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Buno Haansh Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Director Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury’s Smart Act

Buno-Haansh-Movie-ReviewWhich individual in his normal state of mind has ever been able to divert attention from the lure of money? The influence of money becomes even more poignant when you hail from financially distressed family and have a long list of financial issues to address. New Bengali film Bunohaansh directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury deals exactly with these issues.

Based on a story of the same name by writer Samaresh Majumdar, Bunohaansh is the story of Amol who hails from a lower middle class family. He works as security personnel at a shopping mall and with the meager salary that he gets, tries to make both ends meet. He meets his friend Robin who introduces him to Madam and right after meeting her he gets the first taste of fast and easy money. Slowly he is drawn into the dark dungeons of smuggling. From there on begins his chase with Rijula. What happens next? Is Amol able to free himself from the dark world or does he go further down into the quagmire of crime?

Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury has stayed true to the original story written by Samaresh Majumdar. When compared with his other films, Bunohaansh has debatable as well as well portrayed parts in equal number. The director could have taken a few liberties in the presentation of the film and some of the characters, as without that, more often than not the scale keeps tipping towards the debatable side. Amol’s character as the innocent, man who gets trapped in the dark underworld could have been presented more realistically. I understand that the director wanted to stay true to the story but such innocence as shown in Amol is interchangeably called stupidity in today’s world. Amol may be a simple guy but can anyone really be that simple so as not to even understand what the job is all about before taking it up? Agreed, there is a financial crisis in his family but still any rational individual will think twice before jumping into uncertainty.

Secondly the chase sequences become a bit too fast in the film. Rijula and Amol’s run from the hands of the don could have been paced a little slow so as to involve the audience more in their plight. The chase sequences often become a bit too hurried.

Thirdly the characterization of the two female dons in the film namely Adrija aka Adi and Madam also seemed a bit too carelessly planned. A bit of shrewdness and aggressiveness on the part of the two female dons could have been helped in making the characters little more convincing. They are way too polished and refined to be at the helm of the mafia.

The friendship bordering on love between Amol and Sohag also looked half brewed. Sohag suffers from a disease which has made her confined to a wheelchair. It would have been better had the director mentioned at some point about her disease and how she became confined to the chair. Apart from a song and a few shots, Sohag and Amol’s love story is not explored much-which will surely leave the audience wanting for more.

Music by Shantanu Moitra is a treat for the ears. Zindagi aptly justifies the wild goose chase theme of the movie. Eseche raat or Bela boe jaai will stay with you for days together.

The film has a huge star cast and the director must be given a few appreciative pats on the back for efficiently handling them. Dev in his de-glam look is a welcome break from his usual glamorous avatar. He plays out his part well. The director though, has played smart and given him less dialogues which has probably helped people in focusing more on the looks than the real act. Sohag Sen with her “Bangal” diction is impressive. Sudipta as Amol’s brother’s wife also does a wonderful job with her part. As the harried housewife who has to maintain the household and also curb her desire to become a mother due to financial crisis is engaging. MoonMoon Sen as Madam is good but she is a bit too sophisticated and polished for a don. A little bit of tacky aggression could have worked wonders for her. The same is the case with Gargi Roy Chowdhury who plays Adrija. Shrabanti as Sohag is good in her limited screen time. Tanusree as Rijula also does a good job with her role.

Bunohaansh is a film with which Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has gone beyond his usual domain of film making. The film maker must be credited for this. However as the audience who have watched his earlier films like Aparajito Tumi or Antaheen, Bunohaansh will be hailed as a modest effort.

Rating- 3/5

Buno Haansh Official Trailer | Bengali Movie | Dev, Srabanti (You Tube)

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Bengali Horror Film Maaya: Review, Poster; It has to be Really Scary to Impress


Horror movies have a charm of their own. Like it or dislike it, but strangely you simply cannot avoid or ignore them. Such is the charm of the horror genre of film making. When I entered London-Paris, Mukti World multiplex for the premiere of the much awaited horror Bengali film Maya, I too was similarly filled with excitement to see what the makers have to offer. Spotted at this premiere show were Sayantani Ghosh, Rimjhim Gupta, Jayjeet, Bharat Kaul, Nishpal Singh, Abhijit Guha, Rudranil Ghosh and other celebrities from the Tollywood film fraternity.

The story is about Shona who is the daughter of Neha and Sameer Dey. Neha is an actress by profession while Sameer is a director. Apart from being a director, Sameer also manages the work of Neha. The couple and their daughter live happily until on Shona’s birthday, she reacts violently and hurts her parents with a knife. They seek medical help. However after a few days, this aggressive outburst of Shona happens again. Shona’s parents become bewildered. Ria Sen, an investigative journalist also gets involved with the case. She discovers that it is the unsatisfied spirit of a small girl named Puja who had possessed Shona. What happens next? Does Shona become free from the possession of the spirit? Are the wishes of the spirit fulfilled? These are some of the questions which the film answers.

