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Cactus front man Sidhu’s first ever short film Haabaab-Haat Baaraalei Bondhu Screened

Bangla Band Cactus front man Sidhu’s first short film Haabaab

Sidhu, the front man of the Bangla band Cactus has made his presence felt all through these years with his soulful voice. He recently turned director with his first ever short film Haabaab-Haat Baaraalei Bondhu. The special screening of this short film took place at Nandan in the august presence of cast members Aparajita Ghosh, Soumo Banerjee, Tanisha, Samannoy, Saqi, Indranil Sanyal and Sidhu.


Eminent celebrities who came to cheer for the musician turned director included Krishnakishore, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, Pallavi Chatterjee, Upal, Anindya Chatterjee, Satrajit Sen, Lajbonti Roy, Mainak Bumpy Nag Chowdhury and others.

Haabaab (Haat Baaralei Bondhu) revolves around people with alternative sexual orientations. Based on a short story written by Dr. Indranil Sanyal and directed by Siddhu, Haabaab is a 25 minutes long film. The music is by Sidhu and Saqi.


Speaking at the occasion, Sidhu said “I have made quite a few videos and it is from there that the idea of making a short film struck me. I have tried to use that experience in making the film which hopefully people will appreciate. There have been hiccups while making the film and the mistakes that I have made will help me in making better films in the future”.

Despite being from a rock music background, Sidhu has used soft music for the film. “There is no rock music and the music I have used blends well with the film. There is one and a half song. I mention half song because it is used in the form of a jingle in the film. The other song is about the main theme of the film, which is alternative sexual orientations” said Sidhu.


Sidhu mentioned that he has plans of screening the film at the Kolkata Short Film Festival.

Wishing the musician turned director all the best for his future endeavors!!

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New Audio Music Album Mewa by Bengali Girl Band Teetas now in Kolkata Music Stores


The only girl band in the city of Kolkata Teetas released their folk fusion music album Mewa at YMCA recently in the presence of Mayor-in-Council Debasish Kumar, music composer Debojyoti Mishra and Pilu Bhattacharya, Pratik Chatterjee, Subhen Chatterjee, Debojit Bandopadhyay and Arindam Ganguly.

Kolkata Girl Band Teetas Audio Music Album Mewa

The album Mewa consists of eight songs. Some of the songs in the album include Koyla kaade, Dalan Dili, Ekna kotha, Menoka and others. The whole sound scape for this album has been designed by Ablu Chakraborty. Koyla kader Thikababu and Ja ja lagor ja ja re have been penned and composed by Subhas Chakraborty and the other five songs are traditional. The band Teetas consists of Mary (vocal and conducts), Simi (vocals), Poulami (Vocals), Ablu (Keyboard), Hablu (Hand sonic and dhol), Sandip (lead guitar) and Piku (Bass Guitar).


“I am indebted to Ablu Chakraborty for many of the songs that have gained me much fame and popularity. I am also here because of his invite. I wish the girl band Teetas all the very best for the music album and hope they continue with their endeavor. Teetas, the very name connects me with Teetas, a river’s name” said music composer Debojyoti Mishra.


Speaking at the occasion actor Arindam Ganguly said “I have been to their earlier music album launch and they have the resilience and the guts to come out with something different from what the others are doing. As the only girl band in the city, I wish them all the luck and hope they continue with their good work in the long run”.

Priced at Rs. 75, Mewa will be a good music album to buy this coming Durga Puja. Get yourself drenched in the folk music and spend relaxing moments listening to the root music of India.

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New Bengali Audio Music Album PNPC by Bangla Rock Band Bad Trip Launched


PNPC which is a Bengali colloquial acronym is much used by the people in various contexts. PNPC in Bengali means “Poro ninda poro chorcha”. Keeping this as the album name, popular boy band ‘Bad Trip’ released their debut music album PNPC at an event held at Innra Guest House. Present at the music launch ceremony were Anupam Roy, Gaurab Chatterjee (Gaboo), Dibyendu, Marten Visser and others.

The album PNPC consists of seven tracks. Bad Trip, the band is a Bangla rock band and consists of four members namely Biloo, Pranjal, Hada and Pinaki. The band members already have written about fifty songs, out of which they have chosen the best seven tracks for their debut music album. Formed about a year ago, the band Bad Trip has been doing various live performances in college fests and music festivals all over the city. The band prefers singing Lalon Fakir’s songs during live performances. However they also added that they like adding a twist to the songs too.

Some of the songs in the album include Jonaki, Sukno Nodi, Jole Jhapas Na, Ami Jani Tumi Thik, Lojja and others. Anupam Roy, noted singer and music composer who was present at the occasion said “I have listened to four songs in the album. They are quite good and I liked them. Pranjol writes really well”.

PNPC which has been brought out by Rooh Music is also available for online download too. One can either buy the music album priced at Rs. 130 or legally download it from a paid website. Stop piracy as many musicians have been urging and support the musicians.

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Ludo Rock Band Hunt Winners Announced; Rock Band ‘Delete’ Makes it to the Top


The Ludo Rock Band Hunt has finally come to an end with the director team of Q, Nikon and music director Neel Adhikari declaring ‘Delete’ as the winner.  Ludo is the latest film by the director duo Q and Nikon, who made the critically acclaimed and controversial film GANDU.

The Rock Band Hunt was a unique contest that the Ludo team launched to attract the best musical talent in Bengal and give these upcoming groups an opportunity to showcase their music through the film. It saw 76 bands participate, of which 10 bands, based on maximum popularity on various (social) platforms, got an opportunity to move to the second phase of the hunt. Five other directors’ choice bands made it 15 teams to audition for the look test.

Biswarup Roy, vocalist of the winning band ‘Delete’, said, “Extremely thankful to the entire Ludo team for making us a part of this competition.
It means a lot to us and we feel great. We are also thankful to everyone who voted for us in the initial rounds and helped us on our way to the top

Ludo’s music director Neel Adhikari said, “We were amazed with the passion and talent that all the bands brought into the competition. Finalizing ‘Delete’ was an extremely tough challenge as several other bands presented great music and screen presence.” ‘Delete’ along with the two runners-up – ‘Danpitey’ and ‘Addiction’, will feature in the fantasy- thriller-horror Ludo, in relevant scenes portraying rock bands in the film.

About Ludo:
Ludo is the latest film by the director duo Q and Nikon, who made the critically acclaimed and controversial film GANDU, which was banned from a theatrical release in India but became a cult phenomenon, both in India and across the globe. Q’s films have always found festival and critical appreciation internationally, with BBC calling him the ‘most subversive Indian filmmaker’. His latest film, TASHER DESH, premiered in Rome, and has been received very well.

Nikon is Q’s collaborator and editor, an alumnus of SRFTI and Emily Carr, Vancouver. He has edited TASHER DESH, BISHH and LOVE IN INDIA.

The movie stars the vivacious and beautiful actress Rii, who plays a character yet to be seen on the Indian screens. The film is being produced by Celine Loop.

LUDO is being made under the banner of OverdoseJoint, Q’s production house, a progressive art platform making original films, music and design and is co-produced by Idyabooster and Starfire Movies.