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Delicious Oriental Cuisine for the Kolkata Food Lovers now at The Palms Restaurant


The Palms Restaurant has geared up to celebrate Kolkata’s love for good food by introducing their New oriental Menu. The menu attempts to bring the flavors of the Far East right at the doorstep of the City of Joy. The Oriental Menu was launched in the presence of celebrated Tollywood actress Koneenica Bandopadhyay.


Asian green soup with crispy pak choi chilli, Mixed salad with lotus root, Stir fried waterchestnut, asparagus, snowpeas with blackpepper, Double Fried Chicken Japanese style or Crispy chilli squid with oatflakes, the dishes in the menu represent the wonders of Oriental cuisine and are authentic representations of Asian flavors.


The main course in the new Oriental Menu has a platter of vegetarian and protein-based options that include Braised tofu with aubergin, water chestnut, Jaismine tea smoke organic pork ribs, Phad Thai noodles and Emperor’s seafood fried rice among other things.


Speaking about the menu, owner Priyadarshini Dey said, “The new Oriental Menu consists of those dishes that are not found elsewhere in the city. Each and every dish prepared is wholly organic and is devoid of any artificial colors or flavor. Our Oriental menu comprises of some traditional Thai, Malaysian, Cantonese and Japanese recipes. Authenticity and flavors are the USP of the Menu.”


So if you want to try something different this weekend, head to The Palms Restaurant.

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Tollywood Hero/MP Dev Inaugurates Asia Kitchen Festival at Mainland China Kolkata


The continent of Asia is home to millions of people. Though differentiated by borders, one of the most important things that binds us together is the love for food. The countries in the Asian continent are known for their richness in the food that they prepare. Mainland China, one of the most reputed restaurants in Kolkata recently launched their Asia Kitchen Festival which was inaugurated by MP-actor Dev.


The festival will take the customers on a whirlwind tour of the various countries of the world like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China and others. Many chefs from the far-East have participated in this food festival to give it an authentic feel and flavor. The aromatic herbs, great spices and the different sauces used in the dishes will surely be a treat for the palette of the customers.


Some of the dishes that will be made available for the customers during this fortnightly food festival are- Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Bulgogi), Nasi Goreng, Dynamite tofu, Chicken Satay, Java Gilled fish with Sambal Salsa, Vegetables in Thai Green curry, Lemon grass fried rice and others.


Speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana at the occasion, Dev said “Mainland China has been trying to do something different always and this festival proves yet again why they are different from the others in the same business. One must come and enjoy the wide variety of food available here; that too at great prices. Pandal hopping, shopping and trying out good food should be the primary things to do during this coming festive season”. The actor even helped in the preparation of a Burmese dish Khousey.


The festival which started on the 2nd will continue for a fortnight. A meal for two costs Rs. 1000 plus taxes.

Rush to Mainland China to savor Pan Asian delicacies sitting back in Kolkata.

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