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Colors Bangla New Serial Rudrani Starts Today; A Tale of a Warrior Princess

Video: Colors Bangla serial Rudrani press conference

Most of us during our childhood days have grown up listening to fables and folklore involving Gods and different mythological characters. Keeping in mind this childhood fantasy, Colors Bangla has come up with a new show titled Rudrani.


The story of Rudrani is set in the backdrop of ancient India. The story shows the survival of Raja Sobur and Rani Mala’s daughter Rudrani. She is sent in the protective custody of the bodyguard Rudra who treats her like his own daughter and also mentors her to become the princess that she was always destined to become.


Rudrani is played by Priyantika Karmokar. She is a student of class eight. She has earlier acted in serials like Sati, Kache Aay Soi, Bedeni Moluyar Kotha and others. “I am having a great time shooting for the serial. I did something wrong with my hair. I cut locks as I wanted to look different. But that hampered with my look. Thanks to Subha and Poonam aunty I could get the look right later on” said the young actress.


The costume of the serial has been done by Subha and Poonam. “The look of Rudrani as you can see is a fusion look. It is realistic and yet out of the world. Costume is very important for this serial. For Kaldhar, we have selected five different shades of green for his costume. As per the character, we have decided on the costumes” said Subha.


Director Manish Ghosh said “The reasons why the audience must watch this serial is due to the fact that it is very interesting. The serial is fast paced, a period drama and has great use of special effects. I do not see any reason why one must not watch such a serial”.

Bhola, Rudrani’s best friend at the village where she grows up is being played by Ripom Majumdar. “I am a class three student. I play the friend of Rani. I love to eat and I am not as brave as she is” said Ripom.


Sarang Mahajan who has written the story of this serial said “I have worked in Mumbai too for the serial Hatim. But after working in Kolkata, I have understood that the people here respect good creation. This is not done anywhere in India. The story that I have written has bits of everything and this hopefully will be liked by the audience”.


Gouranga Mitra is the DOP of this serial while Poushali is the screenplay writer. The set director is Tanmoy Chakraborty.

Manjusree Ganguly (Rani Mala), Arijit Chowdhury (Rudrasen), Anindya Chakraborty (Kaldhar), Mafin Chakraborty (Kanishka, Kaldhar’s wife), Sujay Sinha (Purohit), Sujan Mukherjee (Danuk) will be seen in important roles in the serial.

Rudrani will begin from 25th July, every Monday to Saturday at 9pm on Colors Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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New Zee Bangla Serial Bedeni Moluyar Kotha- a Fairy Tale Romance by Raj Chakraborty Productions to be aired Starting February 15


After the tremendous success of “Raage Anuraage”, Zee Bangla and Raj Chakraborty Productions have again come together with a Fairy Tale Romance “Bedeni Moluyar Kotha” for the viewers.


The story is set in the backdrop of a glorious kingdom named Surya Nagar. The kingdom is ruled by King Bikram. His son is Prince Surya Kumar. The Prince plays the game of marriage with Moluya, the daughter of a snake charmer. However God Kalachand blesses them to be together forever. The King becomes enraged on knowing that his son was playing this game with the daughter of a Snake Charmer. He orders the tribe to be beaten and thrown out of his kingdom. In the process Moluya’s mother gets killed. Though the snake charmers are thrown out of the kingdom, love still blossoms between the prince and Moluya. This is the story of Bedeni Moluyar Kotha.


“Bedeni Moluyar Kwatha” outdoor sequences have been shot in Purulia. The magnificent sets of a Palace and an entire village have been constructed in NT 1 Studios.

Tumpa (Moluya), Gourab (Surya), Sudip, Rishi, Rupsha and Joyee will be seen in important roles in this serial.

The forthcoming serial is to be aired on Zee Bangla from 15th February 2015 at 8 PM.

Priyanka Dutta

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