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New Audio Music Album Mewa by Bengali Girl Band Teetas now in Kolkata Music Stores


The only girl band in the city of Kolkata Teetas released their folk fusion music album Mewa at YMCA recently in the presence of Mayor-in-Council Debasish Kumar, music composer Debojyoti Mishra and Pilu Bhattacharya, Pratik Chatterjee, Subhen Chatterjee, Debojit Bandopadhyay and Arindam Ganguly.

Kolkata Girl Band Teetas Audio Music Album Mewa

The album Mewa consists of eight songs. Some of the songs in the album include Koyla kaade, Dalan Dili, Ekna kotha, Menoka and others. The whole sound scape for this album has been designed by Ablu Chakraborty. Koyla kader Thikababu and Ja ja lagor ja ja re have been penned and composed by Subhas Chakraborty and the other five songs are traditional. The band Teetas consists of Mary (vocal and conducts), Simi (vocals), Poulami (Vocals), Ablu (Keyboard), Hablu (Hand sonic and dhol), Sandip (lead guitar) and Piku (Bass Guitar).


“I am indebted to Ablu Chakraborty for many of the songs that have gained me much fame and popularity. I am also here because of his invite. I wish the girl band Teetas all the very best for the music album and hope they continue with their endeavor. Teetas, the very name connects me with Teetas, a river’s name” said music composer Debojyoti Mishra.


Speaking at the occasion actor Arindam Ganguly said “I have been to their earlier music album launch and they have the resilience and the guts to come out with something different from what the others are doing. As the only girl band in the city, I wish them all the luck and hope they continue with their good work in the long run”.

Priced at Rs. 75, Mewa will be a good music album to buy this coming Durga Puja. Get yourself drenched in the folk music and spend relaxing moments listening to the root music of India.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali Audio Music Album Utsarga Launched by Eminent Kolkata Singers


Debabrata Biswas’s grand-daughter Somdatta recently released her third album Utsarga in the august presence of Sumitra Sen, Srabani Sen, Rita Bhimani, Santa Dutta and Prattyush Banerjee. The music album release ceremony took place at Gallery Gold.

Bengali Audio Music Album Utsarga Launched by Eminent Kolkata Singers

The music album contains songs of Tagore and narration by legendary dancer Mallika Sarabhai. Megh boleche jabo jabo, Jani nai go, Chhaya Ghanaiche bone bone are some of the songs which are present in this music album.

Speaking at the occasion, Sumitra Sen said “Somdatta’s passion for music has made her release this album. Raised in Gujarat, it was her father late Jati Shankar Chakraborty who inspired her to take up music. She now stays in the U.S.A. but has pursued her love for music and that is indeed appreciative”.


Apart from learning music, she also started learning Bharatnatyam at the tender age of four from Mrinalini and Mallika Sarabhai at the Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad. Apart from her interest in Rabindrasangeet, she also takes interest in Hindi and English music. Her other two albums were Uttarshuri in 2004 from Sound Wing Studios and Reflections in 2009 from Cozmik Harmony. In addition to these, she had been performing actively in many parts of USA like the Madison Square Garden, New York and Long Beach areas as well.

Mallika Sarabhai’s narration in my album will hopefully provide the album a broader audience base. This is what I hope for” said Somdatta.

Rita Bhimani who was also resent at the occasion added “The fact that Somdatta has a soulful voice makes the selected compositions of Tagore sounds fantastic to our ears”.


Priced at Rs. 150, Utsarga by Picasso Entertainment will be a refreshing treat to your ears for sure.

Priyanka Dutta

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