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Producer Anirban Basu Announces Two Bengali Films Under his Banner Essen Enterprise


The press announcement of two upcoming Bengali films-The Last Gangster and Ekti Bhoutik Ghotona Obolombone were held at One Way Café. Arnab, Chandrani, Lama and a bunch of new faces who will be acting in both the films were present at this press announcement.


The Last Gangster is about a village boy Soumen who likes to act. He sees an advertisement and comes to Kolkata. However he is duped by the fraudsters. He falls into trouble and it is then that he meets a wagon broker. He joins their team and with his intelligence becomes the head of the group. He meets Rupali, an actress. However due to his wrong deeds, police is on the lookout for him. What happens to Soumen is what the film is all about. The film has Pradip, Ranveer, Lama, Chandrani and Akash acting in pivotal roles.


The other film Ekti Bhoutik Ghotona Obolombone is about a film director Subhendu Basu. He helps a woman whose car breaks down in the middle of the night. During the chat with the lady, he highlights that he wants to make meaningful film with social messages. The lady however points out that he must also try and make films on ghosts. The lady starts telling ghost stories. If the director likes them then he will be making a ghost film. Whether Subhendu finally makes the film is what this film is all about. Arnab, Bhaskar, Krishnakishore, Lama, Chandrani, Sahid will be seen in important roles in the film.

Actor Lama said on the occasion “I am looking forward to acting with a bunch of new faces. The experience will be new and interesting for sure”.


The music in both the films is by Sankar Goswami and the films will go on the floors from August.

The films are being produced by the young and dynamic producer Anirban Basu under the banner of Essen Enterprise and this banner is all set to produce a large number of films and make it big in the Bengali Film Industry.

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Bengali Horror Film Maaya: Review, Poster; It has to be Really Scary to Impress


Horror movies have a charm of their own. Like it or dislike it, but strangely you simply cannot avoid or ignore them. Such is the charm of the horror genre of film making. When I entered London-Paris, Mukti World multiplex for the premiere of the much awaited horror Bengali film Maya, I too was similarly filled with excitement to see what the makers have to offer. Spotted at this premiere show were Sayantani Ghosh, Rimjhim Gupta, Jayjeet, Bharat Kaul, Nishpal Singh, Abhijit Guha, Rudranil Ghosh and other celebrities from the Tollywood film fraternity.

The story is about Shona who is the daughter of Neha and Sameer Dey. Neha is an actress by profession while Sameer is a director. Apart from being a director, Sameer also manages the work of Neha. The couple and their daughter live happily until on Shona’s birthday, she reacts violently and hurts her parents with a knife. They seek medical help. However after a few days, this aggressive outburst of Shona happens again. Shona’s parents become bewildered. Ria Sen, an investigative journalist also gets involved with the case. She discovers that it is the unsatisfied spirit of a small girl named Puja who had possessed Shona. What happens next? Does Shona become free from the possession of the spirit? Are the wishes of the spirit fulfilled? These are some of the questions which the film answers.

The basic issue that I have as a film critic is with the script. The script is loosely bound. Hence the director often does not have any grip over the pace of the story. This makes the story unappealing for the audience. Script writer Manoj Tyagi had a couple of English horror films in his mind while he was writing the script and hence the result was an uneven mix of the events. The script liberally borrows ideas from English horror flicks like Orphan, Child’s Play. Audiences who have the habit of watching English films will be able to relate easily with the scenes and even point out the names of the films from which the scenes have been taken.

The director Raj Kumar Behl’s ideas about horror flicks sadly have not been updated. As a result, the age old cliché situations like creaking of the doors, writing on walls with blood, throwing of things haphazardly, white colored eye lenses after one is possessed have been used to create an aura of horror in the film. As a result nothing new is shown in this film and to add to that the sound effects in the film are jarring. The director has tried hard to scare the audience but when you give stock elements to the audience, how can you expect one to get scared? The ghosts have progressed and so have the audience. But strangely the director has not paid much heed to these changes.

Music in the film by Indraadip Dasgupta is a big letdown. The music director who had composed great music in many a film like Apur Pachali, Hanuman.com and the current horror-thriller sensation Birsa Dasgupta’s Golpo Holeo Shotti, will shock you with the music composed by him. You will have to actually read the credits to understand that he is the music director behind the film.

