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ETV Bangla Bengali New Year Special Show Bangalir Bangaliana to be Telecast on April 15


ETV Bangla recently hosted a unique show called “Bangalir Bangaliana” at Spring Club to usher the beginning of Bengali New Year. The whole concept was once a Bangali, always a Bangali. The strong sense of Sholo Ana Bangaliana is embedded in every Bangali. There is nothing called the Notun Bangali. It’s the Bangali at heart that matters.

The event was based on the conflict between the neo-age Bangali and the traditional.

Two hosts (Mir & Jisshu) representing the two ideas throughout tried to establish their points which were supported by Performances.


The event culminated establishing the fact that however much we call ourselves the Neo Bongs we are by heart, soul, habits & lifestyles the same old chirantan Bangali .

The event started with anchor (Jisshu) taking stage and addressing conglomeration mainly in English. He claims himself to be the Notun Bangali, who believes in punctuality, therefore starts off by apologizing to the audience on behalf of his co anchor (Mir) for his late arrival. He says that Bangali has a laid back attitude.At this point we see that Mir entering and taking cue from Jisshu’s mockery starts off by ridiculing the Notun Bangali for their attitude of looking down on their own culture & roots. At this point they get into an argument.


The evening saw performances by young generation artistes like Anupam belting out numbers like Bariye Dao, Beche Thakar, Amar Mawtey, Lakkhichara with their popular number Bhalo Achi Sohor, Anusree, Pota. Tradional Bengali was represented by Srikumar Chattopadhay who started the whole act by singing to Bhalobashi Sobai Boley, Srikanta Achraya. The evening also saw some great dancing acts by Indrani Haldar who danced to Rabindra Sangeet medley followed by Sayantaki who performed on Tollywood medley.

At one point Sabyasachi Chakroborty comes in & nullifies the entire argument by saying that Bangali over the years have evolved in many ways but at his core he is still culturally rooted, holding on to his rich heritage.


Every Bangali is still a Romantic.

The ETV Bangla Bengali New Year Special Show will be telecast on 15th April between 10am- 1 pm only on ETV Bangla.

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ETV Bangla Holi Special Episodes; Holi Special Recipes to Festive Sentiments, You get to Enjoy All Here

ETV Bangla has always taken special care in celebrating Bangali’s ‘Baro Masher Tero Parbon’ and this year too, in keeping with its philosophy of connecting with its viewers, this popular Bengali Entertainment Channel has come up with some ETV Bangla Holi Special programs that will be aired on the days of this very colorful festival. These programs are meant to bring the colors of the festival right into your living room so that you can sit back and enjoy Holi with back-to-back ETV Bangla Holi Special programs.

ETV Bangla Holi Special EpisodeDUTTA BARIR CHOTO BOU -Sujon finds Neelav and Purba together and misunderstands again. He gets busy with office work and starts avoiding Purba. What Purba will do?

Purba gets stuck in Raghuda’s house due to road block. Later she goes back to Dutta bari with Neelav where Ranajay and Sunayna sees her. What happens next?

 Sujon is in shock when he over hears the discussion of Raghu da and Jayashree regarding Neelav-Purba’s relation. What happens next?

Family gets busy celebrating Holy but Sujon avoids Purba badly. How Purba will solve the problem? Watch Dutta Barir Choto Bou every Mon-Sat only on ETV Bangla.


HOLI Special Bangla program

SADHOK BAMAKHYEPA– With all these, the situation at Vrindavan before Dol Purnima was a terrible one! Hearing it all, Bama goes to Vrindavan with a few of his followers. When Bama reaches Vrindavan, the followers of Shri Krishna start protesting against him and on hearing that Bama is going to eradicate the disease by worshipping Ma Kali, they start taunting him. Impersonating into a terrible avatar, Bama starts worshipping Ma Kali. He blames her for spreading such a dreadful disease and harming people. He hurts Ma Kali’s feet and it starts bleeding. Everybody gets utterly surprised! Bama then pleases the Goddess by praying to her. The doors of the Radha-Krishna temple also open up simultaneously. The followers of Shri Krishna realize their mistake. Even the disease starts retreating from that day on. In front of Bama, the followers of Shri Krishna as well as the followers of Ma Kali make peace between themselves. Keeping Bama as the centre of attraction, everyone in Vrindavan bask in the glorious festival of colors. Watch Bamakhyepa every Mon-Sat at 6.30 pm only on ETV Bangla.

ETV Bangla Holi Special Recipie

PROTHOMAR RANNAGHAR- We will celebrate the week as “Dol Special Week”. The celebrity of the particular week will be Surojit, Bhoomi (Singer). We are celebrating the week with recipe of variety of Dol Special Recipes. Khajur Gosht Awadhi will be made by Surojit for our viewers on 15th of March 2014. Watch Prothomar Rannaghar every Mon-Saturday at 4.30 pm only on ETV Bangla.

holi special bengali entertainment

KATHA DILAM– Noni tries to force Sudha to play Holi with him and as a result gets beaten up by Ananda. Sudha tries to offer Abir to Ananda’s feet but Ananda says that it is not the place for the Abir of friendship. He colours Sudha’s forehead red with Abir.

