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Two new Bengali films- Dangshan and Arpan announced; Tales of life’s struggles showcased


Director Shibaprosad Chakraborty’s two Bengali films Dangshan and Arpan were recently announced at an event at The Press Club.

The film Arpan is the story about Anushka, who is a teacher at an art college. An exhibition of her works is showcased at the Academy. Among the guests is a poet named Arindam. A picture painted by Anushka inspires him so much that he writes a poem and puts it beside the work. They meet for dates, love develops between them and finally they get married. However their work keeps them busy. Arindam goes to various places for his work. This leaves little time for Anushka. Tanu, Anushka’s student at the art college comes to take private classes at her home. Anushka’s personality attracts him. They come closer to each other. What happens next?


The other film by Shiboprosad Chakraborty is titled Dangshan. Soumen and Arpita is a happy couple with a daughter named Ishani. Soumen is a businessman by profession who has acquired wealth and fame over time. However a loss in the business leads to a cardiac arrest of Soumen. Arpita, in order to care for her husband goes out job hunting. She gets a job with the help of a friend. She engages in physical relationship with a rich man and in exchange receives money with which she runs her family. Her daughter Ishani starts suspecting her mother. Ishani declares her love for a young man but her mother rejects the proposal on seeing the man. What happens in Ishani’s life then?

The shooting of the films will begin soon.

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Itorpona, Bangla Band Fakira’s Debut Audio Music Album has the Flavors of Bengal Entwined in its Music


One of the most popular folk fusion Bangla bands Fakira released their debut album Itorpona in association with Major 7th and Inreco. Present at the music launch event were Satrajit Sen, Sayani Datta, Arman Fakir, Aakash Fakir and Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.

Itorpona, Bangla Band Fakira’s Debut Music Album Launched

The album consists of eight melodious tracks. The songs in this album are those written by Lalon Fakir, Radharomon, Hasan and others. The five members of the band Fakira consists of Timir, Kunal, Chayan, Avinaba and Bunty.


“With the help of folk music, one will be able to alter the emotional and intellectual state in order to understand the basics of life. This is our first album and we have taken great pains to make it the way we wanted it to make it initially” said Timir, the vocalist of Fakira while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.


Satrajit Sen who was also present at the music launch ceremony spoke at length about his association with the band. “The music album has been brought out in association with my Company Major 7th. Hence I am associated with this band. The band members have been very cordial and even let me play their musical instruments sometimes”.


“Avoid buying pirated CDs and opt for the original ones. Itorpona is priced at Rs. 149, which is of a similar price like a ticket for a movie. Imagine that you are going for a movie and buy the CD. If you do not feel like buying the music album, then opt for the paid download options” said elocutionist Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.

Itorpona has the fragrance of the folk music of Bengal. With the soulful voice and the great music arrangements, this is a great music album for those people who want to know about root music of the state.

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