, Sankar Chakraborty and his wife Sonali Chakraborty, Sonali Chowdhury and her husband, Diya and Aryo (Nabanita-Indrajit, Deep Jwele Jai pair) and so on.


The game consist of Ektuku Chowa Lage (the wife will identify the husband from all the participants wearing masks), Jato Khabo Toto Pabo (participants will have to consume as much curd as possible within one minute), Fol Diye Jai Chena (name of the fruit has to be mentioned while one is blindfolded), Sath Paak e Bandha (Musical Chair), Mala Bodol and many other such fun games will be played.

Anwesha (will sing Chikni Chameli, Jalte Diye, Rabindrasangeet), Anupam Roy (will sing Fan anthem, Amake Amar moto, Gobhire jao) will perform at the event.

The show will be aired on 10th and 17th April, 6 pm to 8 pm, Zee Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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New Bengali Film Sesh Anka (2014) Review by eminent Graphic novelist Shamik Dasgupta


To begin with, the very commendable fact about this movie is that it is an original concept and the writer (Sanjib Banerjee) had the guts to pull away from adaptations and introduce a new character Pranoy Dasgupta, retired advocate. Pranoy is an original creation and the writer delivers in spades in creating a new possible franchise character that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Feluda, Byomkesh and Shobor. Unlike the others, Pronoy is an elderly gentleman at the autumn of his life, trying to find bliss in extracurricular activities that take up his time. Pronoy is dragged into a case by his former colleague and pupil Amrita Banerjee (June Maliah) where her god-daughter Raina Roychowdhury (Parno Mittra) has been prosecuted for manslaughter. Raina is the daughter of famous business tycoon Ritabrata Roychowdhury (Shankar Chakraborty) a deplorable character who is ready to abandon his daughter for the sake of his reputation and status.

But how Raina became involved in this dubious world of escort service, drug abuse and even international mafia? When Pranoy bites into this dark layer cake, like a true epicurean he is hell bent on finding the hidden ingredients. Pranoy is joined by headstrong, easy to anger but equally sharp young cop Prithwiraj (Samadarshi Dutta) and the enigmatic man of many faces, investigator and police informer John Braganza (Mir Afsar Ali). What follows is a tour-de-force through the murky depths of corporate espionage, flesh trade, narcotics and even international crime. Is Raina truly innocent? If so why was she framed and who is behind the black curtains pulling the strings of the myriad shifty characters skittering throughout the story? To know the answers Shesh Anko is a must watch.

The unique believable factor and realistic approach to this movie is our Protagonist/investigator Pronoy is not a one man army; he is old, overweight, and soft due to a wealthy life. He needs help, and the characters who join his quest for truth are no mere sidekicks marveling at the exploits of our hero and contributing little a.k.a Topshey, Lalmohan Ganguly or Ajit. His accomplices (not assistants) Prithwiraj, and John are equally intelligent, resourceful and active. This is definitely not a one man show. I commend the writer to introduce a team of believable yet quirky and interesting set of protagonists whom we can relate to. To solve this crime everyone brings something to the table. Pranoy has got his analytical and oratory skills in the court, Prthviraj brings in energy, deductive skills, and John, his crackerjack wit and database of underground information.
The rest I leave you to see and decide for yourself.

Parno is adequate as the victim girl, lost her mother, scorned by her father and embroiled in a conspiracy she can never fathom. She brings in the right amount of angst and sadness to her character.

Shankar Charkraborty is ridiculously hateful and deplorable. He enjoys every bit of hamming it up as a stinking rich, selfish, hedonist. He is over the top, but rightfully so. A fine actor like him can never miss.

Debleena Dutta does her nth number of femme fatale evil bitch. She looks gorgeous but her accent and diction sounds too fake, maybe she should work on it a little.
Newcomer Shataf Figar was impressive.

June Maliah, in my honest opinion did not fit her role. We are accustomed to seeing her in glamorous roles, however deglamming (is there a word like that?) her didn’t bring anything new to the table. She looked veritably uncomfortable playing the mother of an adult girl, and could not emote the pathos of a woman who has lost a child and now fighting for another whom she considers as her own. There was seldom any desperation, sense of loss or empathy in her eyes. Other senior actors like Sreelekha Mitra or Rupa Ganguly would have given it a much better shot in my opinion.

Now coming to the final trio, Samadarshi looked smart and dashing as the headstrong yet intelligent cop, and the gradual progression of his detest towards a high profile lawyer like Pronoy to admiration for his brilliant mind was well put across. They gradually form a bond and finally come across as a team. I would have given him 10/10 if not his hairdo which is unlikely of a police officer and some places his diction and dialogue delivery. He didn’t sound convincing for a tough as nails police detective, his voice is too mellow and expressions rather soft for a hardened police officer and a man of action.

Mir, as John Braganza, there’s nothing much to say about him, his range is evident playing a vast array of quirky characters like a beggar, old man, homosexual, journalist and fakir, he delivers in spades. Every scene where he was on screen was a delight to watch.

Finally Mr. Dipankar Dey, an actor of vast caliber who never got his due and my heartiest applause to Tathagata and Sanjib to bring him back on silver screen with a role he truly deserves. Dipankar Dey brings in the right amount of humor, intrigue and in the end a hidden agenda which drove him to save the victim. His restrain of emotions when he first meets Raina with whom he has got an untold connection, his patronizing of Prithviraj and trying to bring him under his fold with the lure of food, his aggression in the court, determined to rip off the mask of the true criminal shows the skills of a bona fide veteran who grabs this role by the throat and shakes it to the core. We are habituated to see him as the benign father, or the funny uncle, but never before he had been portrayed under such a light.

Tathagata Banerjee exhibits remarkable credence for a debut filmmaker. The storytelling is crisp, fast and to the point. He doesn’t waste a single frame for sure. There are no long litanies, but rapid and impactful interactions. This film will not bore you for a second. However, I believe the ending could have been handled better. I cannot say much being afraid of spoilers, but the prime culprit/mastermind required a better more impactful treatment, it was deserved.

The film has garnered wonderful response and is successfully running in Kolkata theaters. Nandan clocked at over 300-400 footfalls even when the city was burdened with torrential rains, while the heritage stand alone theater Priya Cinema had over 50% occupancy and South City Mall Inox reported over 97% occupancy.

Sholoana Bangaliana, as the proud web partners of the film Sesh Anka urges the audience to share their opinion about the film and support it through and through.

New Bengali Film Sesh Anka Review by:

Shamik Dasgupta

Shamik Dasgupta is presently the most prolific Indian writer of graphic novels and comic books. His work ranges from science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy to superheroes. His claim to fame was with Ramayan 3392 AD in collaboration with director Shekhar Kapur and famed author Deepak Chopra. His graphic novels Devi Chaudhurani, Taranath Tantrik and others are a huge hit with the young adults.


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