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Art transformed into a Medium of Protest; Women Artists show at Emami Chisel Art Exhibition Puts forth a Strong Message

Emami Chisel Art Show

The Women artist show featuring artists from all over the country was inaugurated in the august presence of eminent Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta. Curated by Dr. Archana Roy and Co-curated by Ms. Aparna Roy Baliga, the women artist show has been titled “Series: A construal of mourning and rage”.


The Women artist show showcased at Emami Chisel art consists of the works of twenty nine women artists from all over India. About sixty artworks by the artists have been put up for the exhibition cum sale. Some of the artists who participated in this exhibition include Madhvi Parekh, Veena Bhargava, Sobha Broota, Anupam Sud, Aparna Caur, Saroj Pal, Paula Sengupta, Eleena Banik, Meenakshi Sengupta and others.


Emami Chisel Art believes in bringing forth causes and messages which will make a difference to the society and the world that we all live in. the Women artist show has strong streaks of feminism in the art works showcased. Some selected Kali as a form of protest while some chose the female body as a form of desire and objectification. The art works depict the inhuman activities committed against women like dowry, rapes and other such crimes.


The mediums used for the various art works are varied. For the paintings, acrylic on canvas is the most common while the sculptures have been carved out of welded irons and serigraphy. The artworks are also available for sale and has been priced between Rs. 12000 to Rs 13,00,000.

The Women artist show will continue at Emami Chisel Art till 8th January 2015 (except Sundays). Be there to experience the beautiful art created by the various women artists.

Priyanka Dutta

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