Sudha requests Ananda to bring Dolan’s love to her on the day of Holi. Though he is the son of a noted industrialist, Ananda gives his word that he will accomplish this.

Will Ananda succeed? What will be Sudha & Ananda’s future?

Watch Katha Dilam every Mon-Sat at 7.30 pm only on ETV Bangla.


RANGA MATHEY CHIRUNI– Dipti decides to bridge the gap between both families and goes on to invite Rai family for holi. Swati accepts the invitation and chooses to celebrate holi with Lahiri family. Holi is celebrated with lots of splendour and grandeur at Lahiri house, only Nolok seems terrified of it. There is a past in her childhood that has been haunting her. Neel succeeds in breaking Nolok’s fear. They have their own secret holi behind closed doors where Neel and Nolok for the first time break all barriers and come close. Palok on the other hand determines to visit Sabuj during holi. When everybody is enjoying holi at Lahiri house garden Sabuj sees Palok approaching him.

Watch Ranga Mathey Chiruni every Mon-Sat at 8 pm only on ETV Bangla.

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Star Jalsha Holi Special Celebrations with Mega Serials Bodhuboron and Ishti Kutum

Star Jalsha, owed to its unique and well presented content has always been the top name in every Bengali Household and in keeping with its position as the undisputed leader of the entertainment industry, this very Bangali channel has always taken the lead in adding to the festive spirit of Bengal. This year too, Star Jalsha shall leave no stone unturned to reach out to its viewer base and make each and every festival special and now when the festival of colors Holi is just round the corner, Star Jalsha Holi Special Celebrations have already kick started and the audience will get to celebrate this colorful festival with their favorite mega serials Bodhuboron and Ishti Kutum.

Star Jalsha Holi Specia episode

The Star Jalsha Holi Special Episodes of its two most popular mega-serials will have the following content:


Konok and Satyaki go with the entire family to celebrate Holi. Konok consumes ‘Bhaang’ by mistake.

In an inebriated condition, she confesses her feeling to Satyaki and hugs him. Satyaki too gets close to her.

They spend the night together for the first time and Konok gets to experience Satyaki’s love.

Star Jalsha Holi Specia episode

Ishti Kutum:

Archi & Baha reach Polashboni to celebrate Holi. But Archi receives a call from back home that ruins their celebration.

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Indian Ocean Photographer Shekhar Das brings to life Bangali’s own Durga Pujo and Sindur Khela (Exclusive Photo Feature)


Indian Ocean PhotographerThe best pictures happen when you don’t have the camera in front of you; the best moments in life unfold when least expected. Carrying the camera as a kid to shoot anything & everything has changed & evolved to little bit of storytelling, capturing moments around and communicating with the world around”, Says Mr. Shekhar Das

A Business Analyst with American Express, Shekhar Das juggles his schedule to follow his passion of photography and has been capturing the world in his lenses since 2008. Though equally proficient in clicking wildlife and everything beautiful under the Sun, Shekhar is fairly recognized in the field of concert photography and has been a part of the NH7 photography team for Delhi in 2012. A regular with the most favorite band of India ‘Indian Ocean’ for all of their Delhi shows, Shekhar’s clicks as the Indian Ocean Photographer has also been recognized and broadcast on MTV Unplugged for the 2011 season. Indian Ocean founding member Susmit Sen’s solo album ‘Depths of the Ocean’ also features Shekhar’s photography.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shekhar-Das-Photography/203116316527471?ref=hl# this is where you can see more of his photographs.

And here Shekhar brings to life Bangali’s own Durga Pujo and Sindur Khela…






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Interview: Sudeep; Director of New Bengali Movie “Shobdo Kolpo Droom” (From the Shooting Floor)

director sudip

SB:  Nomoskar Sudeep & heartiest welcome to Sholoana Bangaliana … Prothomei je proshno ‘ta korte khub ichhe korchhe, tomar prothom chobir jonne “Shobdo Kolpo Droom” title tai select korlen keno? ei byapare, jodi ektu aalokpaat koro….

SUDEEP :  “Prothomei bole rakhi, sob middle class cultural Bangalir moton aamio Sukumar Roy’er bishaal boro bhokto, tai ei title’ti nijer prothom chhobir jonney nite pere, aamar khub bhalo lagchhe. Secondly, aamar golpo’tir mul kendre achhe 5-ti chhoto bachha chhele-meye … Aar ei pnaach ti bachha muuk o bodheer (deaf & mute) … taholey bujhtei parchhen, ei bachha der jibone kono shobdo neyi … jaa achhe … segulo ke at the most bola jaaye shobder kolpona! Shobder kolpona gulo kibhabe tader moner modhye aaste aaste kolponar gaachh gore othe, jekhan ekti BOOM shobdo tader bhoy paiye dite pare … puro byapar tai kintu manoshik … shobdo noy … bola chole Shobdo-Kolpo !!! Sekhan thekei aamar mone Shobdo aar Kolpo, ei duto words aamar bhison appropriate bole mone hoy !!! Aar Terrorism’o jokhon aamar golper ekti boro upadaan, tokhon DROOM shobdo’er toh ekta ortho beriyei-ei jaaye!!! tai na?”

