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Itorpona, Bangla Band Fakira’s Debut Audio Music Album has the Flavors of Bengal Entwined in its Music


One of the most popular folk fusion Bangla bands Fakira released their debut album Itorpona in association with Major 7th and Inreco. Present at the music launch event were Satrajit Sen, Sayani Datta, Arman Fakir, Aakash Fakir and Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.

Itorpona, Bangla Band Fakira’s Debut Music Album Launched

The album consists of eight melodious tracks. The songs in this album are those written by Lalon Fakir, Radharomon, Hasan and others. The five members of the band Fakira consists of Timir, Kunal, Chayan, Avinaba and Bunty.


“With the help of folk music, one will be able to alter the emotional and intellectual state in order to understand the basics of life. This is our first album and we have taken great pains to make it the way we wanted it to make it initially” said Timir, the vocalist of Fakira while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.


Satrajit Sen who was also present at the music launch ceremony spoke at length about his association with the band. “The music album has been brought out in association with my Company Major 7th. Hence I am associated with this band. The band members have been very cordial and even let me play their musical instruments sometimes”.


“Avoid buying pirated CDs and opt for the original ones. Itorpona is priced at Rs. 149, which is of a similar price like a ticket for a movie. Imagine that you are going for a movie and buy the CD. If you do not feel like buying the music album, then opt for the paid download options” said elocutionist Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.

Itorpona has the fragrance of the folk music of Bengal. With the soulful voice and the great music arrangements, this is a great music album for those people who want to know about root music of the state.

Priyanka Dutta

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The Tollywood Stars who shone the Brightest in 2013; Featuring the Top Three

2013 has been a great year for the Bangla Film Industry as not only have great films been made but the industry has got some very talented new faces and has even seen some already established Tollywood Stars giving landmark performances.

Tollywood Hero Ritwik Chakroborty

Ritwick Chakraborty

It is none other than Ritwick Chakraborty who deserves the title of Megastar 2013 as it is his brilliance that could infuse life into the unheard ‘Shobdo’ as well as the absolutely different and very subtle Bakita Byaktigato. Be it the stubborn and honest football coach Moti Nandi in Bicycle Kick or the investigative journalist in Khancha, Ritwick had given an absolutely new life and shape to these charecters. 

Saswata Chaterji

Saswata Chatterjee:

Though not a Hero as we usually see them, Saswata Chatterjee by all means deserves to be called the Superstar of 2013. His fantastic acting skills made ‘Neelkantha Bagchi’, the protagonist of Meghe Dhaka Tara 2013’ alive and it would be absolutely justified to say that his fantabulous comic timing with Rajatava Dutta was the only saving grace of Anik Dutta’s ‘Aschorjyo Prodeep’. In ‘Arindam Sil’s directorial debut venture ‘Aborto’  Saswata Chatterjee played the shrewd evil man and carried forward the antagonistic character with equal élan. 2013 also featured ‘Proloy’, in which Saswata acted as ‘Animesh Roy’ – the aggressive and heroic cop and got the loudest cheers from the audience in the theaters. Altogether, the versatile & loveable ‘Apu da’ of Tollywood was perhaps at his creative ‘Peak’ during 2013.

Tollywood Hero Parambrata Chatterjee

Parambrata Chattopadhyay

Actor turned Director Parambrata Chattopadhyay has also ruled the industry as the Star of 2013. The year started with his directorial venture ‘Hawa Bodol’ and went on to ‘Machh Mishti & More’ and ‘Proloy’. This young actor-director excelled with his flamboyance and improvisations in each of the characters he played. After the highly forgettable directorial debut film ‘Jio Kaka’, Director Parambrata returned back with a bang with the sarcastic comic fantasy movie ‘Hawa Bodol’, in which he acted brilliantly as well. The film was well received by all sectors of audiences. Parambrata followed it up with films like ‘Maachh Mishti & More’, where he played a confused middle class Bengali youth, whose professional and personal front is dominated by his wealthy Marwari girlfriend. Param’s acting skills ably portrayed the ‘vulnerability’ of the character. And then came ‘Proloy’ which was Raj Chakraborty’s first ‘original’ film that spoke about the life and death of the Late. Social activist Barun Biswas. Raj chose Param to play the protagonist and Param seemed equally confident in doing a mainstream film like ‘Proloy’.

