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New Bengali Movie ‘Hercules’ Review; Parambrata Chatterjee’s Best Till Date


Yet another quite different movie from the director duo Avijit Guha-Sudeshna Roy released this Friday – Hercules – starring Parambrata Chattopadhay, Paoli Dam and Saswata Chatterjee in the lead roles.

Hercules is the story of a pale, frail, fear-stricken boy Horokoilash (Parambrata) who lives all by himself in his old dilapidated ancestral house which constructor Bajoria (Biswajit Chakraborty) has asked the local goon Mosh dada (Saswata Chatterjee) to extract out of Horokoilash alias Haru. Haru is seen to be powerless against the goons and their inhumanly harassments and bullying. Haru is a non-performer even in his job and he even fails to tell Meenu (Paoli) that he loves her. Then one day he comes across his lookalike Bhodor dada (Parambrata) and then how the powerless frightened Haru and his life change are for all to see.

Hercules is a must-watch for all Parambrata fans and critics alike, because the actor has perhaps delivered so far his Best performance in this film. His double role as Haru the powerless emotional idiot and as Bhodor dada the powerful and pragmatic rogue has the exact opposite shades in them and required two absolutely different styles of enactment, and to the delight of all his fans, Parambrata has enacted both the roles with unprecedented brilliance and the much-required opposite polarities. Even those critics who critique Parambrata for his typical mannerisms and predictable acting style in some of his other films, will now surely be silenced, such convincing is his acting in this film. Paoli Dam as Meenu is also quite good. But Saswata Chatterjee as Mosh dada is quite convincing thou his look gave quite a déjà vu effect.

The cinematography by Supriyo Dutta is laudable. Edit by Sujay Dutta is brilliant with some very good match cuts and dissolves. Though the songs are not that memorable but the background music of the film by Raja Narayan Deb is quite interesting and has rendered added characters to each character in the film. Also worth mentioning is the Art director of the film Tanmoy Chakraborty for some very realistic work.

What makes Hercules a meaningful film is the underlying social message in there which forms a definitive subplot of the film. And what makes the film more than merely two hours of entertainment is the open-ended treatment of the story which leaves a lot for the viewers’ food for thought. Whether we look at it as a social drama or more as a psychological drama the film passes off very well as both. And every film and literature critic will converge in their opinion that a good piece of work is always a multi-layered open-ended one, which Hercules definitely is. Every time Avijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy make a movie, our expectation from the film is always high and this time too, like most other times, their creation definitely meets our expectations.

Video: New Bengali Movie Hercules Premiere

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating: 7/10

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Ms. Nivedita Dey is a Post Graduate in English from Stella Maris College, Chennai and has been working in the films and television industry since 2006 as a story and script writer and creative consultant. Nivedita has written for TV programs for channels like Star Jalsha, Life OK, Star Plus, Channel 8 etc. Nivedita has spent quite a few years in Mumbai working in the entertainment Industry there and is currently based in Kolkata and is working as a writer and creative consultant for one of Kolkata’s leading Production Houses.

Nivedita has keen interest in literature, cinema, social and political issues and enjoys expressing her views by way of guest blogs and articles in popular columns and web portals.

New Bengali Movie Hercules Premiere

Photographs and Video by: Amitav Sarkar

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Buno Haansh Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Director Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury’s Smart Act

Buno-Haansh-Movie-ReviewWhich individual in his normal state of mind has ever been able to divert attention from the lure of money? The influence of money becomes even more poignant when you hail from financially distressed family and have a long list of financial issues to address. New Bengali film Bunohaansh directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury deals exactly with these issues.

Based on a story of the same name by writer Samaresh Majumdar, Bunohaansh is the story of Amol who hails from a lower middle class family. He works as security personnel at a shopping mall and with the meager salary that he gets, tries to make both ends meet. He meets his friend Robin who introduces him to Madam and right after meeting her he gets the first taste of fast and easy money. Slowly he is drawn into the dark dungeons of smuggling. From there on begins his chase with Rijula. What happens next? Is Amol able to free himself from the dark world or does he go further down into the quagmire of crime?

Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury has stayed true to the original story written by Samaresh Majumdar. When compared with his other films, Bunohaansh has debatable as well as well portrayed parts in equal number. The director could have taken a few liberties in the presentation of the film and some of the characters, as without that, more often than not the scale keeps tipping towards the debatable side. Amol’s character as the innocent, man who gets trapped in the dark underworld could have been presented more realistically. I understand that the director wanted to stay true to the story but such innocence as shown in Amol is interchangeably called stupidity in today’s world. Amol may be a simple guy but can anyone really be that simple so as not to even understand what the job is all about before taking it up? Agreed, there is a financial crisis in his family but still any rational individual will think twice before jumping into uncertainty.

