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Audio album Roddurer Goppo Released by Eminent Personalities

Bengali Audio Music Album Roddurer Goppo Launched

The audio album Roddurer Goppo (Saat Manober Kotha) was recently launched in the august presence of eminent personalities like Kalyan Sen Borat, Shantilal Mukhopadhyay, Shankar Chakraborty, Arindam Ganguly and many others.


Roddurer Goppo depicts the sufferings of men and also the journey of men. The album showcases the story of seven men in different situations, their trials, their emotional and physical states.

Paran Bandopadhyay, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Surojit Bandopadhyay, Shantilal Mukhopadhyay, Shankar Chakraborty, Debshankar Halder, Koushik Roy, Srikanto Acharya , Arindam Ganguly, Raghab Chattopadhyay, Monomoy Bhattacharya, Rupankar Bagchi, Saheb Chattopdhyay and Subhankar Bhaskar have read the lines written by Koushik Sengupta and the singers have the sung to the tunes of Kalyan Sen Borat.


Speaking at the occasion, Kalyan Sen Borat said “Poems and songs have been fused together to make the album. Koushik’s poems are extremely well written and his choice of words is also excellent. I hope this album will be liked and appreciated by the audience”.

The audio album has been brought out by Raga Music.

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Kolkata Celebrities to participate in VCN Friendship Cup to aid Nepal earthquake victims

VCN Friendship Cup in Aid of Nepal

After the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal, West Bengal Motion Picture Artists’ Forum, Advatech Healthcare and Alliance Broadband Limited have come together to support the VCN Friendship Cup to aid the victims of the natural calamity. With the help of this football tournament, the sponsors will also be reaching out to the youngsters who often do not get a chance to showcase their talents on a wider platform.


A press conference was held to announce this football tournament. Arindam Ganguly, Moumita Gupta, Shankar Chakraborty, Dipanjan Bhattacharya and others were present at the occasion.

“To think even of the earthquake gives me goosebumps. At Kolkata the aftershocks left us so much scared. I wonder what the people in Nepal are going through. They have no proper place to stay or proper place to live. West Bengal Motion picture Artists’ Forum is glad to associate with a cause of this caliber and we will do our best to help in furthering the cause” said actor Arindam Ganguly.


The funds that will be raised from the VCN Friendship Cup will be contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

The matches will be held at the Ram Lila Ground CIT Road from 20th to 23rd May, 2015.

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New Kolkata Acting Course Launched by Tollywood Stars; Rituparna Sengupta and Indrani Sen Spearhead the Effort

Actor Grooming Course initiated by Kolkata Stars

Groom yourself to become a star in 100 days!! Sounds unrealistic or impossible? Then you are thinking on the wrong track as this is possible with the help from the experienced faculty at Indrani Dutta Kala Niketan. The announcement of this course was recently done in the presence of celebrities like Rituparna Sengupta, Arindam Ganguly, Sumitro Banerjee, Kheyali Dastidar, Sourav Nandy, Probhat Roy, Monami Ghosh, Nandita Roy and many others.


The course will focus on aspects like acting, modeling, grooming, Bollywood, Western dance, Zoomba and personality development. The special benefits that one will receive from these courses are the confidence to face the camera, interaction with celebrities for tips and guidance and proper assistance given to become a star.


Speaking at the occasion, Indrani Dutta said, “Since we all have contacts in the world of cinema and theatre, the students will have better chances of entering the film industry. There are students who ask us about placements before getting enrolled. I like this career minded attitude and hence we will groom them in such a way that they are trained enough to face the camera confidently”.


The course fees for juniors (4 to 12 years) is Rs 15000, for youths (13 to 35 years) Rs 18000 and for the seniors (35 to 40 years) Rs 15000. This amount is payable during admission to the institution by a particular individual.

Rituparna Sengupta who is not only the Chief Advisor but has also helped in designing the course said “Indrani is a very good friend of mine. Her initiatives are always innovative and with this course many people will get help in establishing a career in this industry”.


On the completion of the course a completion certificate will be awarded to the student on the occasion of the Gala Annual show of Indrani Dutta Kala Niketan. The ten best students will be eligible to perform in the annual show.

The students will have Indrani Dutta, Arindam Ganguly, Kheyali Dastidar, Sumitro Banerjee, Sourav Nandy, Rajarsi Chowdhury and Swarnava Kris as the groomers in this institution.

The various courses will begin from 15th April, coinciding with the Bengali New Year’s Day.

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ETV Bangla serial Sadhok Bamakhyapa Makes a Special Place in Every Bengali Household; Completes 2500 Episodes


ETV Bangla serial Sadhok Bamakhyapa completed 2500 episodes recently. The cast members and some eminent personalities from Tollywood industry like Sandip Ray came together to celebrate this great event.
Sadhok Bamakhyapa is a story of the great devotee of Maa Tara named Bamakhyapa. He is also most popularly called the mad saint. The saint was helpful in nature and used his supernatural powers for the betterment of the life of the people and also the society. His stories are what are shown in the serial Sadhok Bamakhyapa. In each episode a certain incident from the saint’s life is shown.


Actor Arindam Ganguly who plays the main role of Sadhok Bamakhyapa in the serial was more than happy at the huge response that the serial has been getting since its inception. “This is a huge privilege for me and I am glad that the audiences have been gracefully accepting me in the role of the respected saint for so many episodes now. I hope they continue to shower the same love in the times to come so that we can continue with the good work” said the actor.

The serial Sadhok Bamakhyapa is aired every Monday to Saturday at ten o’clock on ETV Bangla.

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Musical Evening to Celebrate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Poet Rajanikant Sen


The 150th birth anniversary of eminent Bengali poet-lyricist Rajanikant Sen was celebrated with much fanfare at Rabindra Sadan auditorium in a musical event titled Amritabani. The event was organized in association with Idea.

Bengali Poet-Lyricist Rajanikant Sen’s Birthday Celebrated

Present at the musical evening were eminent dignitaries like Debojyoti Mishra, Sumitra Sen, Krishna Basu, Mata Satigiri and Arindam Ganguly. Before the start of the musical evening, a music album was released titled “Dhono dhanne Pushpe Bhora”. A research work on Dwijendralal Ray was also released on the occasion titled “Deshatma Dwijendralal- Ekti Jibonkotha”. The research was done by Nupurchanda Ghosh.


Speaking at the occasion, Debojyoti Mishra said “Nupurchanda Ghosh has done a great job of bringing forth the songs composed by the late poet. This is indeed a noble initiative. Or else the work of such great personalities will be lost forever from the minds of the Bengalis. I salute her endeavor whole heartedly”.

Krishna Basu who also was very supportive of the work done by Nupurchanda Ghosh said on the occasion “We have heard many stories about him from his son. We used to be just transfixed listening to his stories. Rabindranath Tagore is an icon. But we also must acknowledge the works of the other poets like Rajanikant Sen, Dwijendralal Ray and Atulpasad who despite the presence of Tagore has been able to prove their merit in the field of music”.


The musical evening began with Arindam Ganguly singing a song by the late poet. This was followed by Nupurchanda Ghosh’s spirited musical performance with her troupe.

Amritabani proved to be a huge success among the music lovers who came to listen to the melodies of the late poet Rajanikant Sen.

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