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Enjoy Authentic Awadhi Biryanis at The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival at Oudh 1590


In its third edition, The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival is back at Oudh 1590 with delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to cater to the tastes of the food lovers.

Chef Mansur Rahman who prefers calling him a Bawarchi had been to Lucknow to know about some special biryani and pulao recipes for this Biryani festival. About nine to ten dishes will be available for the food lovers in the festival.


Awadhi Nargisi Biryani, Yakhni Gosht Biryani, Shahi Paya Biryani, Keema Biryani, Gosht Bhuna Khichri, Shikari Bater Biryani, Gomti Mahi Pulao, Sugandhi Jheenga Pulao, Awadhi Palak Biryani and Subz Kofta Biryani will be available during this festival.

The Chef also informed us that the Yakhni Gosht Biryani (which is a new introduction to the festival menu) is being eaten as a light lunch item during occasions in Lucknow.


The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival began from 3rd June and will be available at both the outlets at Salt Lake and Deshapriya Park. Lunch timing is 12 to 3.3o pm while the time for dinner is from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. A meal for two will cost Rs 800 plus taxes.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Oudh 1590 to get a taste of the royal dishes!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Abir Chatterjee unveils The Great Awadhi Biryani at the Oudh Biryani Festival; Foodies Gear up for the Royal Treat


Feluda is back again in Oudh!! If you are thinking of a sequel to the already released film on the sleuth, then you are surely on the wrong tracks. Tollywood actor Abir Chatterjee who had portrayed the role of Feluda actually unveiled the unique Biyani festival titled “The Great Awadhi Biryani” at Oudh 1590.


The organizers revealed that year long research was conducted on the background and development of this dish. During the rule of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the interest in the game birds gained great prominence. It is then that the chefs also known as Bawarchis used their imagination to come up with the Bater (Quail) Biryani. The other Biryanis also have such stories attached to their development.


Some of the dishes that will be served to the customers during this exotic festival of food include Yakhni Gosht Biryani, Shahi Paya Biryani, Keema Biryani, Shikari Bater Biryani, Jheenga Kofta Biryani, Awadh Palak Biryani and Gomti Mahi Pulao. Palak Biryani is also included in the list to cater to the needs of the vegetarian customers.


A meal for two at the Biryani festival will cost Rs. 100 plus taxes. The Biryani festival will begin from the 27th of February. Make sure you head to the restaurant to taste the delicious delicacies. Bon Appetit!!

Priyanka Dutta

Our Twitter Handle: @Sholoana1
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