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Bengali Film Borbaad Review, Premiere Video and Premiere Photo Album

Video: Dev and the Entire Tollywood Fraternity attend Borbad Premiere

First love and the object of your first desire are both very precious and this becomes even more special when the object of your desire enables you to impress your love. This is the basis of the action love story weaved by Raj Chakraborty in his recently released film Borbaad.

This Kolkata Bangla Movie revolves around Joy (Bonny Sengupta) who even after his graduation did not care to look for a means to earn a livelihood; instead played carom and spent time hatching out plans to impress his lady love. He is regularly taken to task by his father but all the good counsel simply falls on deaf ears. However after a quarrel with his father, his father gives him 75000 rupees with the help of which he buys a bike and eventually succeeds in impressing his lady love Nandini(Rittika Sen) and somehow bagging a job too. However things take a turn when his bike gets stolen. He gets into a tiff with Imraan, the brother of the local goon. Does Joy get his bike back? What happens to his job? Does Nandini understand his plight? All these questions are answered in the film.

The film Borbaad is a remake of the 2007 Tamil film Polladhavan featuring Dhanush in the lead role. Director Raj Chakraborty who made his debut with Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and a fresh pair (Rahul and Priyanka) has again struck gold with this film. The film never bores you and will keep you hooked with its racy sequences. The narrative has been kept linear and this is of immense help for the audience. We all like a well told love story and this is a love story with action, humor and romance. The action helps in giving a swift pace to the narrative and the director ensures that the film has both sugary and spicy elements to cater to diverse audience segments.

With all the good things in tow, one point I cannot help highlight is that, though during one of the interviews with Sholoana Bangaliana the director proclaimed that this is a love story of 2014, things like wooing a girl with the help of a new bike or roaming in front of her house are old school antics that have been shown in many a Hindi and Bengali films and to add to that, these things are more or less considered very childish by today’s generation and even in the rural areas the youth are seen trying out other smarter ways to woo their lady love. Raj definitely had the opportunity to make it to the history books for romantics and bag the credit of being the initiator of a whole new trend of courtship had he tried to put in some originally thought out elements in the movie.

Music by Arindom Chatterjee is pleasing and to add to the good compositions when it is Arijit Singh crooning away romantic numbers like Parbona the music album is bound to do well. Prashmita Paul has also beautifully complemented Singh in the playback and presented a beautiful collection of Bengali Audio Songs.

Acting is one of the strongest points in the film. Bonny Sengupta shines as Joy. He is promising and has enough screen presence. The Tollywood industry needs young blood and Bonny surely promises to deliver good films in future. Bonny, as the irresponsible boy who becomes mature enough to fight against the local goons looks very convincing. Rittika as Nandini frankly does not have much to do except look good. She does not get the scope of showing her acting skills (which she also needs to brush up) as Priyanka got in Chirodini Tumi Je Amar. Sudip Mukherjee as Akram is excellent. He breathes life into the role of the Muslim goon. Mainak as Imraan is also another revelation. As the evil minded brother who does not think twice before murdering his own brother, he is one to look out for. He should focus on more such roles in good films rather than acting in B-grade Bengali films.

With Bunohaansh starring Tollywood Hero Dev and Singham Returns having released on the same day and competing for audience attention, the success of Borbaad will surely be a landmark for the entire crew of this New Bengali Film and from the looks of it, the team may not have to see disappointment at all. A complete masala entertainer, you will in no way waste “Borbaad” your time watching the young couple Bonny Rittika romancing on screen.


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New Bengali Movie Bindaas Review, Premiere Video and Actress Pictures


Timing the release of huge mass connect movies starring popular heroes during festivals has over the years been one of the most tried and tested strategies of the film industry and this year too, it is Eid 2014 that has set the platform for the release of Salman Khan starer Kick and Tolywood Hero Dev starer Bindaas in Bengal.

Video of Dev, Sayantika, Srabanti at Bindaas Premiere (You Tube)

Bindaas is the story of two rival villages and their blood thirsty village heads who do not even flinch an eyelid before ruthlessly murdering innocents from each other’s village and a young foreign educated lad played by Tollywood hero Dev who gives up his career and life of comfort to try and restore peace and help these villagers live in harmony. Interwoven within this age old saga of rivalry of villages is a love story that ropes in the children of the heads of these two villages.


From this very brief introduction of the New Bengali Movie Bindaas am sure the urge to really find out more about the plot must have evaporated into thin air as, such stories have been presented with different flavorings time and again over the years but unfortunately the story of Bindaas has been presented just as stale with not even a pinch of new flavoring added.

