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Bengali Film Borbaad Review, Premiere Video and Premiere Photo Album

Video: Dev and the Entire Tollywood Fraternity attend Borbad Premiere

First love and the object of your first desire are both very precious and this becomes even more special when the object of your desire enables you to impress your love. This is the basis of the action love story weaved by Raj Chakraborty in his recently released film Borbaad.

This Kolkata Bangla Movie revolves around Joy (Bonny Sengupta) who even after his graduation did not care to look for a means to earn a livelihood; instead played carom and spent time hatching out plans to impress his lady love. He is regularly taken to task by his father but all the good counsel simply falls on deaf ears. However after a quarrel with his father, his father gives him 75000 rupees with the help of which he buys a bike and eventually succeeds in impressing his lady love Nandini(Rittika Sen) and somehow bagging a job too. However things take a turn when his bike gets stolen. He gets into a tiff with Imraan, the brother of the local goon. Does Joy get his bike back? What happens to his job? Does Nandini understand his plight? All these questions are answered in the film.

The film Borbaad is a remake of the 2007 Tamil film Polladhavan featuring Dhanush in the lead role. Director Raj Chakraborty who made his debut with Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and a fresh pair (Rahul and Priyanka) has again struck gold with this film. The film never bores you and will keep you hooked with its racy sequences. The narrative has been kept linear and this is of immense help for the audience. We all like a well told love story and this is a love story with action, humor and romance. The action helps in giving a swift pace to the narrative and the director ensures that the film has both sugary and spicy elements to cater to diverse audience segments.

With all the good things in tow, one point I cannot help highlight is that, though during one of the interviews with Sholoana Bangaliana the director proclaimed that this is a love story of 2014, things like wooing a girl with the help of a new bike or roaming in front of her house are old school antics that have been shown in many a Hindi and Bengali films and to add to that, these things are more or less considered very childish by today’s generation and even in the rural areas the youth are seen trying out other smarter ways to woo their lady love. Raj definitely had the opportunity to make it to the history books for romantics and bag the credit of being the initiator of a whole new trend of courtship had he tried to put in some originally thought out elements in the movie.

Music by Arindom Chatterjee is pleasing and to add to the good compositions when it is Arijit Singh crooning away romantic numbers like Parbona the music album is bound to do well. Prashmita Paul has also beautifully complemented Singh in the playback and presented a beautiful collection of Bengali Audio Songs.

Acting is one of the strongest points in the film. Bonny Sengupta shines as Joy. He is promising and has enough screen presence. The Tollywood industry needs young blood and Bonny surely promises to deliver good films in future. Bonny, as the irresponsible boy who becomes mature enough to fight against the local goons looks very convincing. Rittika as Nandini frankly does not have much to do except look good. She does not get the scope of showing her acting skills (which she also needs to brush up) as Priyanka got in Chirodini Tumi Je Amar. Sudip Mukherjee as Akram is excellent. He breathes life into the role of the Muslim goon. Mainak as Imraan is also another revelation. As the evil minded brother who does not think twice before murdering his own brother, he is one to look out for. He should focus on more such roles in good films rather than acting in B-grade Bengali films.

With Bunohaansh starring Tollywood Hero Dev and Singham Returns having released on the same day and competing for audience attention, the success of Borbaad will surely be a landmark for the entire crew of this New Bengali Film and from the looks of it, the team may not have to see disappointment at all. A complete masala entertainer, you will in no way waste “Borbaad” your time watching the young couple Bonny Rittika romancing on screen.


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Arijit Singh Songs add to the Popularity of Bengali Film Borbaad Audio Music Album


Director Raj Chakraborty who made his debut with Chirodini Tumi Je Amar that catapulted two fresh faces Rahul and Priyanka to overnight stardom is back with two new faces Bonny and Rittika and an action romance story typical of this time. The music launch of this Shree Venkatesh Films produced upcoming Bengali film Borbaad took place at The Park Hotels recently in the presence of director Raj Chakraborty, Editor Rabiranjan Moitra, Lyricist Prosen, Arindom, Bonny Sengupta, Rittika Sen and Shubhankar Bhor.

Video: New Bengali Film Borbaad Music Launch

“The film is about Joy (Bonny Sengupta) who in order to woo Nandini (Rittika Sen) finally buys a bike. Being from a middle class family, Bonny has to strive hard to actually buy the bike for his lady love. However he falls into trouble due to the local goons. What happens to their love story is what Borbaad is all about. The intensity and passion that people usually have for their first love has been shown in the film. People will be able to relate easily to this new couple’s plight. There is an element of reality and practicality in the film too. This is also different from the love story which I made in 2008. Love in 2008 was different from love in 2014” said director Raj Chakraborty while speaking to Sholoana Bangaliana.


The director was full of praises for the newcomers who according to him have a very bright future. “I have been getting good responses from the people who have seen the trailer and the songs. They have been telling me that the lead pair is so cute” added the director.

Newcomers Bonny Sengupta and Rittika Sen were highly excited about the release of their movie. The excited lead pair thanked the director for ably guiding them through and helping them with the film’s promotion.


The music of the film has been composed by Arindom while the lyrics have been written by Prosen. There are five songs in the album. Parbona and Aashona have already become immensely popular with people. Parbona is also on the number one spots in the charts of many radio stations. Arijit Singh, Prashmita Paul, Arindom have lent their voices to the tracks in the film.

Borbaad is slated for release on the 15th of August and we hope that it will match up to the competition levels that the Independence Day Friday has set up with films like Singham Returns and Bunohaansh releasing on the very day.

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