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Special Screening of Documentary Shovabazar Rajbarir Andarmahal; A Film By Director Satarupa Sanyal


Shovabazar Rajbari in North Kolkata is among the heritage buildings in the city. Many stories and facts about this Rajbari are found in the writings of authors and researchers. However not much is known about the women in the household. The status of the women in the house or the things they did to spend time is what will interest many of us now. Eminent director Satarupa Sanyal has directed a documentary titled Shovabazar Rajbarir Andarmahal. The special screening of the documentary took place recently.


Speaking at the occasion, director Satarupa Sanyal said “I initially did not want to make the film as there was not much material available. However after Aparajita Sorkel cajoled me to do the film, I accepted. Based on the information given by Kamala Devi Bourani, we have made the documentary on it”.

The director also revealed that since the budget was less, hence she opted for good actors and not stars for her film. This was also the reason why she made a documentary and not a feature film on the famous household of North Kolkata.

The documentary is of thirty minutes duration. Dev Gautam has composed the music of this documentary. The research work has been done by Aparajita Sorkel. The screenplay has been written by Satarupa Sanyal and Rajib Das.

Debosree played the role of Kamala Devi’s mother, Subhasish played Kamala’s brother-in-law Ramkrishna and Kamala’s grandmother has been enacted by Sharmila.

Shovabazar Rajbari-documentary

The main character of Kamala Devi has been enacted by Jiya. Speaking about her experience, the young actress said “I am extremely glad that I am making my acting debut by playing such a character in a film directed by Satarupa Sanyal. For the research, I have read the book Shovabazar Rajbarir Andarmahal, which has been written by my mother Aparajita Sorkel”. The actress also revealed that she had always wanted to be an actress and that acting in a film which is based on her mother’s book is purely coincidental.

The documentary Shovabazar Rajbarir Andarmahal therefore enables us a peek into the life of the women of this illustrious North Kolkata household.

Priyanka Dutta

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Interview: Director Paramita Munsi on her Debut Feature Film Guha Manob; Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive


Director Paramita Munsi who has been working for twelve long years in the role of a script writer finally made her foray into directing films. After having directed a short film titled The Last Tram, she is presently busy with the shooting of her debut film Guha Manob. An exclusive chat with the debutant director….

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You have been in this field for the last twelve years. When did you decide to actually turn director?

Paramita Munsi- The decision was nothing sudden. I have been working as a script writer for the last twelve years. I have worked in various mega serials, written film scripts and shows. After having garnered enough experience, I thought that why not make a film. I have worked for others for so long. Now is my time to make a film. I made the short film first and now I am shooting for my debut film, Guha Manob.


Why did you actually select this story Guha Manob written by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay for your debut film?

Paramita Munsi- Look I will be very honest with you. This is my debut film and making a film on a literary story is a very safe game. Apart from this fact, I personally connect with humor of Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. He is one of the few writers whose writings have developed my sense of humor much. He can write Gosaibaganer Bhoot and the same person can also write Guha Manob. He can write on diverse topics which I find very attractive about his writing.

Apart from when I read the story in 1996 in Sharod Sonkha, I found that this story had cinematic elements. I also heard later that late director Rituparno Ghosh had also wanted to make a film on this story with Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu in the lead roles. The relationship drama that this story has attracted me very much and I could not find a better story for my debut film.


You mentioned that a literary story is a safe bet for a new film maker. Are you hinting at the fact that this will ensure you will get a producer easily?

Paramita Munsi- I actually had got the producer way before. However, why I mentioned safe game is because you have to be successful in the debut film so that you can continue to make films and also get producers to fund them. Making a straight house is easier than making a complicated house during the initial stages. You also need to return the money back to the producer after the film releases. I need to get into the system with my first film. Then I can think of making films on more complicated issues. So taking all this into consideration making a film on a literary story is a safe and reliable process.


How is the experience of working with the cast, especially Chiranjeet Chakraborty?

Paramita Munsi- All the cast members have been extremely supportive. Kanchana is a dear friend but I keep scolding her in front of everyone. You may say I am very strict. Even Kanchana says so (laughs). I have worked with Dipak da (Chiranjeet Chakraborty) in my short film The Last Tram too. He is a wonderful actor and a great human being. Apart from being an actor, he has directed films too. Hence, he often helps me out and gives valuable advices too.

The music of the film is by Kabir Suman, right?

Paramita Munsi- Yes, he has composed the music for this film. He also did the music for my short film. I have always believed that his album Tomake Chai had a great impact on the way I listen to music. I also call him “my second father”. I share a great working experience with him.

With a great story and a stellar cast, Guha Manob looks like a promising project. We wish debutant director Paramita Munsi all the very best for her first film!!



Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.



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Ace Photographer Sudip Majumder’s 2016 Calendar Showcases an Intricate Play of Light and Shadows; Top City Models Featured


Ace photographer Sudip Majumder’s calendar launch is a yearly event now. The third edition of this calendar launch saw the presence of Joy Sarkar, Lopamudra Mitra, Manali, Aparajita Ghosh, Sudip Majumder and others.