While these three men were at the helm of the industry in the year 2013, the three gorgeous ladies who kept the audience wanting for more are as follows:


poster Tollywood actress Sohini Sarkar

Sohini Sarkar: 

Sohini Sarkar made her debut with Director Atanu Ghosh’s film ‘Rupkatha Noy’ in 2013 that instantly catapult her to the status of a Tollywood Megastar. Sohini’s act in Rupkatha Noy was indeed memorable and her acting skills were praised by the media and critics alike. Her onscreen chemistry with veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee, Koushik Sen and hero Gaurab Chakraborty was just awesome. Thereafter, Sohini cemented her place as an actor with an experimental film like ‘Phoring’. She literally excelled as Doel, the sweet lady teacher and her onscreen chemistry with child artist Akashneel seemed magical. We wish Sohini Sarkar all the very best for 2014.

Subhosree Ganguly

Subhosree Ganguly: 

After a dry 2012, this charming Tollywood actress scored heavily in 2013 as the leading lady of one of the most commercially successful movies of Tollywood ‘Boss’ and thus getting the undisputed title of a Superstar 2013. For the first time she acted outside the banner of Shree Venkatesh Films and delivered super hits like Khoka 420 and Boss. 2012 did not go well for Subhosree on both personal and professional fronts, but 2013 gave her that required oxygen, which cemented her status as a mainstream Tollywood actress. She is also doing Anjan Dutt’s next Bangla Movie and this proves that Subhosree is now up-to acting in all kinds of movies and this is good news for her fans.

poster tollywodd actor Mimi

Mimi Chakraborty 

Mimi Chakraborty had arrived on the Big Screen after impressing the critics with her television debut ‘Ganer Opare’ and almost effortlessly carved a niche for herself with her performances in mainstream films like ‘Bojhena Se Bojhena’ and ‘Proloy’. Though the movie ‘Bapi Bari Ja’ failed to impress the masses, she has effortlessly scored well to be called one of Bengal’s most Adored Stars of 2013. Though Mimi has only acted in mainstream projects on the Big Screen, we all know that an actor of her caliber will also excel in new-age off-beat movies. Mimi will soon be seen in Shree Venkatesh Fims’ new project titled Bangali Babu English Mem and the song sequences featuring the beautiful Mimi are already a hit with the masses.

A Sholoana Bangaliana Initiative to recognize the new age actors with a difference !




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Brief Summary of 2013 Kolkata Bangla Movies that Tasted Success, Passed Unnoticed and Miserably Failed

2013 Kolkata Bangla Movies

Tollywood Kolkata Bangla Movie


A beautiful painting with a heart and mind of its own, Shobdo can be touted as the grand arrival of Bengal’s most adored cinematic story teller of recent times, Kaushik Ganguly. With his earlier movies like Jackpot and Brake Fail not striking the right chord with his audience, Shobdo again catapulted the director to his position as the master story teller; an undisputed territory created with his tele-films like Collage, Ulka, and A-Tithi. We loved Shobdo for its ‘Ahead of Time’ thought.



phoring review


A Movie that brings to the fore the most unexplored territories of an adolescent mind, Phoring stood out to be a trendsetter that dared to think differently. Director Indranil Roychowdhury lived up to his reputation of a new age experimental film maker with this very classy Bangla Movie. We loved Phoring for its ‘Innocent Boldness’



rupkatha noy review

Rupkatha Noy

Director Atanu Ghosh’s Rupkatha Noy in very simplistic terms states that in order to become a ‘Messiah’ divine powers are not required, it is the will and the intent that acts as the driving force. We loved Rupkatha Noy for ‘Sishir Babu (Played by Soumitro Chatterjee)’.



Mishawr Rohosyo

Mishawr Rawhoshyo

A complete entertainment package with a passport to Egypt, Mishawr Rohosyo stood out to be one of the most well-crafted commercial Bangla Movies of the year; its release passing on to the festivities of Durga Puja 2013. We loved Mishawr Rohosyo because of ‘Hani Al Quadi (Played by Indraneil Sengupta)’.



