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New Bengali Movie Action Review; Barkha Bisht Sengupta Steals the Otherwise Poor Show

Nusrat-Jahan-sexy-photoLocation is Rajaganj. The coal mafia in there has a free hand over the coal business under the leadership of Munni Devi. She is immensely influential and also has political connections. Her daughter Raka is a sadistic hooligan who terrorizes the common people and makes and breaks laws according to her own wishes. She falls in love with Akash who opposes her. This strikes her as unique and she becomes attracted to him. However Akash rejects the advances of Raka. What happens next? Does Raka leave Akash so easily? This is what the recently released Bengali film Action is all about. The premiere show of the film took place at Bijoli cinemas recently.

The very first thing that stands out in the movie is that director Sayantan Mukherjee had conveniently taken this film as a guinea pig for experimentation as, when compared, while the first half has amateurish directorial techniques with the director having little control over the casts’ over acting or the flow of the narrative, the second is much more restrained and engaging; something that gave it the feeling of a gradually perfected and not already learnt technique. And to add to the amateurish direction is the heavily borrowed plot which keeps reminding us that we are no more the creative pioneers and our position has already been taken by the South-Indian geniuses.

What made the movie all the more intolerable were lame jokes on farting. And to top it all, A classic song like “Ami jamini tumi soshi hey” has been used in a derogatory manner in the context of farting. Such disrespect to the songs in the name of humor is intolerable!

Some of the dialogues in the film are cheesy and will make you cringe in your seats. “Nibi panga thakbi changa” is one often repeated dialogue by the lead male actor that will actually get onto your nerves.

The torture does not end here; as the we get to hear some hideous lyrics composed to some distasteful tunes all along the movie. I doubt whether any sane minded individual seated in the darkened hall will actually dare to remember the lyrics of the songs in the film. Music by Akash is a big letdown. When you have “Chicken Tandoori” as the item song in your film, you can very well understand the state of the other songs in the film.

The fight sequences by Judo Ramu are a direct rip off from the South Indian genre of fight sequences. Gravity defying stunts form a major part of the fight sequences. Om’s character is engaged in a duel with the goons and yet his sunglasses do not fall on the ground. What a balancing act!! This will put many a super hero to shame. However the duel between Barkha and Om had a certain rhythm to it; an action sequences which definitely deserve a round of applause!

Finally coming to the actors; Barkha Bisht Sengupta as the hooligan Raka does a commendable job. She breathes life into the character of Raka and it is mainly due to her that we could sit through the film. She does a good job in the fight sequences. Om as Akash is good in parts. He is still uneasy with the song and dance sequences. Also a bit of polishing of his acting skills will do wonders for him, as he has good screen presence. Swagata Mukherjee as Munni Devi will remind many of Dhankor Baa of Ramleela played by Supriya Pathak Kapur. She plays the role with gusto and the dialogue delivery and the aggression makes it a treat for many seated in the dark hall. Megha is too loud and over the top in the acting department. Nusraat Jahaan in the item song does not have to do much apart from look good and she does that perfectly.

Bengali film Action had all the ingredients for a successful commercial masala film but a slack script coupled with amateurish direction messed it all up leaving the audience with half cooked Chicken Tandoori and the sexy Nusrat Jahan to drool over.

Rating: 1.5/5


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Buno Haansh Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Director Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury’s Smart Act

Buno-Haansh-Movie-ReviewWhich individual in his normal state of mind has ever been able to divert attention from the lure of money? The influence of money becomes even more poignant when you hail from financially distressed family and have a long list of financial issues to address. New Bengali film Bunohaansh directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury deals exactly with these issues.

Based on a story of the same name by writer Samaresh Majumdar, Bunohaansh is the story of Amol who hails from a lower middle class family. He works as security personnel at a shopping mall and with the meager salary that he gets, tries to make both ends meet. He meets his friend Robin who introduces him to Madam and right after meeting her he gets the first taste of fast and easy money. Slowly he is drawn into the dark dungeons of smuggling. From there on begins his chase with Rijula. What happens next? Is Amol able to free himself from the dark world or does he go further down into the quagmire of crime?

Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury has stayed true to the original story written by Samaresh Majumdar. When compared with his other films, Bunohaansh has debatable as well as well portrayed parts in equal number. The director could have taken a few liberties in the presentation of the film and some of the characters, as without that, more often than not the scale keeps tipping towards the debatable side. Amol’s character as the innocent, man who gets trapped in the dark underworld could have been presented more realistically. I understand that the director wanted to stay true to the story but such innocence as shown in Amol is interchangeably called stupidity in today’s world. Amol may be a simple guy but can anyone really be that simple so as not to even understand what the job is all about before taking it up? Agreed, there is a financial crisis in his family but still any rational individual will think twice before jumping into uncertainty.

Secondly the chase sequences become a bit too fast in the film. Rijula and Amol’s run from the hands of the don could have been paced a little slow so as to involve the audience more in their plight. The chase sequences often become a bit too hurried.

Thirdly the characterization of the two female dons in the film namely Adrija aka Adi and Madam also seemed a bit too carelessly planned. A bit of shrewdness and aggressiveness on the part of the two female dons could have been helped in making the characters little more convincing. They are way too polished and refined to be at the helm of the mafia.

The friendship bordering on love between Amol and Sohag also looked half brewed. Sohag suffers from a disease which has made her confined to a wheelchair. It would have been better had the director mentioned at some point about her disease and how she became confined to the chair. Apart from a song and a few shots, Sohag and Amol’s love story is not explored much-which will surely leave the audience wanting for more.

Music by Shantanu Moitra is a treat for the ears. Zindagi aptly justifies the wild goose chase theme of the movie. Eseche raat or Bela boe jaai will stay with you for days together.

The film has a huge star cast and the director must be given a few appreciative pats on the back for efficiently handling them. Dev in his de-glam look is a welcome break from his usual glamorous avatar. He plays out his part well. The director though, has played smart and given him less dialogues which has probably helped people in focusing more on the looks than the real act. Sohag Sen with her “Bangal” diction is impressive. Sudipta as Amol’s brother’s wife also does a wonderful job with her part. As the harried housewife who has to maintain the household and also curb her desire to become a mother due to financial crisis is engaging. MoonMoon Sen as Madam is good but she is a bit too sophisticated and polished for a don. A little bit of tacky aggression could have worked wonders for her. The same is the case with Gargi Roy Chowdhury who plays Adrija. Shrabanti as Sohag is good in her limited screen time. Tanusree as Rijula also does a good job with her role.

Bunohaansh is a film with which Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has gone beyond his usual domain of film making. The film maker must be credited for this. However as the audience who have watched his earlier films like Aparajito Tumi or Antaheen, Bunohaansh will be hailed as a modest effort.

Rating- 3/5

Buno Haansh Official Trailer | Bengali Movie | Dev, Srabanti (You Tube)

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New Bengali Movie Bindaas Review, Premiere Video and Actress Pictures


Timing the release of huge mass connect movies starring popular heroes during festivals has over the years been one of the most tried and tested strategies of the film industry and this year too, it is Eid 2014 that has set the platform for the release of Salman Khan starer Kick and Tolywood Hero Dev starer Bindaas in Bengal.

Video of Dev, Sayantika, Srabanti at Bindaas Premiere (You Tube)

Bindaas is the story of two rival villages and their blood thirsty village heads who do not even flinch an eyelid before ruthlessly murdering innocents from each other’s village and a young foreign educated lad played by Tollywood hero Dev who gives up his career and life of comfort to try and restore peace and help these villagers live in harmony. Interwoven within this age old saga of rivalry of villages is a love story that ropes in the children of the heads of these two villages.


From this very brief introduction of the New Bengali Movie Bindaas am sure the urge to really find out more about the plot must have evaporated into thin air as, such stories have been presented with different flavorings time and again over the years but unfortunately the story of Bindaas has been presented just as stale with not even a pinch of new flavoring added.