“The biggest USP of my calendar this time is that I have not used flash for taking the pictures. Many of you will understand how difficult that is when it comes to shoots of these kinds. Reflection is the theme and I have played with light and shadows in the pictures that I have clicked. Crystal balls, small lights and such things have been used in the pictures” said photographer Sudip Majumder.


The twelve models in this calendar include Upasana Acharya, Ridhima Ghosh, Patrali Chattopadhyay, Megha Chowdhury, Koushani Mukherjee, Debolina Biswas, Darshana Banik, Aparajita Ghosh, Sneha Ghoshal, Diti Saha, Rituparna Basak and Sushmita Chatterjee.

The idea and art direction of this calendar has been done by Manoj Nath. Nanda Majumder and Suman Ganguly have done the makeup of the models. Abhinash Bhowmick is the hair stylist while Abhisek Roy has styled the models for the shoot.


The event also saw Joy Sarkar and Lopamudra Mitra cut a cake together to celebrate fifteen years of their married life.

Priyanka Dutta

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Irish House launched The Irish Menu Madness; Tasty Delicacies for the Holiday Season


In the bid to say farewell to 2015 and welcome the New Year, Irish House located at Quest Mall have come up with The Irish Menu Madness. The new menu has new and expensive range of new specialty cocktails, beers and mouth watering delicacies on offer for the patrons.


One can begin with delicious appetizers like Skewed cottage cheese, handcrafted Cuban pork cigars, Chilli corn sliders and Armagh chicken bites. For those food lovers who love fries, the restaurant has a huge range of options too. Some of the fries in the menu include The Mexican mess, the Angry bird fries and the Good ol’ Mac and cheese fries.


Care has been taken at this restaurant so that the vegetarians can also gorge on delicious Irish dishes. The big fat Greek burger, The shroom melt, The mean bean, The Irish couch potato are some of the delicacies for the vegetarian customers.


The non-vegetarian food lovers have the option of selecting from The sloppy pig out, The double chicken ghost crunch, the Irish Houseburger and others. Sandwiches and burgers of various kinds are also available for the patrons.


Over fifty varieties of international and domestic brews, including draught and craft beers are also on offer at this restaurant. The restaurant has introduced for the first time the concept of Community Eats and Community Drinks.

Signature ambience, retro music, great food are some of the factors due to which you must consider paying Irish House a visit with your friends or family members!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Madhur Bhandarkar’s New Film Calendar Girls’ Models speak about their Working Chemistry with co-stars at the Kolkata Promotions


Madhur Bhandarkar’s films have always caught the attention of the audience and the critics alike. Be it Fashion or the soon to release Calendar Girls, the director has always ensured that the audiences are kept engaged with the film even before it releases in the cinema halls. Calendar Girls has been garnering great response from the audience since the days, the poster and the trailer of the film has been released. The director along with the five girls namely Satarupa Pyne, Kayra Dutta, Avani Modi, Ruhi Singh and Akansha Puri was present in Kolkata for the promotions of this upcoming Bollywood film.


City model Satarupa Pyne who plays the role of a Bengali model in the film was ecstatic to be working with the ace director. “I had watched his film Fashion before and I work in the fashion industry myself. Hence I was very well able to understand the efforts that he gave in making the film. The research was just awesome. It was so detailed. I got a call for the auditions and I just gave my best. Next I got a call from the production house stating that I was selected. I was just so happy” recalled the model-actress.


Madhur Bhandarkar who was also present at the occasion spoke about why he selected the actresses from all over the country. “When I was doing the research for the film, I found out that the models usually came from different parts of the country. This is the reason why I selected girls from all over India. During the research I also faced challenges. Some were willing to talk about the topic while many did not want to speak about it” said the director.


Cat fights are so very popular when more than one actresses work in a film. However, the five actresses negated such issues while working in this film. “We didn’t have any such issues as Madhur sir ensured that we all got equal attention. No partiality was done by the director. He understands how to work with newcomers and he did the same with us. He gave us the space so that we could do our best. I have learnt a lot during the shoot of this film” said Avani.


Avani is the only non-model actress in the film. She had done Tamil films and short films before. “My experience of working in theatre and the short films came in handy during the shoot of this film. I am not a model, true. But just I like do the other roles of a doctor or an engineer- I have done this role in that manner” added Avani. Avani plays the role of Nazneen Malik.


Ruhi Singh who began her journey by winning the title Miss India East talked about her Kolkata connection at the press conference. “I was the first runners up at the event and I was just eighteen. I am still very much connected with the city. I began my career from the city of Joy and hence you can very well understand the rapport that I have with this city. Hence coming for the Kolkata promotions was extremely special”.


Kayra spoke highly about the Bengali bonding on the sets with fellow actress Satarupa Pyne. “I didn’t know her before. But we bonded well during the shooting just like two Bengalis bond. It was great to find someone with whom you could converse in your mother language” said Kyra.

The director also highlighted that the film Calendar Girls have been made to showcase the journey of the Calendar Girls. “This is not a critique film. I do not think that this film will stop girls from joining the modeling industry. Every profession has its good and bad sides. We all need to accept that. That does not deter anyone from joining the profession of their choice. Then why will this film stop them from becoming Calendar Girls?” said Madhur Bhandarkar.

The film Calendar Girls is eyeing for release on the 25th of September.

Priyanka Dutta.

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