Right from the beginning to the end, the story seemed like various frames with events that the masses will be able to relate with have been put together to just create a money spinner in the districts. To elaborate on this, the song Party shoes that features right at the beginning of the movie just came from nowhere and was placed for no particular reason. Not just that, even the song Remix Quawali has been completely designed to cater to the sensibilities of a certain section of the society and somehow stuffed into the movie even though it was just not required.


The entire movie has fight sequences that look shabbily choreographed and fake as, throughout it is just people flying and falling with loud thuds with mere punches from Abhi (the protagonist played by Dev). The violence shown in the movie is also just an effort to show things that people in some areas of Bengal can relate to as there too, such violence is rampant.

The two pretty ladies, Sayantika and Srabanti have also been totally wasted. These sexy Bengali actresses are either seen blinking foolishly at the smart acts of the hero Abhi or standing as an arm candy with a pretty smile on the face. Sayantika features in both the peppy numbers namely Party Shoes and Remix Quawwali but fails to make an impression as neither does she get enough frame space nor time to show her assets. Talking about the heroines, I would also like to add that little more caution should have been exercised in doing up their hair, makeup and even costumes as while Sayantika looked perfect in all the salwar kameez and kurtas she wore, her western outfits looked ill-fitted and gross. Srabanti at least passes off that detailed scrutiny with her ever beautiful smile.


In terms of acting, Chiranjeet and Kharaj Mukherjee were the only ones who could do justice to their roles and Kharaj was indeed the much needed comic relief in this very bizarre plot. Dev still has a long way to go in terms of maintaining consistency in performance and keeping up with the honor of Mahanayak that he has been recently bestowed with as, while his performance was definitely praise worthy in Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s movie Chander Pahar, here he was an absolute disaster. Sayantika was loud as ever and was definitely not a treat to watch on screen.

Director Rajib Biswas has made a conscious effort to stuff in all hit making ingredients into the movie but seems like he forgot to tell his actors how to emote. Having said that, director Rajib Biswas should nevertheless be congratulated for his sense of timing and understanding of the sensibilities of a certain section of the society as this movie, no matter how difficult it may be for some to sit through, will surely stand out as an amazing money spinner as the hero Dev has just been presented in a manner that his huge fan base can kill for.

While Salman Khan is rocking the theaters this Eid with his film Kick which has an equally absurd script, it is Dev’s pull that will be put to test as this movie has nothing to offer apart from the Dev quotient which we, along with the producers hope will be enough to fill the SVF coffers.


I would thus like to conclude with a note of Thanks for the producers Shree Venkatesh Films as this is one production house that dares to experiment with subjects and while on one hand encourages the making of films like Apur Panchali on the other, it also promotes those like Bindaas.

Spend your hard earned festival bonus on watching this New Bengali Movie Bindaas only if watching Dev move about on big screen gives you reason enough to smile for days to come.

Rating: 1.5/5

Bengali Movie Hrid Majharey Review, Poster, Trailer; Celebrating Shakespeare in Style

Hrid-Majharey-reviewThe term Hamartia means a tragic flaw in the character of a hero. According to Aristotle’s Poetics, it has also been described as an error in the judgement or a fatal mistake. Rangan Ghosh’s debut Bengali film Hrid Majharey traces this very concept of Hamartia in the life of the hero of the film.

The film begins with a scene in which a very disheveled looking Abhijit (Abir) enters the room to find Debjani(Raima) dead. The story goes back to a flashback and we get to see the reason behind such a fatal outcome. Abhijit is a professor of Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College Kolkata. He lives with his only sister who is a crime journalist by profession. A chance meeting with a soothsayer who warns Abhijit to stay away from love for his own good is not given much importance by the professor. One rainy night he gives Debjani a lift in his car and Cupid strikes. They date and fall in love. Abhijit however faces a problem at his job when an infatuated student proposes him. He rejects and in retaliation she does something to get back at the professor. Faced with such grave issues at work, along with Debjani he goes to the Andamans in search of a new life. There they meet Shubro who is a junior of Debjani. Abhijit at times gets jealous of Shubro’s unwavering attention on Debjani. Shubro dies in an accident and this leaves Abhijit in a confused state. He begins to question himself about the prophecy of the soothsayer. What actually happens next? Does Abhijit leave Debjani? Who killed Debjani? Hrid Majharey answers them all.