Right from the beginning to the end, the story seemed like various frames with events that the masses will be able to relate with have been put together to just create a money spinner in the districts. To elaborate on this, the song Party shoes that features right at the beginning of the movie just came from nowhere and was placed for no particular reason. Not just that, even the song Remix Quawali has been completely designed to cater to the sensibilities of a certain section of the society and somehow stuffed into the movie even though it was just not required.


The entire movie has fight sequences that look shabbily choreographed and fake as, throughout it is just people flying and falling with loud thuds with mere punches from Abhi (the protagonist played by Dev). The violence shown in the movie is also just an effort to show things that people in some areas of Bengal can relate to as there too, such violence is rampant.

The two pretty ladies, Sayantika and Srabanti have also been totally wasted. These sexy Bengali actresses are either seen blinking foolishly at the smart acts of the hero Abhi or standing as an arm candy with a pretty smile on the face. Sayantika features in both the peppy numbers namely Party Shoes and Remix Quawwali but fails to make an impression as neither does she get enough frame space nor time to show her assets. Talking about the heroines, I would also like to add that little more caution should have been exercised in doing up their hair, makeup and even costumes as while Sayantika looked perfect in all the salwar kameez and kurtas she wore, her western outfits looked ill-fitted and gross. Srabanti at least passes off that detailed scrutiny with her ever beautiful smile.


In terms of acting, Chiranjeet and Kharaj Mukherjee were the only ones who could do justice to their roles and Kharaj was indeed the much needed comic relief in this very bizarre plot. Dev still has a long way to go in terms of maintaining consistency in performance and keeping up with the honor of Mahanayak that he has been recently bestowed with as, while his performance was definitely praise worthy in Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s movie Chander Pahar, here he was an absolute disaster. Sayantika was loud as ever and was definitely not a treat to watch on screen.

Director Rajib Biswas has made a conscious effort to stuff in all hit making ingredients into the movie but seems like he forgot to tell his actors how to emote. Having said that, director Rajib Biswas should nevertheless be congratulated for his sense of timing and understanding of the sensibilities of a certain section of the society as this movie, no matter how difficult it may be for some to sit through, will surely stand out as an amazing money spinner as the hero Dev has just been presented in a manner that his huge fan base can kill for.

While Salman Khan is rocking the theaters this Eid with his film Kick which has an equally absurd script, it is Dev’s pull that will be put to test as this movie has nothing to offer apart from the Dev quotient which we, along with the producers hope will be enough to fill the SVF coffers.


I would thus like to conclude with a note of Thanks for the producers Shree Venkatesh Films as this is one production house that dares to experiment with subjects and while on one hand encourages the making of films like Apur Panchali on the other, it also promotes those like Bindaas.

Spend your hard earned festival bonus on watching this New Bengali Movie Bindaas only if watching Dev move about on big screen gives you reason enough to smile for days to come.

Rating: 1.5/5

New Bengali Movie Sada Canvas Review, Poster; Good Effort !

Bengali-Movie-ReviewWhat is it with painters and the Tollywood directors? Two films, Ei Raat Tomar Amar and Sada Canvas, the premieres of which were held back to back at Priya Cinemas Kolkata have painters as their male leads.

Director Subrata Sen’s film Sada Canvas is the tale of an eminent artist Anjan and his wife Rupa. The husband wife duo is in their thirties. Rupa runs a business of her own while Anjan carries with his art work and also continues with his teaching at an Art School. However like all artists, Anjan experiences an artist’s block and is unable to give vent to his creativity. He meets Ria at the art school. Ria has come to Kolkata to complete her graduation. Ria develops a fondness for Anjan which he is unaware of. Since Ria needs money, Anjan refers her to Rupa. Ria changes from the simple small town girl into a smart confident city girl. However a crisis happens and the lives of the three individuals go topsy-turvy. What happens? The film has the key to all these answers.

Subrata Sen aptly weaves a colorful tale of a painter’s life and the troubles that he and his family had to face. Despite the name of the film being Sada Canvas which means white board, the film has a number of colors. The emotions of the characters and their passions are aptly described in this film and this leads to the colorful canvas. However a slight hitch that the director faced is that despite having ample scope, he could not take the film to great heights. The narrative technique taken up by the director makes for a smooth viewing of the film. It is crisp and deals with the life of the painter better than the other film Ei Raat Tomar Amar which is also about the life of an artist. A minor hitch that I felt is how can a girl with a meager salary afford such expensive clothes? Also the possessiveness of the girl Ria towards the art teacher should have been explored in detail. That would have at least raised the interest level of the audience.