Meghe Dhaka Taara review

Meghe Dhaka Taara (2013)

A Landmark movie in the Bangla Film Industry, Meghe Dhaka Taara took the challenge of portraying the colorful cinematic life of director Late. Ritwik Ghatak. A fantastic attempt and a very well thought out script makes for the overall Wow factor of the movie. We Loved Meghe Dhaka Taara for its ‘Surreal Narratives’.



kolkata tollywood hero param


A spirited script by Padmanabha Dasgupta added the silver streak to director Raj Chakroborty’s ‘First Original Bangla Movie’ Proloy. Effusing positivity, the movie fared well with the audience and distributors alike. We loved Proloy for ‘Raj Chakroborty’s attempt at Originality’.



Bakita Byaktigato review

Bakita Byaktigato

A low budget masterpiece tastefully made to satiate the hunger for ‘Good Cinema’ that portrays the surreal world of fantasy without any artificial ornamentation; Bakita Byaktigato was another landmark attempt in the Bengali Film Industry. We loved Baklita Byaktigato for its ‘Thought Evoking Elements’.



Nayika Sangbad

Nayika Sangbad

Nayika Sangbad scored well with a select few for its subject and performances. It brings to light the dark areas of the film industry and the innermost conflicts of an apparently successful actress. We loved Nayika Sangbad for ‘Dia Mukherjee (Played by Arunima Ghosh)’.



bangla movie aborto review


Aborto is a sensitive film that rides high on the Bangaliana quotient. This very Humane movie beautifully uplifts the middle class Bangali sentiments that are fast eroding due to the corporate rat race. The movie Aborto justifies its title and we Loved it for Proshanto (Played by Kaushik Ganguly) who portrays ‘Everything Good’.



movie poster boss


An out-n-out entertainer that brought the production house out of a lean period, Boss is a complete commercial potboiler that in-spite of being an official South- Indian film remake was able to strike a chord with the Bengali cine-goers thus reporting phenomenal box-office collections. We loved Boss for ‘Jeet’.



2013 kolkata bangla movies

Hawa Bodol

Though Hawa Bodol could not be officially reviewed by Sholoana Bangaliana, the movie, owed to its freshness and matured directorial treatment by Parambrata Chatterjee was highly appreciated by all sections of the Bengali cinegoer. We loved Hawa Bodol for ‘Its Unique Story and Anindya Bose’s Funky Script’ as such felt the compulsion to include it in our list of Most Loved Movies of the year 2013.

 2013 kolkata bangla movies

Goynar Baksho, Chander Pahar, Majnu, Ranbaaz, Khiladi, Amraa Panch, Khancha, Aschorjyo Prodip, Kangal Malshat, Alik Sukh, C/O Sir, Bicycle Kick, Paanch Adhyay, Shunyo Onko, Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy, Kanamachi, Mahapurush O Kapurush


2013 Kolkata Bangla Movies

Ganesh Talkies – Failed attempt at making commercial cinema.


Swabhumi – Complete Mayhem


Sada Kalo Abcha – Thriller gone bad


Satyanweshi– Rituparno Ghosh’s unfinished film could not be finished well by the team


Anyo Na – Flawed script and pathetic direction


Knock Out – Totally knocked out of the league


The Play – Potential Story spoiled due to a bad script


Hanuman.com – Total confusion


Aashbo Arek Din – Haywire script


Mukti – Bad script


Tasher Desh – An attempt to tamper with Tagore


Bangla Nache Bhangra – Attempt to make a romantic saga miserably failed


Nil Swapno – Horrendous direction, performances and script


Oh! Henry – Wasted


Mrs. Sen – No fresh thought


Kagojer Nauko – Bad direction spoils a potential movie with a great star cast


This brief summary of 2013 Kolkata Bangla Movies is an attempt to take a look back at this very dynamic year which will always get a special mention whenever the history of Bangla Films will be looked into.

Team Sholoana Bangaliana wishes its readers and followers a Very Happy New Year!





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