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Bengali Mega Serial Gaaner Oparey Songs Compiled in audio CD; Launch Ceremony Graced by Prosenjit Chatterjee and the Cast

Mega-Serial Ganer Oparey Song Compilation Launched

The mega-serial Gaaner Oparey gained immense popularity among the people when the serial was being aired. The soul of the serial was the songs. Even after the show ended about four years back, the popularity of the serial is still intact among the viewers. Keeping this in mind, Star Jalsha released an audio CD containing the songs of the serial, Gaaner Oparey.


Prasenjit Chatterjee, Arjun Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakraborty, Indrasish Roy, Debojyoti Mishra and others were present at the occasion for the unveiling of the music CD.

Star Jalsha’s show Gaaner Oparey was a path breaking serial which sought to bridge the gap between people who looked at Tagore traditionally versus the ones who dared to break barriers and make the works of Tagore contemporary.


Keeping in mind the spirit of Bangaliana, Prasenjit Chatterjee looked dapper in a white Punjabi which the actor teamed up with a white dhoti. Speaking at the occasion, he said “For me, Rituparno Ghosh is still alive. The biggest challenge was to make him write the script on a daily basis for the mega-serial. However, we succeeded in making him do so and as a result one can see the huge popularity that the serial garnered”.


Prasenjit Chatterjee also highlighted how he made the selection of Arjun Chakraborty and Mimi for the lead roles of Gora and Pupe. “Had I revealed to Rituparno that Mimi was not so well conversant in Bengali, he would have rejected her downright. However, we worked on her and she performed extremely well. As for Gora, Arjun was on my mind and I had to do the makeup on him to make him look matured so that he would not be rejected on the basis of looking too young for the role” added Prasenjit with a smile.


Arjun Chakraborty who played the role of Gora acted as the emcee of the event. “The serial Gaaner Oparey was a huge platform for all the new actors like me, Indrasish, Mimi and others. It was a huge learning experience and that surely helped us much in whatever we are doing at present” said the actor.

Debojyoti Mishra performed the songs of the serial with his team for the assembled audiences and entertained them.

The audio CD of Gaaner Opare was released by V Music and will be readily available at the nearest music stores.

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Bengali Audio Music Album of Upcoming Film Bawal Launched; This Week’s Friday Release Promises Unlimited Entertainment


Upcoming Bengali film Bawal’s audio music album launched in the presence of singer Rupankar, Prasenjit Mullick, actor Arjun Chakraborty and director Biswaroop Biswas.

The main highlight of the music launch was the release of the music album in a pen-drive. This unique initiative has been undertaken so as to reach out to more people. “In this age when people are attempting new things to promote their film, we thought of doing this to catch the eyes of the audiences” said the director.


The film Bawal is the story of Jishu and Subhasri who are in love with each other. The biggest problem in their life are Subhasri’s two elder brothers who are over protective about their only sister. They plan to run away. However at this juncture, enters Nusrat in their lives. She is the sister of the famous don of Kolkata. What happens next? What kind of problems happen to the trio and can Jishu and Subhasri finally be together?


The music of the film has been composed by Akassh Sen. There are four songs in the album.

The film has Arjun Chakraborty, Ritabhari, Sayani Ghosh, Partha Sarathi, Biswanath Basu, Sumit Samaddar in pivotal roles.

The film is slated for release on the 12th of June.

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Interview: Amrita, the Runaway Bride of Upcoming Bengali Movie ‘Janla Diye Bou Palalo’ on her Big Break, Godfather Prasenjit Chatterjee and More


Director Aniket Chattopadhyay’s New Rom-Com ‘Janla Diye Bou Palalo’ is a ready for release on October 17 and just when the team was busy running around with the last minute promotions, Team Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the new runaway bride in news Amrita Chattopadhyay to get the inside story on all the running around that she had to do to make a career in films as well as ensure the success of her debut film. Excerpts…

Sholoana Bangaliana: What shaped up Amrita into the independent woman and actress that she is today?

Amrita: Well, my childhood and my growing up years have a big role to play in what I am today. I did my schooling from Patha Bhavan and Bachelors from Xaviers post which I went to JU in order to do my Masters in Sociology. During my growing up years, though studies always had the center stage, I was exposed to a lot of cultural activities and devoted a lot of time into learning dance and music. Thankfully, my parents were very supportive of this and always encouraged me in all that I wanted to do.

