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Bengali Children’s Film ‘Gogoler Kirti’ Merchandise now in Kolkata Duckback Stores


Duckback who are one of the pioneers in the introduction of rain wear and rubber footwear recently launched “The Gogol Colelction”. This is a range of merchandise which has been made keeping in mind the upcoming Bengali film Gogoler Kirti. This collection includes a range of merchandised school bags which capture the look of this film. Cast of the film including Locket Chatterjee, Saheb Chatterjee and Ahijit Ghosh were present at the Bentinck Street showroom of Duckback.

“Movies are great promotional vehicles and also have a broad reach among the people. With the help of this partnership with Duckback, the film will be able to reach out to its target customer base all the more effectively” said Locket Chatterjee while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.


Gogler Kirti is an adventure of a young boy named Gogol. Many events take place at the ancestral place of Gogol where he and his family go during the Durga Pujas. From the idol getting lost to the despicable state of the wealthiest noble man, Gogol gets enough scope to trigger his grey cells. The curious boy that Gogol is, matches all the incidents and tries to solve the riddle. He is aptly helped in his mission by the famous sleuth named Ashoke Thakur.

The products in this range have been priced from rupees five hundred onwards. So if you have a Gogol at your home, make sure you gift him one of the products from this range.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali Super Hero Film TUSH Introduces the Super Hero Concept in Bengali Cinema


What happens if you separate a person from his love? Eventually they reunite. Two friends shared flat and shared ideas. Both were film lovers and also loved film making and they did make a few short films together with other important members of the team. As fate would have it, professional commitments took them apart from each other as well as making films. One went to Dubai, the other went to Kathmandu. But the fire of making films was growing day by day in their bellies. And one day they eventually decided to make a film. They reunited with their former friends and film makers from college days and beyond and started working on it. They decided on the story, script, screenplay, characters, locations etc. The initial idea was a short film but it ended up as a 1 and half hour script with 40 minutes of song, 16 in number. The film is a superhero film with full VFX and action sequences which is being taken care by Colour Bar Animation Studio of Kolkata. They claim it to be the first Bengali Super Hero Film. But the most astonishing thing about this film is that the entire team is working on the pre production online! Discussing, consulting, generating ideas all by devoting time on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. Truly a lesson to learn in the act of communication. Being miles apart, the team is building up an ambitious project online! What is the film about? Who are the cast? What is the crew? To know all these and much more, keep your eyes on the official page of the film TUSH, as they call it and their production, Unity Creations.

We contacted the Music director of the film Mr. Shubhodeep Roy and this is what he had to say. “Some people are destined to meet, they say. Sumit & I’ve known each other since we were kids, but never in our wildest of dreams, imagined that we would someday come together to give shape to one of our apex artistic projects, TUSH the movie. It all started with a mere phone call, when a common acquaintance reconnected Sumit & me after 10 long years. A four hour long discussion of TUSH in every possible detail, and what followed was an offer from Sumit for me to do the music for the entire movie. Our former discussion had convinced me enough to believe that TUSH was a promising film, and hence, this incredible journey started. Over the next few days, I spent in forming the core musical team that would be working with me for this movie. Now that the team was done, the first two tracks that I started making were the contemporary versions of the “Hanuman Chalisa“, and the “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra”, which would eventually be responsible for impaling the energy and electrocution into the main action sequences of TUSH. The musical progression in these tracks is such that the more you listen to them, the more “Tandav‘ised” you get. It’s like intoxication. Nothing less than the “Bhang” effect of Shiva, with some heavy-duty Indian, African & Arabian Percussions as well as dirty distortion guitars doing the duty here. Next in line was the track, “Mujhe Pata Nahi”. Now, this is a very special song. It is instantly catchy, hardcore romantic, yet wraps that mushy feeling into a blanket of foot-tapping beats and funky musical arrangement. Those nasty basslines along with the sweet piano are an extra treat. Divyanshu Shekhar has done a phenomenal job of singing exactly what was in my mind when I had composed it. I’m glad that I discovered this guy. Amidst one of the recording sessions of “Mujhe Pata Nahi, a sudden mail from Sumit popped up containing the requirement of a new song, a funny Rap song that he intended to include in the movie. The very next moment, there was a fit of laughter in the studio when we read the lyrics of this new song. I said to myself, “Ab Mazaa Aayega”. It’s only last week that we started the recordings of this song, and seeing the way it is coming up, I believe that it will be a hip-shaker for all ages”.