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New Bengali Film Parbona Ami Charte Toke Stars Meet the Press; Debutant Koushani Keen to See Audience Response

New Bengali Film Parbona Ami Charte Toke Stars in Conversation

The press conference of Raj Chakraborty’s next film Parbona Ami Charte Toke took place in the presence of Raj Chakraborty, Bonny, Koushani, Swastika and music director Indraadip Dasgupta.

New Bengali Film Parbona Ami Charte Toke

Parbona Ami Charte Toke is a romantic comedy involving a boy Shibu and a girl Aparna, who grew up in the same locality. They love each other but they are never able to tell their feelings to one another. Their ego comes in between. Whenever they meet they quarrel. What happens at the end and how they express their love for each other is what the film is all about.


Debutant Kaushani was full of praises for director Raj Chakraborty. “Whatever I have learnt is because of Raj da and his team. I knew nothing on day one of the shooting. I now am aware of some nuances of the process of acting or how to face the camera. My character Aparna is the simple girl next door. This is the kind of character whom you can see every day in your locality. It was a huge challenge to play such a role in my debut film” said the actress.


In his second film with director Raj Chakraborty, Bonny said “Whatever mistakes I did in my first film, I have tried to rectify in this film. We had a great time shooting the film and we hope that the audience will appreciate the hard work that we have put in making the film”.


Director Raj Chakraborty explained the need for fresh faces in his films. “Whenever I make romantic films, I look for fresh faces. This enables the audience to relate with them easily. Rahul-Priyanka in Chirodini Tumi Je Amaar or Sohom-Payel in Prem Amar was fresh pairs. The pairs worked and the love stories were appreciated. With this new pair of Bonny and Kaushani, I hope to recreate the same magic onscreen” said the director.


“Composing music for this film was a challenge as this is one of my most commercial music compositions. I am glad that the four songs are getting good response from the audiences” said music director Indraadip Dasgupta.

The film is slated for release on the 11th of September. Book your tickets in advance to witness this mushy love story!!

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Upcoming Bengali film Gaan Ghor Songs Recorded by Ace Kolkata Singers; Musical Tracing the Journey of an Aspiring Musician


The song recording of the upcoming Bengali film Gaan Ghor took place at a studio near Metropolitan, Bypass. Present at the song recording were music director Kalyan Sen Borat, actresses Locket Chatterjee and Jiniya Mukherjee, director Madhuchhanda Sengupta, singer Shubhomita Banerjee and others.


Based on a story “Aradhika” by writer Sayantany Patatunda, which was published in Sananda 2013, the story of the film Gaan Ghor has been developed. The story of Gaan Ghor is about a famous musician Radhika Gupta who was a famous name in the late 1980’s. However the disappearance of the talented artist is what concerns many musicians. No one knows about her whereabouts. Her songs are played even in the radio even in 2015. Sikhi, an ardent fan of Radhika Gupta wants to become famous like her. What happens next? Can she become the next Radhika Gupta?


“There are nine songs in the film. There are five Rabindrasangeet used in the film. Apart from Shubhomita, Rupankar Bagchi, Dipannita and Raghab Chatterjee will be lending their voices to the songs in this film” said music director Kalyan Sen Borat.

Locket Chatterjee who plays the role of Radhika Gupta in the film said that she had read the story so as to make the character more credible in front of the camera.

The cast consists of Debesh Chattopadhya, Bhaskar Banerjee, Chanchal Ghosh, Ratna Ghoshal, Labony Sarkar and Dr. B. D. Mukherjee.


The DOP of the film is Manas Ganguly, while the screenplay is by Sanjoy Banerjee. The executive producer is Kajal Ghosh and the production designs are handled by Arunava Sengupta.

The film’s shooting will begin from the 3rd of May at Belgachia Rajbari. A majority of the shooting will take place in parts of North Kolkata with the climax being shot at an auditorium.

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Rina Brown Food Festival- A Tribute to the Legendary Actress Suchitra Sen on her Birth Anniversary; Presented by Kolkata’s Saptapadi Restaurant

Suchitra Sen’s Birthday Special Menu

“Ei poth Jodi na sesh hoye”- the famous song which every Bengali has hummed at least once featured actors Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. The two actors have died but their memories remain etched in the minds of the Bengali film loving audience. To pay tribute to this silver screen couple who have delivered several hits together, Saptapadi restaurant started the Rina Brown Food Festival. The food festival began to pay tribute to Suchitra Sen on her birthday, which was on 6th of April.