Director Rangan Ghosh deserves quite a few appreciative pats on the back for dealing with the Shakespearean concepts in such an engaging manner. Despite bringing many a Shakespearean elements in this film, the director presents the love story quite cinematically. This blending is what gives the story a distinct taste. The soothsayer will remind many of the Witches in the tragedy Macbeth. It is the Witches who triggered off the latent ambition of Macbeth. Similarly Abhijit after being forbidden to fall in love actually falls deeply in love with Debjani. This is a simple case of the Forbidden Fruit which is more attractive due to this very aspect.

What is also notable is the fact that the element of Hamartia which is a notable aspect of the tragic heroes has also been shown here. Abhijit’s Hamartia is his indecisiveness (much like Hamlet’s indecisiveness) and also the fact that he gets angry very easily (Much like King Lear). These are two of the most distinct flaws in the otherwise charming Abhijit. It is these qualities which lead him to take instant decisions which actually harm him in ways more than one.

Acting by the cast receives a big thumbs up and ably helps the director in this project. Sohag Sen as the soothsayer is just perfect. You will actually have to look twice to understand that it is her. She is that convincing! Raima as the cardiologist does justice to her role. Indrasish Ray as Shubhro also supports the acting department well. Abir Chatterjee as Abhijit is one of the most good looking professors that I have seen in my life. No wonder that the student Shinjini actually falls for him. The actor is just fantastic in the romantic scenes. The soft look and the dimpled smile will melt many a girl’s heart away and Debjani in the film falls for his charms. He must also be given credit for bringing out the troubled emotions in a man so well. The angst and the indecisiveness that he portrays with his eyes and expressions will actually touch your heart.

Music in the film by Mayookh Bhowmick is just so apt and blends really well with the storyline. The music director presents us with such soothing romantic numbers like Emni Korey that you will surely be humming them to your partner the next time you are on a wooing spree.

Andamans has been shot wonderfully. You actually get to see the beauty of the place and also the devastation caused by the natural disaster. It is high time that directors should consider going to this place for the shooting of films.

Hrid Majharey shows that love can be both tender and violent. It can make your life as well as give you enough pains that will take even a lifetime to heal. The film will surely touch your heart and will ensure that it stays in your heart for quite some time.

Rating- 4.5/5

HRID MAJHAREY | Bengali Movie | 2014 | Trailer | Abir Chatterjee | Raima Sen | Indrasish Roy (You Tube)


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New Bangla Movie Ramdhanu Review, Poster, Trailer; Hard Hitting yet Entertaining

New-Kolkata-Bangla-Movie-RamdhanuThere are some films which bring forth the hard core reality of life in such a manner that along with conveying the underlying message clear and loud, have a strong feel good factor too. This is exactly what I experienced when I went to watch the first day first show of the Bengali film Ramdhanu at Nandan and came out smiling.

The film Ramdhanu is the tale of a couple Laltu and Mitali Dutta who want their only son Gogol to get admitted in an English medium school. They toil hard in order to crack the admission process but as luck would have it, either Gogol answers something incorrectly or Laltu makes a scene at the admission test. When they see no way out, Shining Stars, a school which grooms both the parents and the children come to their rescue while highlighting the myths which have developed in our society regarding education over the past couple of years.

Director duo Nandita Roy and Shiboprasad Mukherjee who have earlier given us films like Icche, Muktodhara and Alikh Sukh has again come up with a beautifully crafted film and the duo passes with flying colors owed to the skillful execution of such a sensitive topic. They surely live up to the expectations that they raised with the trailers. The topical issues dealt with by the directors are of much importance in our lives. The linguistic imperialism shown in the film will remind many of the recently released Bengali film ‘Bari Taar Bangla’ but the treatment is simply different and more subtle. The angst and the frustration of the father about the fact that he will not be able to teach his son the Bengali rhymes he has grown up singing owed to the new English education systems surely points out the sorry state of the Bengali language. This is a very hard hitting issue that the director duo tries to highlight by way of this New Kolkata Bangla Movie.

The second point that the director duo highlights is the concept of ‘Best school’, which in reality is a myth. As the proverb says, Charity begins at home, similarly the best education too begins at home. It is not necessary that getting the child admitted to the best school will ensure the best of education. The education one gets from parents, grandparents, neighbors does a lot of good for the child too.

