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India’s First Internationally Awarded Film ‘Sita’ Completes 80 Years; Film Festival in Kolkata Celebrates the Journey


A two day event marking the eighty years of Sita was recently organized at Nandan. Sita is the first Indian film to receive an international award which is directed by legendary film director Debaki Kumar Bose. Shri Firhad Hakim inaugurated the festival. Present at the inauguration event ceremony were Shubhaprasanna, Barun Chanda, Dev Kumar Bose, Jadab Chanda Mondal, Sumoy Mukhopadhyay, Arijit Maitra, Gautam Ghosh, Amar pal, Bonosree Sengupta, Ria Sen, Vincenza Buffalo, Purabi Mukhopadhyay and other eminent dignitaries.

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The Hindi film Sita featured Pithviraj Kapoor and Durga Khote in lead roles. The film went on to win the gold medal at the 3rd International Exhibition of Cinematic Art at Venice Film Festival in 1934. The film was produced by the East India Film Company.

Speaking at the occasion Shubhaprasanna said “It is very disheartening to see that we are so careless about our history. Devaki Kumar Bose is a legend. He made the film during colonial times without much technological help. However he had the courage and the will to do it. How much pride do we take in this fact? I also feel that there must be a prize named after this man”.


Devaki Kumar Bose was incidentally the first film maker to introduce the system of artificial lighting in films. He used it in the film Aparadhi. Bose used music as a metaphor in his films.

Dev Kumar Bose said “We must try to create and not manufacture as Devaki Kumar Bose said. In recent times, apart from a few film makers most of the films we make are poor copies of either South films or foreign films. Have we lost our creativity? When Devaki Kumar Bose started making films, people working in films were held in low esteem by the people. Hence he thought of making films which will gain him easy access to their hearts and minds. If a man in pre-independent India could harbor such thoughts, why cannot we have such creative thoughts”.

The two day festival therefore helped in reviving back the memories of the film maker Devaki Kumar Bose.

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