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Coastal Connect: A Fish Festival Catering to Bengali’s Love For Fish

Video: Coastal Connect at The Palms Restaurant

Bengalis and their love for fish are well known all over the world. To cater to this love, The Palms Restaurant has come up with Coastal Connect: A Fish Festival.


Different recipes from all over the country have been selected for inclusion in this festival. This has been done so as to give the food lovers a chance to experiment with different fish recipes.


The dishes that feature on this menu include recipes like Surmai Tawa Fry, Hyderabad Tawa Fry Bangra, Chef’s Style Bangra Fry, Pomfret Dahi Curry Gujarati Style, Goan Pomfret Curry, Surmai Kukun Curry, Kanchipuram Prawn with Lemon Rice, Fish Fry North Indian Style and Hilsa Hara Mirch. Every dish is accompanied with a bowl of rice.


Starting from 18th July, this festival will continue till the 30th of July. The pocket pinch for two will be Rs 550 plus taxes. The timings for the festival are 12 pm to 4pm and 6pm to 11pm.

Priyanka Dutta

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Hilsa Festival Macher Rani’s Itikotha-Nana Paate Ilish at De Sovrani Hotel Kolkata

Best Hilsa Recipies up for grabs at the De Sovrani Hotel Kolkata

The rains may drive you crazy and the water logging may make you detest the rainy season. But when you get a piece of Hilsa on your plate served with steaming rice, much of the woes accompanied with the season go away. To cater to this undying love for the Hilsa, a Hilsa festival will begin from the 3rd of august at De Sovrani hotel. The festival has been named Macher Rani’r Itikotha- Nana Paate Ilish.


Chef Barid, while speaking about the various Ilish dishes on offer at the festival mentioned “Hilsa festival has been taking place at different hotels all over the city. So what do we have new to offer to the food lovers? We have kept about ten dishes for the food lovers. Five are the conventional Hilsa preparations while the other five are non-conventional Hilsa preparations for the experimental food lovers”.


Some of the dishes which will be on offer at the hotel include Sosha o begun die Ilish, Gandoraj lebu diye bhapa Ilish, Kancha lonka o kalo jeera diye Ilish, Narkol bata o sorse diye Ilish, Kamola Ilish, Anarosi Ilish, Ilish er Goan curry, Ilish er Cafreal, Kolhapuri Ilish and Red curried Hilsa.

Each of the above preparations will be served with steamed rice, vegetable fries, dal, Ilish macher muro diye ghnto and a dessert. This has been done so that the individuals can get a wholesome meal at the amount that they will be spending.


The pocket pinch for two individuals is about Rs 1400 and the festival will continue till the 16th of August.

The hotel authorities are next planning an exclusive fish festival in September where they plan to serve Mackerel for the fish lovers in the city.

Do hop in and revel in the delicious flavors of the Queen of Fishes!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali New Year Celebrated as a Ten Day Long Gala Affair at Mani Square Kolkata; Delectable food and Lucrative Discounts form Special Highlight


As a countdown to Poila Boisakh or the Bengali New Year, Mani Square Mall is back again with their Baisakhi Blast. In its seventh year, this annual event of Mani Square Mall is one of the most awaited annual events for both the food lovers and the shopaholics of Kolkata.


The ten day long extravaganza will have great offers from the shops and also a good menu on offer for the food lovers at the Food Court. The food court will be giving sumptuous dishes at Rs 51 despite the high rises in food prices. This will be applicable only on the weekdays and not on public holidays and Sundays.


To cater to the entertainment of the people, the mall will be organizing exciting fun activities and game shows and engaging the audiences. Quiz shows, magic shows, nail arts, portrait artists will also be there to cater to the needs of the people.


The welcoming of the Bengali New Year is never complete without good music. To cater to this musical need of the customers, band performances have also been lined up. Today on the special occasion of the Bengali New Year, Srote India will be performing live for the people. Rupankar Bagchi will be the celebrity performer at the event. Classical and folk dance performances will be showcased also.


For the shopaholics, the various shops at the mall like Bata, Samsonite, Titan, Turtle, Imitation World, Eye Catchers will also be offering exclusive discounts and gifts on the purchases.

The Baisakhi Blast 2015 will continue till the 19th of April. Be there to enjoy with your family and friends!!

Priyanka Dutta

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