So was acting your conscious choice and did you really put in efforts to land up a role?

Amrita: Well, like% 90 of Kolkata’s population I did want to act but had never given it a serious thought. It so happened that on a college assignment when I went to meet Bumba Da (Prosenjit Chatterjee) he asked me if I wanted to act or pursue journalism, to which I promptly replied that I wanted to act and on hearing that, he asked me to leave my contact details with him. And though I had least expected it, Bumba Da did call me after my graduation was over and offered me the role of the younger sister in the Television serial Kanakanjali which ran successfully for over a year. After the serial was over I was again in a fix about my career choice and didn’t know if I should take up new serials or try my luck in films; and here again, Bumba Da whom I consider my godfather in the industry came to my rescue and told me to wait for the right break in films. It was then that in due course of time offers started coming in and finally I got the call to audition for Janla Diye Bou Palalo and even got selected for the role of Mimi.


So after your initiation into acting did you go for any acting classes to hone your skills?

Amrita: I did not go for any classes during the serial but post that I did do an acting workshop with Sohag Sen. Also, I did follow theater closely and learnt a lot from it; I also feel that it is a very difficult art form that needs a lot of skill and I would really want to be a part of a theater group someday.

The film is called ‘Janla Diye Bou Palalo’, not a name that people would easily associate with a film, so what was your reaction when you were finally selected for a movie with such a queer name?

Amrita: Yes indeed quite a queer name and I truly could not connect with it initially but when the director, Aniket Da read out the script, I was truly overwhelmed and felt lucky to have been selected for such a wonderful project.

Your experience of working with Aniket Chattopadhyay in your debut Bengali Film…

Amrita: Aniket da’s energy is contagious and at the same time enviable. Always charged up and ready for the run, he used to infuse us with all the vigor and get the best shots from us even at two in the night. He is strict and at the same time very comforting and knows how to get the best from his actors. His briefing sessions are so eloquent that post those sessions, actors hardly have to think twice about the shot that they are about to give. Another wonderful thing about him is that he is very methodical and co-operative which eliminates any scope of confusion, thus ensuring a hassle free schedule for the entire crew. Getting to work with Aniket Chattopadhyay in my debut Bengali Film has indeed been an enriching experience!

Arjun, your co-actor playing Upo in the movie seems to be a very quiet and reserved kind of person; was he intimidating or fun to work with?

Amrita: Arjun and I are of the same age but he is a senior in the profession and I immensely respect him for his talent. He indeed is very quiet but the workshops we did together helped in breaking the ice as, post that we were very comfortable in each other’s company and enjoyed working together. Arjun has also helped me a lot throughout and the entire team effort has transcended into a crackling chemistry between us that am sure the audience will Love!

Any funny incident from the shooting floors that you may want to share with us..

Amrita: Well, the movie is a comedy so there is fun in every bit of it but one that I distinctly remember is a scene in which I had to drive a car with Arjun sitting beside me. I had just learnt driving for this movie while Arjun can drive very well and in this scene Arjun had to sit beside me with the expressions of someone who does not know anything about driving; you should have seen the initial expression on his face! He was scared as hell and was throughout ready with the hand brakes to save us from ramming into things; thankfully the shot was taken without any hindrance and I drove to safety.

Post this big break am sure you must be having many more films to look forward to…

Amrita: Yes I do, in fact my next is again with Arjun under the same production house but with new directors and we have already started shooting for it.


Expectations from your debut film..

Amrita: Though clichéd, I would say that we have all put in a lot of hard work into making this film, rather making people laugh and sincerely hope that people will appreciate our work and enjoy this thorough entertainer. Aniket Da does a very tough job; he makes people laugh and helps them unwind, at least during the running time of his movies and I sincerely hope that people will come to the theaters in overwhelming numbers and support him and his team in their endeavor.

A master of the rom-com genre, director Aniket Chattopadhyay promises a thorough entertainer with New Bengali Movie Janla Diye Bou Palalo produced by Jalan International Films Pvt Ltd, starring Amrita, Arjun Chakroborty and other industry veterans that the audience is sure to enjoy watching. Team Sholoana Bangaliana wishes Amrita and the entire team of JDBP the Very Best and hopes to partner with them in their mission of spreading the cheer!

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