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NABC 2015 Theme Song Launched at Kolkata Meeting; Video NABC Meeting

NABC 2015 Kolkata Meeting with NABC Joint President Mr. Sanku Bose (You Tube)

The Kolkata meeting to announce The 35th North American Bengali (NABC 2015) was organized at the Spring Club recently. The event saw a huge turn up of celebrities, media personalities, intellectuals and business leaders. The event was received positively by the media and the authorities of Bengal. Some of the eminent personalities who came to the conference include Satyam RoyChowdhury, Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya, Raghav Chatterjee, Indranil Sen, Saheb Chatterjee, Locket Chatterjee, Tony Bose, Tejen Majumdar, Saikat Mitra, Anindita Kazi, Biplab Ganguly, Parnava Banerjee, Tanika Bhattacharyya, Tony Bose and others.

Sanku Bose, Joint President briefed the assembled guests about the concept and the goal of NABC 2015. Artist Shuvaprasanna was highly impressed with the urge of the team from Houston to give so much back to their motherland. Satyam Roychowdhury also shared his confidence about the team and spoke highly about its capacity to deliver.

Debashis Chakrabarti, VP also attended the meeting along with Saswati Mitra. She is in charge of the hospitality team at the conference. Srabani Akilla introduced the concept at the press conference and talked in great details about the importance of Houston to the Bengalis. The NABC 2015 theme song was also launched, which in itself is a unique concept for the Banga Sammelan.

NABC 2015 marketing strategy is also unique this time in Kolkata. About hundred hoardings will be placed in different areas all over Kolkata highlighting the NABC 2015 and the Contest for the best pratima, puja and pandal. There will also be prizes for these categories.

The Mayor-in-Council Debashis Kumar and Kazi Anirban have been instrumental in donating the space and also helping with the Durga Puja 2014 campaign in the city.

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NABC 2015 Kolkata Meeting Album

North American Bengali Conference 2015 Theme Song Released; Celebrating the Spirit of Bangaliana


Ever since 1980 The North American Bengali Conference 2015 (NABC or BangaSammelan) has been promoting the richness of Bengali culture in the U.S.A and Canada and in the year 2015 too, the Tagore Society of Houston (TSH) will host its 35th version on July 10-12, 2015. In keeping with its vision of promoting Bengali Culture on the American soil, TSH has already erected a statue of Tagore in the heart of Texas and Houston’s energy corridor and shall continue with further activities.


North American Bengali Conference 2015 organizers are committed to having a long-lasting outcome on the lives of the underprivileged – through education, entrepreneurship and welfare. The fruits of the conference shall show in those results. The conference as such also kicked off the “Go Green” initiative for Earth Day with enthusiastic participation of the youth in adopting the Green ways of living which will be a consistent effort throughout the conference too.


In order to reach out to Bengalis from across the globe, NABC has also come up with its theme song that very much reflects the true spirit of Bangaliana. The theme song, which is also interspersed with beautiful Bengali poetry is also a visual treat as it portrays everything that Bangla and the Bangali stands for.

THEME SONG NABC2015 (You Tube)