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Upcoming Bengali Film Thammar Boyfriend Shooting in Progress; A Feel Good Comedy Film


Director Anindya Ghosh’s upcoming Bengali film Thammar Boyfriend is currently being shot in different parts of the city. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the director and the cast at Belgachia Rajbari.

The story of the film Thammar Boyfriend is about Nandini Mitra (Sabitri Chatterjee) who is a 75 year old widow residing in a big mansion in Debimongolpur. She has inherited much wealth from her husband’s side. One day her children and grand children receive a letter that she has befriended someone and is planning to marry him. She asks them to come down so that she could discuss about the marriage. The family gets shocked and they rush to Debimongolpur. Here comes in Partho (Abir Chatterjee) who plays an important role in creating this confusion. What happens next? Will Nandini marry her boyfriend?


Abir Chatterjee who plays Partho said “The audiences will keep guessing till the end what Partho is actually up to. This is an out and out comedy and I am having a fun ride shooting the film. Working with Sabitri Chatterjee is a great opportunity for me as she is a one of the legendary artists of our industry. I am having a great time”.

Director Anindya Ghosh said “This is a comedy film with a feel good element. The audiences will love it”.


Supriyo Dutta plays the role of a son-in-law of Nandini in the film. “The film is a comedy film, no doubt. I am working for the first time with Anindya. He is a very understanding director. Apart from the fun element in the film, it also shows the loneliness that aged people feel when their children do not call them due to their busy lives”.

The film also has Arunima Ghosh, Biswajit Chakraborty, Dolon Roy, Supriyo Dutta, Sudipa Basu in pivotal roles. The music of the film will be composed by Dolon-Mainak. The film will be shot in different parts of the city and the outdoor shooting will be done in Shantiniketan.

Priyanka Dutta

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Colors Bangla Series Taranath Tantrik Brings Actor Tota Roy Chowdhury Back to Small Screen


Based on eminent Bengali writer Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay’s story, Taranath Tantrik, the new Colors Bangla serial of the same name started airing from 13th June. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the director and the cast in between shots at Belgachia Rajbari.

Taranath Tantrik is a literary character introduced by Bibhutibhusn Bandopadhyay and then popularized by his son Taradas Bandopadhyay. The story book character has been adapted to television while making suitable changes to suit the needs of the story telling. “There are many stories where the suspect narrates the story. But we cannot show it like that on television. Hence we have done slight changes so as to make Taranath important in the story. We also have linked up the stories. One story leads to the other. So you cannot simply leave one story and then see the next episode” said director Soumik Chattopadhyay.


Playing the lead character of Taranath is actor Tota Roy Chowdhury. Speaking at the press meet, the actor said “I never thought that I will be selected for this role. Hats off to the team for actually thinking that I could carry off this role!! There is a sense of adventure in the character. Despite being such a daredevil character, he gets scolded by his wife at home. In short, he may be the person to fight the evil powers, but he is the typical Bengali husband and father at home”.

Sougata Bannerji will be seen as Bibhuti in the serial. “I am very greedy for enacting characters with a literary background. I did the role of Ajit, Byomkesh Bakshi’s assistant in the television series. That was a long cherished dream. And now to become the assistant and the voice of scientific reason for Taranath is a great role for me” said the actor.


Poulomi Basu plays the role of Taranath’s wife Promila. “She is the typical housewife. She supports her husband and takes care of the family. However she was afraid when danger lurks for Taranath” said actress Poulomi Basu.


Singer Jojo will be seen playing the role of Matu Pagli in the serial. “I have a unique look as you can see. I am the personification of positive powers and it is I who give the powers to Taranath. She also provides him with the knowledge about the art of Tantra. However she does not age” said Jojo with a wink.


Subhashish Mukherjee will be seen in the role of Kapalik, the strongest representation of evil in the series. Betal, a fierce spirit captured by Kapalik will be essayed by actress Rupa Bhattacharya.

The script of Taranath Tantrik is by Soukarya Ghoshal while the dialogues are by Dipanjan Chandra. The camera is by Alok Maity.

The director also added that Taranath Tantrik is not a serial but a series.

Taranath Tantrik is shown on Colors Bangla at 8pm from Monday to Saturday. Do not miss it!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Interview: Actress Rupa Bhattacharya on Playing the Evil Spirit Betal in the Colors Bangla Serial Taranath Tantrik (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


In black leather trousers, matching black sleeveless top along with black heels and an evil grin, actress Rupa Bhattacharya looked very much the Betal she is enacting in the Colors Bangla serial, Taranath Tantrik. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actress in between her shots at Belgachia Rajbari. Read on..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Tell us something about your character Betal in Taranath Tantrik.

Rupa Bhattacharya- Betal is a fierce spirit who is captured by Kapalik in order to fulfill all his devilish intentions. She can take the form of any person and thing as she desires. She is actually a spirit and hence do not have any gender. Hence the unisexual name. She fulfills her masters’ wants and when she is defeated at the hands of Taranath, she becomes annoyed at Kapalik and goes to attack him. As far as I have shot till now, she is enslaved to Kapalik. To get freedom, she serves Kapalik. After the failure of each assignment, Kapalik gives power to Betal for the next job. Our director jokes that Betal is given Horlicks by Kapalik for strength (laughs out loud).


So how is the working experience till now?

Rupa Bhattacharya- The working experience till now is awesome. This is the first time that I have shot with VFX and special effects. It was fun doing the scenes. I have also shot with the harness for the first time. That was exciting as well. To be pulled up and then coming down from a height is such fun. There are technical sides also which I am learning too. How to do voice modulations when I am a ghost and when I am a human being is what I am also working on. Apart from that the scenes where I vanish, I have to be very clear about body language. Hence this is informative and entertaining for me.

Did you face any problems while shooting with the harness?

Rupa Bhattacharya- Since I exercise daily and I am slim, the harness did not pose such problems for me. Moreover the shoot with the harness did not go on for long. Hence that did not tire me out.


Tell us now about this look. The braids are very interestingly done!!

Rupa Bhattacharya- Thanks!! The look is really awesome. When I was briefed for the role, the brief that was given to me was to take some reference from Kangana Ranaut’s character in Krrish 3. After that the creative team took over and they made me look like this. One important fact that the character showcase is that spirits and ghosts are always shown to be ugly in Indian films and serials. They can be good looking and well maintained like me too!! (laughs) However after I am beaten up by Taranath, I become white!!


What will you like to tell the audience?

Rupa Bhattacharya- You have seen me perform in different roles in television and films. But this role will surely sit up and notice me again in a different light. Do watch Taranath Tantrik and look out for Betal!!

Wishing the feisty actress all the luck and hoping her hard work pays off!!


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