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Actor Sabyasachi Chakrobarty Returns to Small Screen with New Zee Bangla Serial Dwiragaman


Mother-in-laws torturing their daughter-in-laws for money and other commodities is a very common occurrence in India. Even if the mother-in-laws do not torture their daughter-in-laws, stories of strife between them are nothing very unusual. These clashes have become the source of many a fiction story shown on television. The saas-bahu sagas like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi or Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki have celebrated many jubilees of shows with these very themes. However the new Zee Bangla serial Dwiragaman will present a new perspective and will give an altogether new story to the audience.


The story of this upcoming Zee Bangla serial Dwiragaman is about a young girl who gets married into a family consisting of five sister-in-laws. Even in the absence of a father-in-law or a mother-in-law, she has to face the prowess of the sister-in-laws. How she overcomes their control over her life at her in-laws place is what the story is all about. This is indeed a new age story and will give the audience a welcome break from the typical saas-bahu drama.


Actor Sabyasachi Chakrobarty, who was last seen in a pivotal role in Rituparno Ghosh’s Mega Serial Ganer Oparey will be making a comeback on small screen with Dwiragaman as Joyanta Basu. Other actors in important roles in the serial are Mr.  Bijoylakshami  Chatterjee as Michri,  Ashish Deb as Sharon, Pushpita  Mukherjee , Lily Chakroborty, Indrakshi Nag, Bulbuli Panja, Priti Biswas and Riya Ray will be playing important roles in this upcoming serial.

The serial will start from the 18th of August and will be aired from Monday to Saturday at 9pm.

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New Star Jalsha Serial ‘TUMI ASBEY BOLEY’ Starts from June 30; Stars Actor Rahul Banerjee


Tumi Asbe Boley, a new serial is going to start soon on the popular television channel, Star Jalsha. The serial is a poignant story of love, sacrifice and letting go. This new serial manifests around the fact that while the wives accept the different aspects of their husband’s life without any questions, the same does not happen with them. This new thought is the basis of the upcoming serial.


 The story of the serial revolves around Rahul, who is in love with Nandini. Rahul and Nandini were in college together. Rahul proposed love to Nandini. She never expected a proposal from him as she always admired him as a senior. She rejects him and marries the boy her family selects. In the meantime, eight years have passed and Rahul has become a successful businessman. Nandini is also meanwhile happily married with a kid. However Riya, Rahul’s sister falls in love with Nandini’s brother Abhinandan. When the two families meet for the alliance, many memories are unlocked. Both feel a bit embarrassed. But as fate would have it, the two marry. Why does Nandini marry Rahul? Why did Rahul who remained unmarried for so long agree to marry Nandini and become the father of her daughter? This is what forms the crux of the story of this upcoming serial.


Popular Tollywood actor Rahul Banerjee will be seen in the role of Rahul Debroy while Sandipta will be seen playing the role of Nandini Sen. Apart from this, the other actors who will be seen in pivotal roles include Ragnita (Nandini’s daughter), Soumyo (Dr. Dripto Sen), Sagnik (Anjan), Phalguni Chatterjee (Colonel Sen) and others.

Produced by Vandana films, the serial is produced by Shibaji Panja. The director is Joydeep Mukherjee while the dup Mayukh-Mainak is handling the music department of this serial. The title track has been sung by Nachiketa Chakraborty.

The serial will begin from the 30th June at 7 Pm on Star Jalhsa.

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Star Jalsha Serial Tomay Amay Mile to Air Special Episode on June 22


What happens when an educated girl is married off with a not so educated confectioner? Trouble is sure to start. This is exactly the case of Nishith and Ushoshi. Nishith and Ushoshi started out as a mismatched couple from the first day of their marriage. This is because Nishith is a sweet maker by profession whereas Ushoshi is an educated girl. However circumstances of life make them become husband and wife. With the passing of time, they develop love and respect for each other putting aside their differences. This leads to a successful marriage and more happiness in their family. They face hurdles but they overcome them with their mutual love and understanding. This is the story of the very popular Star Jalsha serial Tomay Amay Mile.


Nishith and Ushoshi will be seen celebrating the first marriage anniversary in a very special episode of this immensely popular serial. The family members along with Nishith had planned something grand for Ushoshi. They have invited guests from the Star Jalsha family to participate in the celebrations. Nishith keeps on giving small gifts to Ushoshi on the occasion along with his family members. It is at the fag end of the special episode that Ushoshi gives Nishith a special gift. She sings for her husband Nishith much to everybody’s surprise.


This special episode of Tomay Amay Mile will be aired on Saturday, 22nd June at 8pm on Star Jalsha. Do not miss the episode as it promises great entertainment for the viewers.

Priyanka Dutta