The basic issue that I have as a film critic is with the script. The script is loosely bound. Hence the director often does not have any grip over the pace of the story. This makes the story unappealing for the audience. Script writer Manoj Tyagi had a couple of English horror films in his mind while he was writing the script and hence the result was an uneven mix of the events. The script liberally borrows ideas from English horror flicks like Orphan, Child’s Play. Audiences who have the habit of watching English films will be able to relate easily with the scenes and even point out the names of the films from which the scenes have been taken.

The director Raj Kumar Behl’s ideas about horror flicks sadly have not been updated. As a result, the age old cliché situations like creaking of the doors, writing on walls with blood, throwing of things haphazardly, white colored eye lenses after one is possessed have been used to create an aura of horror in the film. As a result nothing new is shown in this film and to add to that the sound effects in the film are jarring. The director has tried hard to scare the audience but when you give stock elements to the audience, how can you expect one to get scared? The ghosts have progressed and so have the audience. But strangely the director has not paid much heed to these changes.

Music in the film by Indraadip Dasgupta is a big letdown. The music director who had composed great music in many a film like Apur Pachali, Hanuman.com and the current horror-thriller sensation Birsa Dasgupta’s Golpo Holeo Shotti, will shock you with the music composed by him. You will have to actually read the credits to understand that he is the music director behind the film.

With average acting by Sayantani Ghosh, Rimjhim Gupta, Bharat Kaul and Jayjeet, the film even does not fare well in this department. Child artiste who played the role of Shona however has done a good job when compared with the senior actors.

Maya is one film which fails to scare you. Instead of shouting out in fright, when you get bored and even try to stop a smile, you can very well understand the fate of the movie. Maya is one film which you can very easily skip. Instead get hold of a few English horror flicks and get all that adrenaline rush.

Rating- 1.5/5

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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.





New Kolkata Bangla Movie Nirmok- Review, Poster; A Tale of Harsh Realities of Life

Bangla-Movie-ReviewChauu dance is one art form that is believed to be native to West Bengal- Purulia and dates back to the times when Bengal was at its glorious best. In this dance form dancers wear colorful masks and dance to the beat of music telling different tales. A slice of life of the people of Purulia and this tradition of Chauu dance is what holds center stage in the New Bangla Movie Nirmok.

The film is about a village where the villagers make the masks of the Chauu dancers. Haripada is a well known and clever businessman. He uses the money that government had allotted for the development of the dance form for his family business of making masks. He sells the masks as decorative items to the people in the city. Haripada’s son Shambhu falls in love with the daughter of a once well known Chhau dancer Dasarath. Mohua, Dasarath’s daughter works in the home of the government ranger to earn some money. Due to some circumstances Shambhu comes to Kolkata and Dasarath succumbs to illness. He is promised by Haripada on his death bed that he will make Mohua his daughter-in-law. But what happens is Haripada ultimately marries Mohua. What happens when Shambhu comes back? What is Mohua’s fate ultimately?

The director Mrinmoy Saha must be given the credit for making the film on such a different issue. Chauu dance and the fate of the villagers in the poor villages have been shown wonderfully. The fact that the government’s rules are openly flouted in rural areas with practices like polygamy and misuse of the Government allocated development funds has been shown well. The director has also shown how backward the mentalities of villagers are as they still engage in practices like witch hunting. Another fact which is highly appreciable is that he has not tried to make the film a typical city film. The language used is the type used in Purulia villages. The flaw which becomes an eye sore in this otherwise good flowing film is the bad camera angles. They sometimes have a jarring effect on the smooth viewing of the film. The dubbing also has not been done properly. Often the dialogues did not match with the lip movements. Costumes could also have been paid much attention to by the director. However, given the fact that the film was made on a stringent budget, one can avoid picking out the flaws and rather focus more on the thought process involved in the film making.

Debesh Roy Choudhury excels as the clever, mean minded businessman, Haripada. His diction and body language give life to the role of the businessman that he plays. Priya Paul who had earned fame by her acting in the serial Jol Nupur also does a good job as Mohua. Manie as Shambhu is also not bad.

The film, though has flaws, also showcases the truth happening in the remote villages of Purulia. Nirmok is a slice of life. Just like life, the film has its ups and downs. This film I feel can be viewed once to discover how people in other areas of the ‘Paribartan’ ridden Bengal still live.

Rating- 2.5/5

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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.