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Shooting of The Upcoming Bengali Film Chokbaaz By Director Ritabrata Bhattacharya in Progress


The shooting of the upcoming Bengali film Chokbaaz was in progress at a city hotel. Present at the shooting was Saswata Chatterjee, Mumtaz Sorcar, Apurba and director Ritabrata Bhattacharya.


Speaking about the content of the film, director Ritabrata Bhattacharya said “Chokbaaz is a film which showcases the manipulations that happens in all sections of the society. This happens in politics, education, films, family and so on. This is what has been highlighted in the film. Saswata Chatterjee’s character in the film does all these manipulations. The scene that we are shooting today is how Apu da’s character meets Kolkata’s Shakira Nayantara”.


Mumtaz Sorcar who is playing the role of Nayantara said “We are having so much fun while shooting the film. When you have Apu da, Kharaj da together, you know what to expect. I am giving the shot and then I am bursting out laughing my guts out. Nayantara is a small role but I found it interesting so I said yes to it. She is an item dancer and is known as Kolkata’s Shakira”.


Apurba plays the role of Chapta, the driver of the character played by Saswata Chatterjee. “I have been receiving offers to do films but I have rejected them. This film is not a copy and I found the story to be interesting. I have always been interested in films where I can showcase my acting skills. And this is one such film. The shoot has been going well and I hope the audience likes it when the film releases” said the actor.

Touted as a darkcomedy, the film has Ambarish, Kharaj Mukherjee in important roles. The film has four songs and four music composers will be handling the music of the film.

The shooting of the film will be done in various parts of Kolkata. The film is expected to release before Durga Puja 2017.

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Chotoder Chobi (2014) Story; Kaushik Ganguly Makes it to the Indian Panorama at IFFI Goa again


Kaushik Ganguly does it yet again!! If you are wondering what the director has accomplished, then the good news is that his directed film Chotoder Chobi will be premiering at Indian Panorama at IFFI Goa. This is the third film by the director which will be shown at the International Competition in IFFI, Goa. The other two films of the director include Arekti Premer Golpo and Apur Pachali.

Directed by Kaushik ganguly, the film Chotoder Chobi is about those individuals who are born with the genetic defect of dwarfism. Chotoder Chobi is about the life of Khoka and Soma (a dwarf couple) who are victims of this defect. The film showcases the various problems that the individuals with this physical condition have to encounter in their day to day lives.

Arekti Premer Golpo and Apur Pachali had received Silver Peacocks and the director is keeping his fingers crossed for Chotoder Chobi.

Khaad, Kaushik Ganguly’s recently released Bengali film will also be releasing nationally in Baroda, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

The film will be premiering on 23rd November and 29th November. We wish Kaushik Ganguly all the best and hope he continues to make such inspiring films.

Apur Panchali to Release across 7 cities in India Today

When Apur Panchali(the song of Apu) opened in Bengal on 25th April, the audiences nationwide waited in anticipation for its release around the country. And now, the wait is almost over as the tale of a lost child actor, Apur Panchali, is finally set to release across 7 cities in India, namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Baroda and Surat, on the 16th of May.

Kaushik Ganguly’s Apur Panchali was released across Bengal to an audience eager to find out the outcome of ‘Apu’ one of the most iconic Indian child character in films. The individual around whom, the entire story of Apur Panchali revolves, is not Apu, but the child who played the character in Satyajit Ray’s 1955 epic, Pather Panchali. While both the film and the director went on to win prestigious accolades, the actor, Subir Banerjee, faded away forever from the limelight. But strangely his life too was almost akin to that of Apu, spanning through the entire Apu trilogy. The anticipation for the film was very high among Bengalis and film enthusiasts around the country since its announcement.


The film opened on 25th April in Bengal with overwhelming responses. All reviews praised the film, the director, actors and other associated individuals, whose performances are held as the best of their careers. On the opening day, the film had garnered a rating of 9.4 on IMDB, and an average rating of 8.7 in the next 3 weeks. The film also fared impressively at the box office, with the turnout in most shows housefuls, even in the afternoon shows, in spite of the unforgiving Kolkata summer.
About Apur Panchali- Apur Panchali revolves around the life of Subir Banerjee, the one who acted as Apu in Satyajit Ray’s landmark film Pather Panchali. Since then, he has faded away from the limelight, never to appear in any film again. However, his life strangely panned out a lot like his character Apu’s life had done in the Apu trilogy – the untimely loss of his father, his marriage and the tragic death of his wife, seems to be re-enactments of moments from the Apu trilogy that occurred in his life. When director Kaushik Ganguly pondered on the idea, which was introduced to him by cinematographer Sirsha Ray; he started his research on the life of a lost child actor and drew clear connections with that of Apu. The connections would comprise as the main subject of the film while the subject of child actors lost in time, along with a clear picture of the tumultuous times the country faced; was interestingly juxtaposed into the narrative by the director. Apur Panchali is not only a film that is connected to iconic names such as ‘Apu’, ‘Satyajit Ray’ and ‘Pt. Ravi Shankar’, but a film which honors also these maestros. It is a powerful film that provides a perspective on the tough life of the real Apu – Subir Banerjee, and stays fresh in the minds of the audiences long after they have left the theaters. Apur Panchali, often hailed as a must watch by many critics and audiences alike, releases across 7 cities in India on the 16th of May.