With average acting by Sayantani Ghosh, Rimjhim Gupta, Bharat Kaul and Jayjeet, the film even does not fare well in this department. Child artiste who played the role of Shona however has done a good job when compared with the senior actors.

Maya is one film which fails to scare you. Instead of shouting out in fright, when you get bored and even try to stop a smile, you can very well understand the fate of the movie. Maya is one film which you can very easily skip. Instead get hold of a few English horror flicks and get all that adrenaline rush.

Rating- 1.5/5

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Golpo Holeo Shotti: Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; A Smart Bengali Horror-Thriller at Last

Bengali-Movie-ReviewAfter a long time a smart Bengali horror-thriller movie has hit the movie screens and it is none other than director Birsa Dasgupta’s Golpo Holeo Shotti, an adaptation of the 2012 Tamil film, Pizza.

Rudra (Soham) is a pizza delivery boy living-in with Anuradha (Mimi Chakraborty) who is a ghost novel writer. Anuradha keeps scaring Rudra with her horror stories and practical jokes but Rudra, an unbeliever in ghosts, keeps laughing at her. Anuradha warns him that a day will soon come when he will encounter something paranormal and will start believing in ghosts. Then one day Rudra goes to a house to deliver pizza and it is there that something paranormal happens to him that changes the whole course of his life. Saying anything more about the plot would be a total spoiler. But this much can be said safely that Golpo Holeo Shotti is a combination of two genres – horror and suspense thriller. An unexpected twist comes around at almost the end of the movie that merges the two genres together.

Soham as Rudra, the middle class pizza delivery boy, is much convincing and good. He enacts all three shades of his character, namely romantic, horror and thriller, with much ease. Mimi, on the other hand as Anuradha is brilliant. She brings certain nuances with her acting that makes her at times sweet and at times scary and mysterious. There is one particular scene almost at the end of the movie where Anuradha is telling something to Rudra and even as Mimi enacts it with prowess she brings out a frightening effect even while not speaking of anything scary. Rajatava Dutta as Ratul Ghosh, the owner of the pizza outlet is good and for a change not so loud in his acting as he is in most of his other films. Sujan Mukherjee as Lala the chef and Debapratim Dasgupta as Poshupoti the cashier of the outlet do ok in their not-so-meaty roles. Sayani Ghosh, as the lady to whom Rudra goes for pizza delivery, also has done a very good job. Kaushik Chakraborty, as her husband passes of as ok, as again there is not much to prove in the very short role he assays.

Birsa Dasgupta has treated this film very well. Eespecially the treatment during the horror scenes are very gripping and even at times spine-chilling. The cinematography by Shubhankar Bhar is very good and the lighting in certain scenes is brilliant. To add to that, the BGM of the film by Indraadip Dasgupta is equally gripping and effective. The songs are sweet and melodious. Editor Bodhaditya Banerjee has done fine but we sure have seen better works than this one from him.

The only problem with the film is that it begins with the ordinary love-life of Rudra and Anuradha and drags on a bit without anything scary or gripping happening. One expects in a horror flick moments and events of fear and suspense from the word ‘go’ but here one has to wait more than that for the actual paranormal activity to begin.

Another slight disappointment is perhaps caused by the posters of the film (one showing Mimi with bloody palms and lips and another showing her dangling upside down from a window) which clearly hint at a different storyline and misleads one to expect to see more of Mimi in the film and her active role in the paranormal which in reality is not the case. And personally speaking, when I see the poster of any film I tend to form a visual and an outline of the story in my mind and hence going by the posters of Golpo Holeo Shotti was much of a disappointment to me as I was expecting to see the ‘ghost’ Mimi or a ‘possessed’ Mimi.

Nevertheless, misleading posters or not, Golpo Holeo Shotti is definitely worth a watching, all the more because this is the first horror-thriller genre from director Birsa Dasgupta. And just for trivia, all Birsa Dasgupta fans do get to see Bidipta, his actor-wife and (a surprise in) little Ida, their real-life daughter, in a cameo in the film which is definitely heart-warming. So do go and get yourselves a ticket and be prepared to let out a frightened scream or two or snap your eyes shut with fear as you watch Golpo Holeo Shotti.

Rating: 7/10

Golpo Holeo Shotti | Theatrical Trailer | Soham | Mimi | Birsa Dasgupta | 2014 (You Tube)


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