SB: Etai ki tomar Big Screen’e first kaaj … Tell us something, how are you developing with this cinema … with the shooting proceedings … with your work … kemon lagche overall experience ta?

SUDEEP:  As a Director, etai prothom kaj. Screenplay writer hisaabe agay kaj korechhi commercial cinema’r jonnye. Ei toh November maashei, aamar script lekha commercial movie “KNOCKOUT” release hote choleche. Television media te besh kichu kaaj korechi … Satellite channel’er jonne korechhi & also for Doordarshan. Kintu sobsomoy swopno chilo je ekdin aamar golpo niye kora chhobi nijei porichalona korbo …  aami khub khushi je sei swopno aaj sotti hote cholechhe … ‘SKD’ aamar khub priyo ekti goolpo … amai khushi ei chhobi ke nijer moner moton kore saajate pere!!!

SB:  Ei golper central idea tomar moner modhye prothombaar elo kibhabe? emon ki kono ghotonar katha tomar mone porchhe, jaa tomar mon ke etotai naara diyechilo, je tumi emon ekta onnorokom golpo bhebe bosle !!! In other words, what is that single stimulus or insight which has made you develop this story in your mind?

SUDEEP: Praai 6 months agay ek bikele aami ekta kaaje Tollygunge theke Metro Rail e kore Esplanade-e jachhilam. Metro compartment’e dekhi ekta chhoto bachha nijer maa ‘er sange travel korchhe. Bachha chhele ‘ti ke dekhe khub bright & sharp bole mone hochhilo. Chheletir chokh duti jeno katha bolchhilo … aami besh kichukhon observe korar pore realize korlam je bachha chheleti asole special child … I mean … se katha bolte o sunte parena … deaf & mute …. sei theke aamar mathar modhye ei golpo ta ghurchhilo … raate barite phirei ei golpo’ta lekha suru korlam …. tarpor screenplay korlam … luckily emon ekjon producer keo peye gelam … thanks to Mr. Pradeep Samaddar, the MD of RMSL Group, jnini egiye eshey aamar ei golpo’ti niye ekti cinema produce korte raaji holen … aamake sei sahosh ta jogalen …  puro byapar tai encouraging sign for the industry karon ei dhoroner golpo ke tor aar sebhabe encourage kora hoyna.  Kintu Mr. Samaddar aamake sei creative platform ta dilen, je platform er upor dariye aami aasha kori aamara sabai mile ekta bhalo cinema Bangali audience ke upohaar ditey parbo!!!

SB: ‘SKD’ ‘r music niye kichu bolo … ei chhobi te ki gaan byabohar korecho?

SUDEEP:  Hyan … taube chhobi te apatatoh ektai gaan rakhbo bole thik korechi … gaaner katha gulir prothom shobdo guli hochhe … ” chol paaliye jaai ” … gaan ti geyechen Rupam Islam ... likheche Utpal bole ekti chhele …  gaan’ti te sur diyeche Piloo Bhattacharya … ei gaan’ti te showcase kora hochhe je ei bachha ra kemon bhabe dukkher modhyeo anando korte pare sabai mile … sei lively spirit ta kei aami ei gaan diye dhorar ekta chesta korechhi ….

SB: Ei chhobi ke ki children’s film bola chole?

SUDEEP:  Eta sobar chhobi …. bachha der niye kora chhobi … taader toh ekta nijer jogot ache … aami toh chhoto bela thekei aamar baba ‘r katha sune choltam …amar baba prochur boi porten tai aamar mone hoto baba bodhoy sob janen … baba chhotobela thekei ekta katha bolten je Ramkrishna Kathamrita por … tokhon porini … boro hoye jokhon porlam … bujhlam … okahne Sri Ramkrishna bolechen …

“THEATRE -E LOKSHIKKHA HOY”, which means Theatre or any form of performing art can essentially be an ideal medium for mass education … aamio setai biswas kori …. tai aamar biswas ei chhobi dekhe sabai realize korbe … everyone can contribute to this society in their own special manner … chhobi ta dekhe dorshok ra upobhog korte korte, jodi eituku upolobdhi korte paren … taholei aami khushi ….

SB: Onek dhonnybad Sudeep … aamader readers der sange eto katha share kore newar jonne … we are optimistic that this will be a landmark film … and your efforts will be highly appreciated…

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