One of the strong points of the film is that it is not at all preachy. Despite having such serious thoughts, one will never feel bored throughout the running time of the movie. The serious issues are expressed under the veil of wit and humor, which is abundant in the film. The wit is not the typical slapstick humor that we mostly get to see in such films. It is well timed humor which succeeds in bringing out genuine laughs from the audience. Imagine a situation when the interviewers ask Laltu to give an extempore on “Sibling rivalry” and he ends up speaking about “Evening library” with full gusto and enthusiasm. This will bring out genuine laughs from you and you will also understand the level of linguistic imperialism which has plagued our society. In the course of the film Malavika Banerjee (played by Rachana Banerjee) mentions that speaking correctly in your mother tongue is better than speaking incorrect English. How I wish people in our society understood this very fact! Every day one language is getting lost from the world and it is high time that we understand the need to preserve our native languages and not give in to linguistic imperialism.

Not just the script, the audience can expect a wonderful phenomenon unfolding in front of their eyes even in terms of acting. All the actors have done justice to their roles. Gargi as Mitali is a natural. She brings out the angst, worries, frustration to the fore so convincingly that you feel sorry for her. A few appreciating pats on the back of director Shiboprasad for selecting her as Mitali. Shiboprasad himself as Laltu is a complete revelation. He is so much in the character that at times you will have to think twice to identify the real life Shiboprasad. He makes you laugh, he makes you feel sorry and empathize with him. He may be clumsy and may have lied to woo Mitali during her college days, but the fact is he loves his family very much and is so meticulous about ensuring the family’s comfort and well being that he does not even think twice before breaking down fixed deposits to get his son admitted to the school of his wife’s choice. Kharaj as Akash Singhania also does a good job. Sasha as Gargi’s brother plays a good part in highlighting the linguistic imperialism. Rachana Banerjee as Malavika not only looks elegant in her Swetambaree chiffon sarees, is good with her emoting skills too and looks very much the level headed educator.

Music in the film by Sriti Lala and Raag Anuraag Music Academy beautifully compliments the film. A film on linguistic imperialism is never complete without Rabindranath and in keeping with the tradition, Rabindra Sangeet also forms an essential part of the film’s music. The nursery rhymes used in the film will remind many of similar English rhymes with the same tune. For instance “We are shining stars, jhiki miki tara” is a takeoff from “Baa baa black sheep”.

Ramdhanu indeed depicts the seven colors of the rainbow as it is all about exploring the seven colors of life. This is one movie that should invariably be in your list of ‘Must Watch Films’ for the weekend.

Rating- 4.5/5

Ramdhanu -The Rainbow Official Trailer | Bengali film 2014 | with subtitle | (You Tube)


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New Bengali Movie Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay Movie Review; Subhasree the Saving Grace

Ami-Sshudhu-cheychi-tomayThe problem with making romantic films is that the audience must be given a new story which will touch their hearts. Or else if the story has the same old plot that the viewer has been watching for many years, chances are they will be bored. The same was the case with me when I went to watch the New Kolkata Bengali film Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay.

Such a candy floss romantic name “Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay” raised my expectations considerably. I was all ready to watch a great romantic film but lo! What I watched is an often repeated in serials and films. The film is about Bhumi (Subhasree) and Abhi (Ankush) who harbor a love-hate relationship. Things get messy when Joy (Bikram Chatterjee) enters their life. I need not divulge much about the plot as the audience will be very well able to judge what will be the outcome of this film.

Diector Ashok Pati’s aim of making a romantic film succeeds in some parts. But the glaring loopholes in the other parts of the film cause much of a jarring effect on the minds of the audience. One such scene is where Bhumi’s two lovers are busy fighting for her on a rooftop of a train (the backdrop is that of a hill station) and she reaches a village all of a sudden.

The music in the film is good with foot tapping numbers like Bangladesher meye and Calling bell ensuring that they will be played during the Durga Pujas. These two songs are here to stay. The beautiful choreography and the visual locales are a delight for the sore eyes and are a saving grace for the film.

Acting wise, the actors all do a good job in their roles. Ankush as Abhi is good. He has been playing the good chocolate romantic hero with expertise for the last few films and this film hence was a cake walk for him. Subhasree as Bhumi looked as if she had come straight from the sets of Khoka 420. She looks pretty and does justice to the role given. Kharaj Mukherjee as Principal Charanda adds weight to the acting department in the film.

Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay may look good and be high on style quotient, but the film does not offer anything engaging. Chances are you will get bored. The feeling of Déjà-vu is what kills the film in many a part. Watch the film if you must or wait for the DVDs to be released.

Rating- 2.5/5

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Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay (2014) – Teaser | Ankush | Subhashree (You Tube)



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