Rohit Roy as Anjan and Paoli Dam as his wife Rupa are fairly good at their job. Their chemistry may not be sizzling but they share enough spark to make the screen characters look credible. Rohit Roy is credible as the painter who has this artistic block. His mannerisms and expressions make the character portrayal effective. Malobika as Ria also acts her part well. The transformation from the small town belle to the city girl is well portrayed.

Sada Canvas is a good film to watch this weekend. Despite a few hitches, the director presents us with a good glimpse about the life of the painter.


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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.

Bengali Movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar Review, Poster, Trailer, Premiere Video

Bengali-Movie-ReviewLast week a Bengali film Hrid Majharey paid tribute to the Bard, William Shakespeare and this week a film releases which was inspired by one of the poems of Robert Browning. The film I am speaking about is New Bengali movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar which is based loosely on Porphyria’s Lover. The premiere of this film took place at Priya cinemas in the presence of the film’s crew comprising of actors Meghna Halder, Priyangshu Chatterjee, director Supriyo-Soummo and others like actor Aryann Bhowmick, designer Rajlakshmi and designer Gautam Ghoshe.

The story of the film is about childhood lovers Arya and Nivedita. They have grown up together and from a very tender age have harbored feelings of love for each other. However as luck would have it, they get separated due to Nivedita’s parents moving to a new house in a different locality. However their love remains. Arya meanwhile becomes a victim of an accident and develops a problem in walking. As a result the match between Arya and Nivedita is not accepted by Nivedita’s parents. They select a good and well settled boy for their only daughter. However Nivedita goes to meet Arya for the last time at his house and they spend time reminiscing about past days. They make love and Arya strangles her with her own long tresses. What happens next? Is Arya caught by the police? The film answers them all.

Director duo Soummo-Supriyo’s inspirations came from Robert Browning’s poem, Porphyria’s Lover. A slight trace of Browning’s other poem “The last Ride Together” can also be found in this film. The sense of Carpe Diem evident in the the poem has been used as the basis of this film. The feeling that this is their last meeting together and they must seize every moment has been shown in the film. For those who have already read the poem, they already know the outcome at the end. Hence it would have been better had the director duo tried to present the story in a different manner. That would have retained the interest of the audience till the end. Many sitting in the audience were just waiting when the hero would strangle the heroine. There is a déjà vu feeling to it. The problem with these literary stories is that many people have read them and unless you present it differently it becomes an arduous job for the audience to retain the interest levels. The complicacies of love life shown in the Abir-Raima starrer romantic saga Hrid Majharey compelled the audience to empathize with the couple and also feel for them but the makers of Ei Raat Tomar Amar could not evoke any such feelings in the hearts of the audience. A person seated in the audience will hardly feel any sympathy for this duo. However I will also like to add, when compared with the last film that this director duo made Sare Chuattor Ghoshpara, this is indeed a better film.

Actor Priyangshu Chatterjee and Meghna at the Premiere of Ei Raat Tomar Amar (You Tube)

Some loopholes in the story also strike out. When Nivedita’s family members were searching for her, they go to every other place looking for their daughter but leave the most obvious place- Arya’s house which was obviously quite illogical.

Acting wise Priyangshu and Meghna have done a good job. As the lovers who are meeting for the last time, they spark a good chemistry. But they fail to connect with the audience in more ways than one.

Music by Amit Dasgupta is quite pleasing. Canvase Monalisa, Ei raat tomar amar, Humse milne tum aaye are good numbers and suit the film quite well. However the song Sohag Chand Bodoni which has been given a remix touch does not sound good. It would have been better had the music director left the song as it is for some songs are better left with their original flavor.

Ei Raat Tomar Amar will offer nothing new and there is a déjà-vu feeling to the whole film.


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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.