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ETV Bangla Serials Rule the Bengali Household; Shivratri Special Episodes Creating the Buzz Now

Bengal has festivals for all reasons and all seasons and in keeping with this very spirit of Bengal, popular television channel ETV Bangla has come up with few Shivratri special episodes that will be shown in due course in its five most popular mega serials. ETV Bangla Serials have always been a favorite in the Bengali household and with such special endeavors the channel has created an indisputable position for itself.

ETV Bangla Serials

Ranga Mathey Chiruni– Despite doctor’s advice Nolok fasts for her first siboratri. Just as she is about to begin the rituals Pamma forbids her to touch her God. Nolok, who is weak from fever, goes to a nearby temple to perform siboratri. Meanwhile at Rai house, Pamma creates pandemonium over Nolok going missing. Neel goes to the same temple to search for Nolok when he is suddenly bitten by a snake. Whilst even the pundits predict inevitable death of Neel, Nolok astounds everyone and sucks out venom from Neel. She then collapses in Neel’s arms. Sabuj gets news that a wife had miraculously sucked out venom from her husband and died in process. Neel enters Rai’s house carrying Nolok.

ETV Bangla Serial

Dutta Barir Choto Bou– Ramen-Malay declares that they can’t accept Purba as their daughter-in-law because of mismatch of horoscope. Purba feels joyful and she brings a gift for Neel. Sujon gets to know about the gift and he thinks that’s for him. Later a big misunderstanding happens when Purba tells him that she bought a gift for his friend, Sujon feels insulted. He starts avoiding Purba. Purba fails to solve the problem. Almost all conversation stops between them. Purba decides to fast on Shivaratri. Purba requests Sujon to come to the temple as she won’t consume even a drop of water all through the day. At last Sujon goes to the temple to meet Purba but he finds Purba standing with another guy. Sujon is stunned when he finds the guy is his friend Neel.

ETV Bangla Serial

Sadhok Bamakhyepa– The zamindar of Palashpur, a village near Tarapith, Hitesh Narayan Chowdhury married a pretty woman called Manorama after his wife’s death. Hitesh already had a son called Arjun from his first marriage. Manorama then gave birth to a son who was named Sahadev. Manorama brought up both of them as her own sons. Now, a tutor called Tirthankar Acharya came to teach Arjun and Sahadev. As a result, Tirthankar’s daughter Shibani had a free access inside the zamindar house. Shibani was very pretty. So Hitesh Narayan decided to get her as the older daughter-in-law of the house i.e. Arjun’s wife. Shibani was a worshipper of Shiva. She used to worship at a Shiva temple in the zamindar territory only. One day she met Bama at that temple. Bama blessed her and said that she will get a husband like Shiva. After a while, when Hitesh expressed his wishes to Tirthankar, he was overjoyed. But a maid called Malati convinced Manorama that if Arjun gets married, Sahadev will not get any part of the property. So Manorama accused Shibani of stealing from the temple. As a result, Hitesh drove her out of the house. A few days after this, it was found out that the Shiva idol had vanished from the temple. The idol itself had appeared at Shibani’s place. Everybody misunderstood Shibani. Hitesh brought back the idol and locked Shibani up at a secret place. Following this, on the night before Shivratri, Arjun falls into a well at the backyard of the house. A distressed Hitesh calls upon Bama. On stepping into the house, Bama understands the entire situation. With Bama’s blessings Shibani saves Arjun. A happy Hitesh Narayan marries off Arjun and Shibani on  the night of Shivratri. Bama returns to Tarapith.

ETV Bangla Serial

Katha Dilam- Niranjan is found to be missing. Sudha gets a call from Samrat saying that he knows where Niranjan is. Dr. Ananda and Sudha bring back Niranjan to Kolkata Baidya hospital. Meanwhile, Niranjan does not want to stay at the hospital and this time Dr. Ananda decides to take him to his quarter. Sulochana and Dr. Robi has a show down regarding this. Sudha does Shivratri and prays to God to unite Ananda and Niranjan on the Puja day which is also Ananda’s birthday. Finally all ends well and suddenly Niranjan says that he strongly feels that Sudha and Ananda should get married. What will happen next?