Some specialties on the special occasion for the customers include starters like Bhappa Murgir Paturi, Chingri Sobar-Upore, Sonali Bhetki, Illish Agnipariksha etc. To quench one’s throat, some refreshing welcome drinks like Gondhor cha-er Shorbot, Roasted aam pudina shorbot will be served to the customers.

Fish items like Illiser Chao-pao, Panchphoron Batti Chingri, Koi Bipasa, Kasha Aar, Rasun Lanka Bhetki and meat dishes will feature items like Saptapadir Avinava mangsho, Kanchlanka Murgi, Achari Ghodhoraj murgi.


The restaurant has also come up with a vegetarian menu consisting of the likes of Dhoka Paneer Dalna, Aachri bhindi, Phulkophir Mahima, Begun Basanti . Apart from the authentic dishes, Chingri Biriyani is one innovative dish that the chefs at Saptapadi have come up with.

Health is always a priority. Some innovative low calorie dessert like Sugarfree Bhappa Sandesh, Ice- Cream Patisapta, Gandhoraj Caramel Custard have been made for the health conscious sweet loving individuals.

The customers will also be given a questionnaire which will carry marks. The marks scored by the customers will be the amount deducted from the bill.

This Food Festival will continue till14thApril. The timing is from12:00 pm to10:45pm.

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Enjoy Jomidar Barir Moha Bhoj at DeSovrani this Durga Puja


DeSovrani Puja Festival with its theme- JOMIDAR BARIR MOHA BHOJ will be serving authentic dishes which are usually served at the Zamindar houses during the pujas. The cuisines will be available in a buffet format for the people.

The main aim of this festival is to give the customers a feel of the cuisines that is served at the Zamindar houses during the five days of the festivities. The food festival at the Hotel will start from Saptami and continue till Dasami.


Starters at the festival will include Kucho chingrir chop or macher chop. The bhaja will consist of Jhuri aloo, papod, kakrol, potol and other vegetables. Both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes will be made available for the people coming to dine at the Sand restaurant at DeSovrani. Some of the main courses in the vegetarian section include Sukto, fulkopir Korma, Chanar dalna, Dhokar Dalna, Mochar kofta curry and such other mouthwatering dishes. The non-vegetarian dishes on the list include Golda chingrir Kosha, Kochi pathar jhol, Doi Katla, Topse fry, Narkol die Kosha murgi, Posto kacha lonka die murgi and many others.


Sweets include Raj bhog, Chanar payesh, Komola Bhog, Misti doi, Langcha, Gobindo bhoger kheer and others. A paan will be served just like the Zamindar households to the customers coming to dine at the restaurant too.

The price of the buffet will cost about Rs. 999 including taxes, per individual. The timing of the lunch will be from 12pm to 3.30pm and dinner will be served from 7pm to 11.30 pm. This Jomidar Barir Moha Bhoj will be available from 30th September to 3rd October.

Hop in to DeSovani to get a feel of the Zamindar household and their cuisine and increase your Puja enjoyment to the utmost.

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Aakash Aath Tagore Special Programs to Celebrate the Bard’s Birthday


Rabindranath Tagore is one writer who has reshaped the music and the literary traditions of Bengal and also of India. His thoughts were progressive and ahead of the times that he lived in. Born on 7th May, 1861, the poet will be turning 153 this year.

On the occasion of 25 Baishakh, next week Aakash Aath will be airing a special story on Sahityer Sera Samay by Rabindranath Tagore. The episodes will be a tribute to the legend by the channel authorities on his birthday. These special episodes will be aired to celebrate the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore and will be shown on the channel from 5th May to 10th May. The time of this program is 7pm.


Muktir Upay by Rabindranath Tagore which will be aired is the story of a married man. He turns into a fakir. He runs away from his family to carry on with his life as a fakir only to become a target of mistaken identity. Muktir Upay is actually a short story and also a satirical play especially for the children and the young audience.

With Tagore’s birthday just round the corner, Aakash Aath’s endeavor to pay tribute to the legendary writer is a great attempt. The audience will be treated to the style of Tagore and will be able to understand him even better through his works. Therefore, in between all the activities that may have been lined up for Tagore’s birthday celebrations, Bengalis across the globe should spare some time for these Aakash Aath Tagore Special Programs.

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