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Bengali Audio Songs of Teen Patti Launched; Arijit Singh Song a Highlight of the Music Album

Bengali Audio Songs of Teen Patti

The music launch of the upcoming Bengali film Teen Patti, directed by Dipayan Mandal and Rehena Parvin Jenny took place recently at a South Kolkata mall. Present at the music launch ceremony were actresses Pooja Bose, Ushashie, music director Indradeep Dasgupta and singer Ujjaini.

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The film is about Arya (Indraneil Sengupta) and Mukul (Ritwik Chakraboty) who are childhood buddies. They taste success in the real estate business. Arya’s sharp business sense and common sense of Mukul combine together and make the business successful. Their professional rival is Gargi Sen who is always defeated at the hands of the two friends. Things take a turn when Mohor (Pooja Bose) joins the company as an architect. Arya falls in love with her and love blossoms between the two. Mukul also has a soft corner for Mohor too. Arya and Mohor marry. Their company gets a new project and they plan to go on a trip. Arya could not go on the trip and hence Mukul goes with Mohor. However they go missing and how the mystery is solved is what the film is about.

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“Since the film is a suspense thriller, the Bengali Audio Songs of Teen Patti have has been made accordingly. This will enable the audience to connect well with the audience. Shaan, Arijit Singh, June, Dibyendu Mukherjee and Silajit have lent their voices to the songs in the film. I and Srijato have penned down the lyrics for this film. The songs in the film have good melody just like any other normal film. Friendshipwala Day and O Fakira deserve special mention. Friendshipwala Day is a very bright song while the other song O Fakira has a Sufi feel to it and has been sung by Arijit Singh” said music director Indradeep Dasgupta.

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The film is scheduled to release on March 28.

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New Bangla Movie ‘Teen Patti’ Preview; Indraneil Sengupta ready with another stellar performance

New Bangla Movie Teen Patti is a murder mystery where the entire story revolves around the death of a young sober businessman. The movie depicts the life of two friends, Arya (Indraneil Sengupta) and Mukul (Ritwick Chakraborty) who come close to each other due to early demise of their parents during early hours of their life. Their life takes a halt right when they were soaring high in their career. One of them is killed and the death makes their life absolutely haywire. The story, as it progresses, slowly lifts the curtain from all the mysteries and tells us how an otherwise happy and smooth life becomes completely disrupted because of unfulfilled human desires and competitiveness.

The movie has a slim plot but focuses on the struggle of manifold desire and objective of human mind. We can see a careerist business woman who is spearheading for success at the cost of others in her path, a lady (Pooja Bose) who can go at any length even at the cost of her dignity in order to fend for her mother’s treatment.

The movie shows the intricacies of some of the relationships: between dear friends, mother and daughter, of couple tied with deep faith and love, the psyche of a person with extreme lust for money, fame and vengeance and also a friendly bright personality with his dearly gestures for his childhood friend.

In a nutshell, the lucid story line of the movie will not only uncover the murder mystery but also will take you through the journey of exploring the depth and breadth of relationships and its equations overall. And yes, not to mention, it will ensure your complete undisturbed enjoyment throughout.

After ‘Bakita Byktigato’ and ‘Phoring’ this is Tollywood actor Ritwick Chakraborty’s next release and the shady character of ‘Mukul’ will definitely be feather in the cap of this versatile onscreen performer. Nowadays actor Indraneil Sengupta, who has played the role of ‘Arya’ in the movie, has truly become quite a familiar face in the sphere of experimental cross cultural Bangla cinema and will again be seen delivering some extraordinary performance in this movie.

Talented actor Kaushik Roy is playing the roleof an investigating cop. Koushik has earlier acted in ‘Goynar Baksho’, ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara 2013’ along with few popular television serials in Star Jalsha. Tollywood actress Pooja Bose has yet again opted for an offbeat character after she got the opportunity to enact the character of ‘Parvati’ in the daily mythological Hindi serial ‘Mahadev’ in the Mumbai Television Industry.

Young Producer Souradeep Hazra, producer of the film ‘Teen Patti’, intends to produce good films through his neat and clear thought process. He dreams of making his production house ‘RDS Entertainment’ famous and one of the best production houses of India. Teen Patti has been directed by Director duo Rehena Parvin Jenny and Dipayan Mondal.

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