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Bollywood Film Spark Review; Tollywood Actress Subhasree Ganguly deserved a Better Debut in Bollywood


Bollywood has been the most coveted destination for many acting in the various film industries all over the country. The glamour and the glitz of this industry is one which catches the eyes making most eager to making a foray into Bollywood; a recent trend noted amongst the Tollywood actors too. While some have been successful, many have not been able to make a mark. Tollywood actress Subhasree’s debut Bollywood film Spark released recently and here is what we feel the movie is all about …

The story of the film has nothing new or unique to write about. The film opens in Germany with Arjun, an Indian lad delivering boxes from a mini-van, drinking foreign liquor and going around in expensive cars. The story moves to India where a local goon Babu Lal is shown in all his fury and might. Babu Lal’s former boss who is in Delhi is full of vengeance and upset with things as his father left his mother for another lady. In between Arjun meets this pretty lady and they fall head over heels in love. Arjun then rushes back to India on getting a call from home. He gets entangled in politics and what happens next is what the film all about.

K. Singh’s Spark is a pain for the eyes and watching the film is self inflicted torture. The film moves back and forth between India and Germany so much so that you often think as if Germany is like the park in your locality where you can go whenever you wish to. The script (if there was one) lacks everything that is required to make a film interesting. The low camera angles receives a thumbs down from my side as using such techniques only ensure titillating some individuals but it does not have a mass appeal. Such cheap techniques could have been avoided and the director could have seriously invested his brain to work out something good.

The songs in the movie exist for what reason I could not comprehend. They start all of a sudden and do not have any role in either carrying forward the narrative or establishing any character. They are there because the director did not have a proper story and wanted to attract a certain section of the audience with skimpily clad ladies showing off their assets. But in this age of films, these techniques have seriously become out dated Mr. Singh.

As far as the actors are concerned, the presence of names like Ashutosh Rana, Govind Namdeo actually had convinced me that the film will not be that bad. But I was wrong and I simply do not know why these actors even agreed to do such a film. Rajneesh Duggal has the same stocky expression which he had been showcasing since his earlier films. Our very own Subhasree’s acting talent is wasted in the film. She may look glamorous but she hardly had anything to do in the film. She could have avoided this film as her Bollywood debut as her character was not fleshed out well. How I wish she had made a better choice.

Spark is one of those intolerably bad films which raises the very question- who produces these films and why? There are so many good films which get shelved due to lack of finance and many new directors who cannot give vent to their expression due to shortage of funds. The producers must seriously consider giving money to them rather than for films as spark-less and mindless as Spark.

Rating 0.5/5

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