Secondly the chase sequences become a bit too fast in the film. Rijula and Amol’s run from the hands of the don could have been paced a little slow so as to involve the audience more in their plight. The chase sequences often become a bit too hurried.

Thirdly the characterization of the two female dons in the film namely Adrija aka Adi and Madam also seemed a bit too carelessly planned. A bit of shrewdness and aggressiveness on the part of the two female dons could have been helped in making the characters little more convincing. They are way too polished and refined to be at the helm of the mafia.

The friendship bordering on love between Amol and Sohag also looked half brewed. Sohag suffers from a disease which has made her confined to a wheelchair. It would have been better had the director mentioned at some point about her disease and how she became confined to the chair. Apart from a song and a few shots, Sohag and Amol’s love story is not explored much-which will surely leave the audience wanting for more.

Music by Shantanu Moitra is a treat for the ears. Zindagi aptly justifies the wild goose chase theme of the movie. Eseche raat or Bela boe jaai will stay with you for days together.

The film has a huge star cast and the director must be given a few appreciative pats on the back for efficiently handling them. Dev in his de-glam look is a welcome break from his usual glamorous avatar. He plays out his part well. The director though, has played smart and given him less dialogues which has probably helped people in focusing more on the looks than the real act. Sohag Sen with her “Bangal” diction is impressive. Sudipta as Amol’s brother’s wife also does a wonderful job with her part. As the harried housewife who has to maintain the household and also curb her desire to become a mother due to financial crisis is engaging. MoonMoon Sen as Madam is good but she is a bit too sophisticated and polished for a don. A little bit of tacky aggression could have worked wonders for her. The same is the case with Gargi Roy Chowdhury who plays Adrija. Shrabanti as Sohag is good in her limited screen time. Tanusree as Rijula also does a good job with her role.

Bunohaansh is a film with which Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has gone beyond his usual domain of film making. The film maker must be credited for this. However as the audience who have watched his earlier films like Aparajito Tumi or Antaheen, Bunohaansh will be hailed as a modest effort.

Rating- 3/5

Buno Haansh Official Trailer | Bengali Movie | Dev, Srabanti (You Tube)

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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.




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Bengali Film Borbaad Review, Premiere Video and Premiere Photo Album

Video: Dev and the Entire Tollywood Fraternity attend Borbad Premiere

First love and the object of your first desire are both very precious and this becomes even more special when the object of your desire enables you to impress your love. This is the basis of the action love story weaved by Raj Chakraborty in his recently released film Borbaad.

This Kolkata Bangla Movie revolves around Joy (Bonny Sengupta) who even after his graduation did not care to look for a means to earn a livelihood; instead played carom and spent time hatching out plans to impress his lady love. He is regularly taken to task by his father but all the good counsel simply falls on deaf ears. However after a quarrel with his father, his father gives him 75000 rupees with the help of which he buys a bike and eventually succeeds in impressing his lady love Nandini(Rittika Sen) and somehow bagging a job too. However things take a turn when his bike gets stolen. He gets into a tiff with Imraan, the brother of the local goon. Does Joy get his bike back? What happens to his job? Does Nandini understand his plight? All these questions are answered in the film.

The film Borbaad is a remake of the 2007 Tamil film Polladhavan featuring Dhanush in the lead role. Director Raj Chakraborty who made his debut with Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and a fresh pair (Rahul and Priyanka) has again struck gold with this film. The film never bores you and will keep you hooked with its racy sequences. The narrative has been kept linear and this is of immense help for the audience. We all like a well told love story and this is a love story with action, humor and romance. The action helps in giving a swift pace to the narrative and the director ensures that the film has both sugary and spicy elements to cater to diverse audience segments.

With all the good things in tow, one point I cannot help highlight is that, though during one of the interviews with Sholoana Bangaliana the director proclaimed that this is a love story of 2014, things like wooing a girl with the help of a new bike or roaming in front of her house are old school antics that have been shown in many a Hindi and Bengali films and to add to that, these things are more or less considered very childish by today’s generation and even in the rural areas the youth are seen trying out other smarter ways to woo their lady love. Raj definitely had the opportunity to make it to the history books for romantics and bag the credit of being the initiator of a whole new trend of courtship had he tried to put in some originally thought out elements in the movie.

