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Kolkata Bengali Movie Teen Patti Review, Trailer, Premiere Pics

Despite having Big B, Ben Kingsley, R. Madhavan, Raima Sen in the star cast, the 2010 Bollywood film Teen Patti could not make its mark in the box office and with the release of Bengali film Teen Patti, apprehensions were working at the back of my mind about the fate of this film too. However, I kept aside the ill-feelings and went to attend the premiere show at Priya Cinemas, keeping my fingers crossed. The premiere show saw the presence of the new director duo Rehana Parvin Jenny and Dipayan Mondal along with Tollywood actress Pooja Bose, Director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Abhijit Guha, Ushashie, Aparajita Ghosh and others.

The plot is simple. An influential businessman Rupak Chakraborty is killed and Siddhartha Roy (Koushik Roy) is given the task of finding out the identity of the murderer. He locates a diary and finds the tale of three friends- Mohor, Arya and Mukul. Two guys Arya (Indraneil) and Mukul (Ritwick) are best friends and they run a real estate business in which their sole rival is Gargi Sen (Ushashie). An interesting premise for sure!! Mohor (Pooja) joins their company as an architect and the two guys fall head over heels in love with her. Mukul teaches Arya how to woo Mohor. They take part in a bike race and Arya who wins the race finally marries his lady love Mohor. They plan a trip on Arya’s birthday. Since Arya had to rush somewhere else for a tender, Mohor is accompanied by Mukul on the trip. However both of them go missing. What happens to them? Who killed Rupak Chakraborty? These are some of the questions which the film tries to unravel in the span of one hour and forty minutes.

As you must have already understood by now, the primary fault with this film lies in the script. I was strangely reminded of Dharmenda’s dialogue “Iss kahani mein action hai, tragedy hai, romance hai” and sadly enough ‘aur kuch bhi nahin hai’ (my addition!) during the running time of the film. The most essential element that was missing was the string that binds all these elements to present a good suspense film. Despite being a suspense thriller, I and my fellow viewers stopped feeling the thrill right after the first few scenes. With a paper thin script and glaring loopholes, the film went berserk. The thrill element was not packed properly within the film. Rehana and Dipayan should have seen films like 100 days before trying their hand at making a commercially successful thriller.

The lack of practicality in many scenes also takes a toll on the mind and patience of the audience. Firstly we have seldom seen real estate company owners frolicking and spending time ogling girls more than they spend time at their office. Secondly why will two grown up men opt for a bike race to decide who will win the lady love? (Such stunts only suit the likes of John Abraham and not our Bongo Sontans!). Thirdly, more time has been devoted to the development of the romance than the suspense, even though it has been presented as a thriller. Had the same time been devoted on character development, the film would have turned out to be one worth watching.

When you have actors like Ritwick and Indraneil in the star cast, you can seldom go wrong. However, when the directors make the glaring mistake of not sketching out the characters well even talented actors are totally wasted. Had the directors paid much attention to the script, the actors would have at least carried the film on their shoulders. When Hani Alkadi highlighted on the state of Egypt in the film Mishor Rohoshyo, we could all empathize with him. But strangely enough when the same actor grieves the disappearance of his wife in the Bengali Movie Teen Patti, he fails to bring out any pathos. Even Ritwick Chakroborty whose performance in Shobdo had recreated history in Bengali cinema doesn’t live up to the expectations. Pooja looks good as always but she is just the eye candy in the film and does not have much to do. Ushashie who showed good and restrained acting as Satyabati in the Byomkesh films, seemed to have devoted more time to her looks and less to her acting. She is too loud and melodramatic at times.

Music by Indradip Dasgupta is pleasing. The song “O Fakira” by Arijit Singh stays with you even after you leave the hall. Music was probably the only saving grace in this movie.

Teen Patti is one film which had raised hopes greatly but could not live up to the expectations. A simple case of “Much Ado About Nothing”.

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Rating: 1.5/5

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