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New Srijit Mukherji Movie Chatushkone Shooting in Full Swing; A Thriller on the Roll

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The director who has been wowing us with films like Autograph, Hemlock Society, Baishe Srabon and the recently released Jatishwar is busy shooting for his next Bangla film Chatuskon. The director in question is none other than Srijit Mukherjee who has been giving us films of different tastes and styles. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the director at a house opposite Kumartuli Park where he was busy shooting a scene from Chatushkone.

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The scene which had Parambrata, Aparna Sen and Chiranjeet in deep conversation with each other was being shot when we reached the sets. The three actors are playing the roles of directors in the film. The fourth director in the film is Gautam Ghose. “The title of the film is Chatushkone and the four actors are the four pillars of this film. I will not reveal much about the story of this film. This is a thriller and the audience will have to come to the halls to experience the thrill element” said director Srijit Mukherji. The shooting of the film will be done at different locations all over the city and an outdoor shoot will be done in Bakkhali.

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Speaking about his character, Chiranjeet said “I play the role of a director who was earlier an actor. He has acted in numerous films. Srijit is a perfectionist. Until the shot is perfect, he does not say ok. It is great to work with him. He works hard and also makes the unit work hard. But after the hard work, there is a sense of satisfaction. We are all working late but we are all happy with the work we are doing”.

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Aparna Sen who was busy getting her makeup retouched and hair styled said that she was having a reunion on the sets of Chatushkone. “I hardly get to meet Gautam Ghose but here in between the scenes we are having a great time. We are chatting, sipping on cups of tea and preparing for the next shot”.

The New Srijit Mukherji Movie Chatushkone also has Tollywood actress Payel Sarkar and actor Indrasish Roy in other pivotal roles.

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Interview: Director Shyamal Bosu- Nil Swapno songs will be played in every mondop this Durga Puja

In a candid chat session with Sholoana Bangaliana, director of Subodh Chajjer’s debut production Nil Swapno, Shri. Shyamal Bosu disclosed some interesting facts about the movie as well as his own experiences and aspirations as a director.

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The story of Nil Swapno centers on the aspirations of a young villager who has to make tough choices in life in order to fulfill his dream of making it big in the advertising world of big cities. It is his love interests, both in the village and the city that add the required juice to the movie. A simple village girl, a glamorous model, a confused young and handsome boy, all add to the extraordinary cinematic experience that Nil Swapno promises.

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The director also shared some light moments with us and told us about a hilarious incident that had happened in Bakkhali while they were shooting for one of the song sequences. The incident goes as, in the morning the director and his team went to the sea side to shoot for one song sequence with one heroine and on seeing the shooting party, the tourists present there and even the stall owners asked about the whereabouts of the movie and took keen interest specially in judging the heroine. The same shooting party again went to the sea side in the evening, but this time with another heroine and co-incidentally the same tourists were there on the beach who now were quite amazed to see another heroine. Having noticed this change and unaware of the fact that there are two heroines in the film, they started questioning the crew if the heroine has been changed. The entire team found this incident very funny and Mr. Bosu even said even though he does not laugh too much, he did have a good laugh over this incident.

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Three other of the director’s movies that the audience will soon be treated to are: Nayantara, Alor Khoje, Vaastav each having a star cast of newcomers and veterans.

The fact that renowned actor Bhaskar Banerjee has small and big roles in each of the director’s films made us quite curious and we asked the director if there was any special liking for the actor.  To this, the director said that Bhaskar indeed has a special place because of quite a few reasons. Number one being, that they are child hood friends and the second being, Sri. Bosu feels that Mr. Banerjee’s histrionics are in line with Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s style due to which casting him in all his movies brings the director very close to his idol, the Mahanayak.

Sri. Shyamal Bosu also says that he makes audience centric yet realistic movies and will never make films that have unrealistic plots and scenes with the hero saving the heroine from fifty goons alone. Sri. Bosu also says that great directors like Sri. Hrishikesh Mukherjee is his inspiration as such he would make movies that even if not extraordinarily successful at the box office will definitely be able to create a special place in the hearts of his audience.

Speaking about the songs of the movie, the director says that here too he has stuck to the realistic concept and has not added any item number rather has focused on a peppy number picturised on one of the characters who plays the part of a glamorous model. The director also says that his songs will also do well outside of the movie and this Durga Puja Nil Swapno’s songs will surely be heard in every mondop.

Sholoana Bangaliana wishes the cast and crew all the very best for new Kolkata bengali movie.

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