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Upcoming Bengali film Aajante-Chotto Bhul team Meets the Press; Young actress Aishi Bhattacharya to Essay Important Role in Horror Flick

Upcoming Bengali Film Ajante Press Conference

The press conference of the upcoming Bengali film Aajante- Chotto Bhul took place at The Press Club recently. Present at the press conference was director Abhimanyu Chatterjee, producers Haidar Ali and Putul Bhattacharya, Pallav, Abhijit, Shubhankar, Arnab Bhattacharya and Aishi Bhattacharya.


The film Aajante-Chotto Bhul deals with those areas where science and technology have not being able to solve the mysteries. A spectrologist and his family consisting of his wife and only daughter perform Planchet and in the process, they commit a mistake. What happens as a result is what the film deals with.


“It will be appropriate to say that I was impressed much with the Hollywood film Evil Dead and have tried to design the film on the same lines. However I have not copied the content of the film. The use of the graphics and animation in the film is a new for the films made in this genre. Another highlighting feature of the film is the ghost will not be shown in the film. I believe ghosts are just like winds. Only when someone is possessed, the changes in the person will be shown” said director Abhimanyu Chatterjee.


The cast of the film consists of new actors, some of whom have acted in a few serials or acted in small parts in films. Aishi Bhattacharya who played the role of the younger Arundhuti in the film Arundhuti will be seen in the role of Dona. Subhankar will play the role of Vicky, Pallav as Sunny and Abhijit will be seen as Salim in the film. Abhijit had earlier done films like K..Se and Punascha, is currently acting in serials like Ishti Kutum and Soubhagyabati. Pallav had done films like Love in Rajasthan and Hridoye Lekho Naam prior to this film.

The film’s music is composed by Jeet-Kaushik and there are three songs in the film. Sujoy, Parthajit and Shomdutta Bhowmick have lent their voices to the songs in this film.

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Interview- Director Abhimannyu Chatterjee on his Upcoming Bengali Film Ajaante- Chotto Vul


Director Abhimannyu Chatterjee’s first film Chuti was based on a story by Rabindanath Tagore. His second film is Ajaante- Chotto Vul which is currently in the shooting process. The director shared some interesting behind the scenes facts about his second film with Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaCan you throw some light on the plot of the story of your second film Ajaante-Chotto Vul?

Ahimannyu Chatterjee– The film is about Professor Santanu Sen who is a paranormal researcher and scientist by profession. He wanted to know about the 8th dimension and hence engaged in researches. Planchette can be used to arouse the spirit in the 8th dimension. Santanu Sen’s work leads to the arousing of the spirit in the 8th dimension, who actually tries to harm his family. The film showcases as to how to send the spirit back to the place from where it actually came.

Since you are making a film on spirits and dealing with the eighth dimension, do you actually believe in the supernatural?

I have never seen a ghost or spirit with my own eyes ever in my life.

Where are you shooting for the film?

Sikkhim, Beharinath in Bankura are some of the places where the shooting is taking place.


Which actors and actresses have you selected for the various roles in the film?

The whole team is completely new. Pallav Ghosh, Oishee Bhattacharya, Abhijit Roy are the key actors in the film. Even I have played a role in the film.

Now, that’s interesting. Do share some insight about the role that you have played. How difficult was handling your role in front of the camera and behind the camera?

I play the role of the scientist Santanu Sen. Since my screen time is limited I did not have much problem in handling my work in front of the camera or behind the camera.


Who has composed the music for your film?

Deep Kaushik is handling the music department of my film. The film has three songs sung by Sujoy Bhaumik, Somdatta, Parthajeet and Arnab Bhattacharya who is playing the role of an assistant scientist. I had thought of not keeping any songs in the film. But I had to change my mind keeping in mind the need of the distributors. The film has no heroine and without a single song, it will be tough to market the film.

What are your expectations from the film?

I have high expectations from the film, but there I am equally scared also. The likes and dislikes of the audience is not an easy thing to understand. When a film of high budget fails in recent times my film is made on a low budget. I hope it succeeds. Even if it fails, I will again rise and continue with the job of making films in future too.

The film Ajaante- Chotto Vul is slated for release in June- July.

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