Music by Arindom Chatterjee is pleasing and to add to the good compositions when it is Arijit Singh crooning away romantic numbers like Parbona the music album is bound to do well. Prashmita Paul has also beautifully complemented Singh in the playback and presented a beautiful collection of Bengali Audio Songs.

Acting is one of the strongest points in the film. Bonny Sengupta shines as Joy. He is promising and has enough screen presence. The Tollywood industry needs young blood and Bonny surely promises to deliver good films in future. Bonny, as the irresponsible boy who becomes mature enough to fight against the local goons looks very convincing. Rittika as Nandini frankly does not have much to do except look good. She does not get the scope of showing her acting skills (which she also needs to brush up) as Priyanka got in Chirodini Tumi Je Amar. Sudip Mukherjee as Akram is excellent. He breathes life into the role of the Muslim goon. Mainak as Imraan is also another revelation. As the evil minded brother who does not think twice before murdering his own brother, he is one to look out for. He should focus on more such roles in good films rather than acting in B-grade Bengali films.

With Bunohaansh starring Tollywood Hero Dev and Singham Returns having released on the same day and competing for audience attention, the success of Borbaad will surely be a landmark for the entire crew of this New Bengali Film and from the looks of it, the team may not have to see disappointment at all. A complete masala entertainer, you will in no way waste “Borbaad” your time watching the young couple Bonny Rittika romancing on screen.


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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.





New Bengali Movie Hasi Kannar Itikotha: Review, Poster; Can it be Called Bengali?

Bangla-Movie-ReviewRemember the films 100 Days or Ghulam-e-Mustafa or Agni Sakshi? Then you must also be aware of the man behind such hit films. He is none other than director Partho Ghosh. The director’s last film was Ek second..jo zindagi badal de in 2010. After a span of four long years, the director is back with a Bengali film titled Hasi Kannar Itikotha. The premiere of this film took place at Bijoli cinemas recently.

The plot of the film revolves around Raj and Mitali. Mitali has lost her parents when she was small and she has been raised by her uncle Dr. Shekhar Sen. She is pampered a lot by her uncle and this has made her moody and proud. Raj is a middleclass boy who is a champion boxer. Things take a turn when Raj has to marry Mitali to get his mother treated for a serious ailment. Mitali fakes to be a cancer patient. However Mitali gets the shock of her life when she gets to know that Raj himself is a lung cancer patient. On the advice of her uncle, she takes Raj to a Durga temple. She swears that if her husband does not recover from this fatal disease, she is going to die at the feet of the goddess at the temple. What happens next? Does Raj recover? Or does Mitali die?

The elementary problem as Sherlock Holmes often said lies in the script itself. In this age when directors are making realistic films with topical issues, why did the director resort to such a stale old tale? This is beyond my level of understanding. The concept of bringing back the life of your husband from the Yama (god of death) may have been acceptable for the audience during the early phases of cinema making in India, but this is not at all acceptable now. When doctors are not able to cure the lung cancer ailment, how can merely sitting in front of God help in the recovery process? This is one fact that I failed to grasp during the whole film screening. I do not want to sound like an atheist, but one has to be practical. God helps only those who help themselves. And in the film, nothing of that sort was shown.

The dialogues which have been dubbed in Bengali further add to the discomfort level. Why would the director want to show a dubbed film and proclaim that this is a Bengali film? This is cheating the audience. Or as Captain Haddock would have said “Millions of blue blistering barnacles”!!

Even the shooting of the film has not been done anywhere in the city. This is also strange given the fact that this is a Bengali film. The only thing that has been done in Kolkata is the promotion and the premiere show.

If you think this is the end, then you are wrong. The actors are also non-Bengalis. Aman Varma as the uncle, the lead pair Rahul and Anushka are all Non- Bengalis. The acting is also atrocious. The lead pair does not have chemistry and their acting capabilities are not something to write about. They are too loud and irritating for comfort. Even Aman Varma who is a well known television actor fails to make a mark in this stale old film.

Music is jarring and will only add to the discomfort of the audience.

After having been tortured during the film viewing process, I have one message for the director. Merely having a cast of Non-bong actors and shooting in places outside Kolkata will not guarantee that the film will be a hit among the masses. The Bengali film fraternity has moved ahead and the tastes of the audience have also changed. Kindly notice the changes and make films in the near future so that the audience does not have to tolerate such films.

Hasi Kannar Itikotha is one film which you must stay away from. I can vouch for the fact that you will be left with only tears and there are very less chances of you leaving the hall with a smile on your face.

Rating- 0.5/5

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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.