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‘Raj Barir Khawa Dawa’ at the The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata Brings Alive the Royal Flavors of Bengal


The Rajas or Nawabs were probably the original connoisseurs who not only had a major influence on Bengali society but also on their food. The Rajas had luxurious lifestyles and they took immense interest in the foods they eat but also in the way the food was prepared. Influenced by famous Rajbaris of West Bengal and in keeping with their culinary traditions, The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata, is set to celebrate “Raj Barir Khawa Dawa”.


Historical trends have always influenced food and this is evident from the different delicacies planned for the festival. The “Gumo-aanch er mangsho” or  meat cooked in slow fire by putting the dying charcoals on top, originated from Murshidabad, is a classic example of food influenced by the “Dum Cooking”. Bardhaman’s Rajbari has influenced the “Lyangcha”, which is a deep fried sweetmeat dipped in sugar syrup.

The impact of the two centuries of British Rule (1757–1947) over Bengali cuisine can never be overstated. Sovabazar Rajbari, a regular place for evening hang-outs of the British Officials back then, was famous for its “Fish Roll” that had a western touch to it. The Fish Roll also has found its place in the Raj Barir Khawa Dawa fest. As do to the Safed Ilish and Lal-Mangsher Pulao from the Cooch-Bihar Rajbari that has Rajasthan leanings.


The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata, will take you back in time as you savor these Rajbari delicacies from times gone by. The Raj Barir Khawa Dawa culinary extravaganza will be hosted at the Buzz for Lunch (12:30PM-3:30PM) and Dinner (7:30PM-11:30PM) from May 21, 2016 onwards.

Priyanka Dutta

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Kolkata Restaurant Hatari Starts New Branch in North Kolkata; Star Studded Inauguration


Hatari, the restaurant group which had been gaining so much prominence and importance among the people in the city, opened a new branch in Baguihati. This was done to cater to the needs of the people living in this side of the city who had to go to the south to savor the taste of the delicacies available at this restaurant.


The restaurant launch was graced by the presence of eminent celebrities like Nigel Akkara, Pandit Debojyoti Bose, Traumbak, Sanghamitra Choudhuri, Sreela Majumdar and others.

Samarendra Mukherjee, one of the directors addressed the media and the assembled guests. He said “It gives us immense joy to open this restaurant in the northern part of the city. With this step, we are also thinking of expanding out of Kolkata too. I will also take the opportunity to thank the customers who had been loyal to the brand and supporting us for so many years”.


Hatari was started in 1966 at Triangular Park by Mr. Kamal Nayan Mukherjee who was a film enthusiast and Captain Prahlad Bose, a pilot by profession. The chain of restaurants has branches in Behala, Golf Green and Traingular Park also. Home delivery and catering services are also available for the customers.

Nigel Akkara who was also present at the occasion said “The food is so tasty. This will be helpful for the people in the North and Central parts of the city to enjoy the delicacies made by Hatari chefs”.

Great food, affordable prices, quality ambience are the USP of this recently inaugurated restaurant Hatari.

Priyanka Dutta

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Chef Kunal Kapoor’s New Cook Book ‘A chef in every home’ Launched


Ladies Circle India organized an interactive workshop on cooking by celebrity Masterchef Kunal Kapur. Model/actress Richa Sharma, molecular biologist Chanda Zaveri, Madhu neotia, Soumya Sanjjay, Rashmi Rungta and Smita Murarka were present at the occasion.

Chef Kunal Kapoor’s New Cook Book ‘A chef in every home’ Launched

This event also saw Chanda Zaveri being declared as the Brand Ambassador of Ladies Circle India & Jewel of LC 46. Richa Sharma was also declared the Global Brand Ambassador of the Ladies Circle India. Speaking at the occasion Chanda Zaveri said “It gives me immense pleasure to become the brand ambassador of the Ladies Circle and I will be a part of all programs organized by the Ladies Circle. This is a great initiative helping in empowerment of girls ”.


Masterchef Kunal Kapur shared some experiences of his work with the audience. “Once I served soup to a senior chef and the next moment I remember he threw the soup away. I could not understand what my fault was. One of my colleagues then pointed out that I did not give the chef a spoon. I thought that the senior was a mad person. However the realization came later. It is then that I realized that he was trying to make us into a new brand of chefs. This opened my eyes and I have been following this all these years”.

The chef also launched his book “A chef in every home”. The cook book according to the chef is for everyone who is passionate about cooking. During the Masterchef India show days, he discovered that there is a hidden cook in all of us and this motivated him to write the cook book.


Masterchef Kunal Kapur’s visit to the city will indeed give a boost to the morale of the budding chefs and also enable people to showcase their cooking talents without inhibitions.

Priyanka Dutta