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Interview: Tollywood Actress Paoli Dam on Her Experience of Working In Mandobasar Galpo (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)

Video: Paoli Dam on Her new film Mandobasar Galpo

In an exclusive conversation with actress Paoli Dam about her upcoming Bengali film Mandobasar Galpo, Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent got to know many new facets about the role that she plays in the film. Excerpts..


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You play a film director in the film. Tell us something about the role.

Paoli Dam- I play the role of Ahana Sen who is an acclaimed film maker. She loses her beloved, her lover which becomes a source of tragedy in her life. She stays away from work. However due to a friend Dr. Sayantan Chowdhury, (played by Parambrata), she is made to again enter the mainstream and do her work. Is she able to do it? Watch the film to know more (laughs).

You play a film maker. How was the experience?

Paoli Dam- It was a wonderful experience. This is the first time I play a character of a film maker. The thing that caught my attention more was the fact that the psychological side of the lady has been shown more than the professional side. What trauma she had to undergo due to the loss and the effects it had on her life has been shown well.


This is the first time that you have worked with Tathagata Banerjee. How was he as a director?

Paoli Dam- Well, it was a good experience. The film is a thriller and he has added enough twists and turns in the film to keep the audiences hooked.

From Kaalbela to Mandobasar Galpo, you have worked with Parambrata in so many films. How was it again shooting with him?

Paoli Dam- We understand each other so well now. The comfort level that we have in real life shows on screen too!! As always, I had a good time shooting with Parambrata.

The music has been getting positive reviews. Which is your favorite track in the film?

Paoli Dam- (smiles) This is a difficult question!! I love the songs of Anupam and Annwesha very much. The songs help in taking the story forward. Not a single song is there all of a sudden. It all blends in well with the narrative.

Wishing Paoli Dam all the best for Mandobasar Galpo which releases on 24th of March!!

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Interview: Actress Arunima Ghosh on her Upcoming Bengali Films Egoler Chokh and Kiriti o Kaalo Bhromor (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Actress Arunima Ghosh who has been able to make a mark with her acting credentials in both Bengali films and television is acting in two important and much awaited films this year. One is Arindam Sil’s Egoler Chokh and the other is Anindya Bikash Dutta’s film Kiriti o Kaalo Bhromor. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the actress and spoke with her at length about the films she is acting in and much more…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Since you are doing a film based on Kiriti and Shabor Dasgupta, my first question is, have you read the stories?

Arunima Ghosh- Unfortunately no!! I have not read either of them. However, I will read them for sure. I have read Feluda only. However, I am not having any troubles shooting for Kiriti because this is a modernized version (done to appeal to modern audiences). The script is helping me a lot and I am just sticking to it.


Tell us about your roles in both the films…

Arunima Ghosh- Krishna in Kiriti o Kaalo Bhromor is a Parsi girl who has been brought up in Kolkata. She is a bit modern and not very traditional. A good role for sure!!

In Egoler Chokh I am playing the role of a bar dancer. One must not confuse this with a cabaret dancer. I even will be seen performing to a song in this film. A different character with shades!!

Are you facing any problems in portraying Krishna on-screen?

Arunima Ghosh- This is the first Kiriti story and no one will compare me with any actor. That is a big help. The story has been modernized a bit. So I am just sticking to the script for the portrayal of the character of Krishna.


You have worked with Arindam Sil as a co-actor and now he is directing you and even has a record of giving some super hit thrillers. How was it working with him as the director for the first time?

Arunima Ghosh- Yes, this is my first time and I have had a great time shooting the film with him. He used to give advice on what he wanted from me in a particular scene. That helped as I could understand his point of view in a particular scene.

Is Arindam Sil better as an actor or as a director?

Arunima Ghosh- (laughs) Well, he is both a good director and an equally good actor.

After Nayikar Sangbad, you are again paired with Indraneil Sengupta and Samadarshi Dutta. What was the shooting experience like?

Arunima Ghosh- Indraneil and I became good friends during Nayikar Sangbad. Now we are very good friends. He is extremely professional and also very witty. This film has helped in making the friendship even stronger. As for Samadarshi, he is hard working and an equally good actor. The fact that we have worked before has helped us all immensely during the shoots.


You have been part of Bappaditya Bandopadhyay’s films. Have you watched Sohra Bridge?

Arunima Ghosh- Unfortunately no, I didn’t get the time to watch it. But I will surely watch the film. I still cannot grasp the fact that the man is no more with us. He taught me the language of films. It is after working with him that I began watching the films made by Ritwik Ghatak. This is a tremendous loss for all of us.

When are we going to see you next on the small screen?

Arunima Ghosh- Right now I am busy with these two films. But I have offers of acting in the small films made for the television viewing audience. However, I have done a few reality shows. Shooting for them is fun because I can meet with friends and also two- three days of shoot is not much of a hassle.

With two such exciting projects in hand, what are your expectations?

Arunima Ghosh- I am superbly excited and I have high expectations from both the films as I always had with the other projects that I have done till now. Let’s hope that the audience loves and appreciates the work that we have done.

We also hope that your efforts are appreciated. All the best Arunima!!

Priyanka Dutta

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