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The Salil Chowdhury Memorial: Exhibition and Talk Show Commemorated 21st Death Anniversary of Late Musician

Video: Salil Chowdhury Memorial Exhibition and Talk Show

The Salil Chowdhury Memorial: Exhibition and Talk Show was recently inaugurated at Gorky Sadan to commemorate the 21st death anniversary of the legendary musician. The inauguration took place in the presence of Sabita Chowdhury, Antara Chowdhury, Joy Sarkar, Haimanti Shukla, Pandit Tanmoy Bose, Banasreee Sengupta, Srijato and others.


Speaking at the occasion, Rupak Saha, Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers said “After Rabindranath Tagore, the musician whose name can be taken is Salil Chowdhury. His songs are so popular even today. Like Tagore’s songs, his creations have also become timeless and ageless. I am proud to be a part of such an event”.

The first day saw the esteemed guests being engaged in an animated talk about the late music legend. The second day had performances by Kalyan Sen Borat and his group on Salil Chowdhury. The final day had special musical presentation by those musicians who used to accompany Salil Chowdhury.


“It is a great thing actually that this event is being held at Gorky Sadan. Salil Chowdhury was present when the Eisenstein Cine Club was inaugurated here. It is indeed a privilege to host such an exhibition here on a larger than life individual” said Goutam Ghosh.

The exhibition showcased rare paintings by the musician, his awards, his letters, picture gallery, audio-visual presentation and his memorabilia. The three day exhibition and talk show was presented by Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers.

Priyanka Dutta

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Audio Music Album Bolte Chai Launched


Audio music album Bolte Chai was released in the presence of Haimanti Shukla, Banasree Sengupta, Jojo, Aishwarya Bhattacharya and other eminent dignitaries.

Twenty year old Aishwarya Bhattacharya has been learning music since she was four years old. She has been learning both classical music and Rabindrasangeet simultaneously. She recorded her first album Mon Bhromra in 2012. She was in class ten then. After this album, she has worked with the top singers of Bollywood and Tollywood like Kumar Sanu, Rupankar, Raghab Chatterjee in many other albums. With Bolte Chai, she has worked with eminent singer Zubeen Garg.


Bolte Chai has eight modern and melodious songs. Apart from Aishwarya, Kushal Pal and Zubeen Garg have lent their voices to the songs in the album. The music of this album is by Kundan Saha.”Zubeen is a wonderful singer. He used to record a song in ten minutes. I got to learn so much from him” said singer Aishwarya.

Priced at Rs 99, the album has been brought out by U.D. Series.

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Rooh Music and Royz Media released Harano Sur- A collection of songs of telefilms and television serials


Love the songs or the title tracks played in your favorite serials and telefilms? Then do not worry as Rooh Music and Royz Media and Entertainment have recently released the music album Harano Sur which has a good collection of such songs of telefilms and television serials.


The music album launch took place in the presence of singer Haimanti Shukla, actress Moumita Gupta, actor Badshah Moitra, Neil Roy, Prabir Roy and others.

The music album which contains songs of various television serials and telefilms during the years 1985 to 2006 is indeed a collector’s item. The music of the album has been done by Biplab Chakraborty. Some of the singers who feature in this album include Udit Narayan, Haimanti Sukla, Banasree Sengupta, Indrani Sen, Goutam Ghosh, Sakti Thakur, Kalyan Mukherjee, Rina Mukherjee and Madhuri Chatterjee.


Prabir Roy highlighted the importance of these yester year songs and said that this was the reason for him to try and bring out this album.

The album consists of twelve tracks and the album will be readily available at the music stores all over the city.

Priyanka Dutta

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