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Theme Song of Hindusthan Club Released; Rupankar, Debojyoti Mishra Graces Occasion

Video: Hindusthan Club theme song launch

Hindusthan Club will be celebrating their 54th year of organizing the Durga Puja. The committee recently unveiled the theme song named Parar Gaan in the august presence of Debajyoti Mishra, Rupankar, Swarnali Kanjilal, Sourav Bhattacharya and others.

The song has been written by Chandrima Bhattacharya (Chairman, West Bengal Medical Services Corp Ltd) and composed by Debaditya Chaudhury. Rupankar Bagchi has lent his voice to the song.


Speaking at the occasion, Debajyoti Mishra said “It is a great feeling that the locality which has been so much important in my childhood has planned so meticulously to develop a para theme song. This is what I love about Durga Puja-togetherness among the people, doing things together. The song sounds great”.

Debaditya Chaudhury who has composed the music for the song said that he has repeatedly asked for help from Debajyoti Mishra who always guided him.


Debajyoti Mishra also became nostalgic about the fact how he played the dhaak at the Pujas the previous year. He also added how he lost his pair of sandals due to his taking a short cut road to the pandal.

With the puja preparations in full swing all over the city, it is no wonder that the para theme song will boost up the spirit of the people of the locality.

Priyanka Dutta

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M Bar launches New Menu for the Festive Season; Try out these Innovative Delicacies this Durga Puja


With Puja’s a couple of days away, the people in the city are gearing up to embrace the “Bangaliana” in us. M Bar celebrates this festive season by launching a revamped menu of mouth watering delicacies in the presence of renowned city models Jessica and Neeraj Surana.


Retaining some of the signature dishes in the previous menu, like Mad About Mushrooms Pizza, Home Made Pasta and grilled delicacies, M Bar’s new menu explores more food options like Tuxedo Potatos (Jacket Potato), Pop Chick (Chicken popcorn), Prawns on Sticks, Baby Burgers, Chermoula Basa and Sincere Symphony for dessert.


The timing is from 1pm to 12 am daily and the cost for two will be around Rs 1500 plus taxes.

This delicious spread can be paired perfectly with a chilled cocktail to rest your tired feet after a whole day of pandal hopping.


Priyanka Dutta

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Tollywood Actress Srabanti to Play Durga for ETV BANGLA Mahalaya Episode


With Durga Puja just a few weeks away, can Mahalaya be far behind? The sweet and gorgeous Tollywood actresses Srabanti will be essaying the role of Ma Durga for a Mahalaya program titled “Durga Durgotinashini” only on ETV Bangla.

The whole Mahalaya act has been choreographed by eminent dancer Alokananda Roy. This will be the first of its kind Mahalaya episode where various kinds of dance forms will be used. Some of the dance forms used are Odissi, Bharat Natyam, Kalaripayattu, Kathakali, Kandayn (Sri Lankan dance form). The act has been conceptualized by Abhinandan Banerjee and Chandrasis Ray. The entire show will comprise of songs and dance performances by eminent theatre personalities. Music composition for this episode has been arranged by Samir Biswas.


Asura has always been neglected in the Mahalaya acts but in this act we will see the birth of Asura, which is a new feature for the views.  It is only during half time that we see Ma Durga appearing in the episode. Suman Saha a trained Kalaripayattu dancer and an eminent theatre personality will portray the role of Asura. Shiva will be portrayed by Arijit Chowdhury while the role of Brahma will be portrayed by Krishna Kishore Mukherjee. The entire show will comprise of songs and dance performances by eminent theatre personalities.

The performance with stylized form of art and use of good vfx will definitely be visually enriching for the audience and competitive enough to compel the viewers to tune into ETV on the Mahalaya morning.

To know more watch Mahalaya on 23rd September Tuesday between 5-7.30 am only on ETV Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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Molecular Biologist Rudrashankar’s Poems Adapted into Bengali Songs; Compiled in Audio Music Album ‘Achena Hathe’


Rudrashankar, one of the leading young scientists from India has been making the country proud internationally with his work. His career in Molecular Biology took him away from Kolkata to the shores of Europe and America. This feeling of homesickness that developed during his stay abroad led him to write wonderful poetry. His poetry has been translated and made into a music album titled Achena Hathe. The album was released at The Press Club in the presence of Pratik Chowdhury, Rupankar, Jayati Chakraborty and others.


The album has eight songs which have been sung by Jayati Chakraborty, Rupankar, Pratik Chowdhury and Baisakhi. The songs in the album are a mirror of the poet’s passion for life, love for his homeland and about his loneliness at staying away from his motherland. “The poems have a lyrical quality and a natural rhythm to them. This has helped in the conversion of the poems into songs easily” said Rupankar while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana at the music launch ceremony.


Rudrashankar said “There is a notion that people coming from the science background are incapable of writing poetry or understanding the essence of such poetic works. I wanted to bring about a change in this perception and tell people that Poetry is everywhere; it is not confined to any object. Being a scientist, I am passionate about writing poetry and I have simply given vent to my thoughts”.

Priced at Rs. 125, the music album will be a good addition to your music list for sure. Afterall, not always do you get to listen to a scientist’s poems in a music album!

Priyanka Dutta

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