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Buno Haansh Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Director Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury’s Smart Act

Buno-Haansh-Movie-ReviewWhich individual in his normal state of mind has ever been able to divert attention from the lure of money? The influence of money becomes even more poignant when you hail from financially distressed family and have a long list of financial issues to address. New Bengali film Bunohaansh directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury deals exactly with these issues.

Based on a story of the same name by writer Samaresh Majumdar, Bunohaansh is the story of Amol who hails from a lower middle class family. He works as security personnel at a shopping mall and with the meager salary that he gets, tries to make both ends meet. He meets his friend Robin who introduces him to Madam and right after meeting her he gets the first taste of fast and easy money. Slowly he is drawn into the dark dungeons of smuggling. From there on begins his chase with Rijula. What happens next? Is Amol able to free himself from the dark world or does he go further down into the quagmire of crime?

Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury has stayed true to the original story written by Samaresh Majumdar. When compared with his other films, Bunohaansh has debatable as well as well portrayed parts in equal number. The director could have taken a few liberties in the presentation of the film and some of the characters, as without that, more often than not the scale keeps tipping towards the debatable side. Amol’s character as the innocent, man who gets trapped in the dark underworld could have been presented more realistically. I understand that the director wanted to stay true to the story but such innocence as shown in Amol is interchangeably called stupidity in today’s world. Amol may be a simple guy but can anyone really be that simple so as not to even understand what the job is all about before taking it up? Agreed, there is a financial crisis in his family but still any rational individual will think twice before jumping into uncertainty.

Secondly the chase sequences become a bit too fast in the film. Rijula and Amol’s run from the hands of the don could have been paced a little slow so as to involve the audience more in their plight. The chase sequences often become a bit too hurried.

Thirdly the characterization of the two female dons in the film namely Adrija aka Adi and Madam also seemed a bit too carelessly planned. A bit of shrewdness and aggressiveness on the part of the two female dons could have been helped in making the characters little more convincing. They are way too polished and refined to be at the helm of the mafia.

The friendship bordering on love between Amol and Sohag also looked half brewed. Sohag suffers from a disease which has made her confined to a wheelchair. It would have been better had the director mentioned at some point about her disease and how she became confined to the chair. Apart from a song and a few shots, Sohag and Amol’s love story is not explored much-which will surely leave the audience wanting for more.

Music by Shantanu Moitra is a treat for the ears. Zindagi aptly justifies the wild goose chase theme of the movie. Eseche raat or Bela boe jaai will stay with you for days together.

The film has a huge star cast and the director must be given a few appreciative pats on the back for efficiently handling them. Dev in his de-glam look is a welcome break from his usual glamorous avatar. He plays out his part well. The director though, has played smart and given him less dialogues which has probably helped people in focusing more on the looks than the real act. Sohag Sen with her “Bangal” diction is impressive. Sudipta as Amol’s brother’s wife also does a wonderful job with her part. As the harried housewife who has to maintain the household and also curb her desire to become a mother due to financial crisis is engaging. MoonMoon Sen as Madam is good but she is a bit too sophisticated and polished for a don. A little bit of tacky aggression could have worked wonders for her. The same is the case with Gargi Roy Chowdhury who plays Adrija. Shrabanti as Sohag is good in her limited screen time. Tanusree as Rijula also does a good job with her role.

Bunohaansh is a film with which Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has gone beyond his usual domain of film making. The film maker must be credited for this. However as the audience who have watched his earlier films like Aparajito Tumi or Antaheen, Bunohaansh will be hailed as a modest effort.

Rating- 3/5

Buno Haansh Official Trailer | Bengali Movie | Dev, Srabanti (You Tube)

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Bengali Film Borbaad Review, Premiere Video and Premiere Photo Album

Video: Dev and the Entire Tollywood Fraternity attend Borbad Premiere

First love and the object of your first desire are both very precious and this becomes even more special when the object of your desire enables you to impress your love. This is the basis of the action love story weaved by Raj Chakraborty in his recently released film Borbaad.

This Kolkata Bangla Movie revolves around Joy (Bonny Sengupta) who even after his graduation did not care to look for a means to earn a livelihood; instead played carom and spent time hatching out plans to impress his lady love. He is regularly taken to task by his father but all the good counsel simply falls on deaf ears. However after a quarrel with his father, his father gives him 75000 rupees with the help of which he buys a bike and eventually succeeds in impressing his lady love Nandini(Rittika Sen) and somehow bagging a job too. However things take a turn when his bike gets stolen. He gets into a tiff with Imraan, the brother of the local goon. Does Joy get his bike back? What happens to his job? Does Nandini understand his plight? All these questions are answered in the film.

The film Borbaad is a remake of the 2007 Tamil film Polladhavan featuring Dhanush in the lead role. Director Raj Chakraborty who made his debut with Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and a fresh pair (Rahul and Priyanka) has again struck gold with this film. The film never bores you and will keep you hooked with its racy sequences. The narrative has been kept linear and this is of immense help for the audience. We all like a well told love story and this is a love story with action, humor and romance. The action helps in giving a swift pace to the narrative and the director ensures that the film has both sugary and spicy elements to cater to diverse audience segments.

With all the good things in tow, one point I cannot help highlight is that, though during one of the interviews with Sholoana Bangaliana the director proclaimed that this is a love story of 2014, things like wooing a girl with the help of a new bike or roaming in front of her house are old school antics that have been shown in many a Hindi and Bengali films and to add to that, these things are more or less considered very childish by today’s generation and even in the rural areas the youth are seen trying out other smarter ways to woo their lady love. Raj definitely had the opportunity to make it to the history books for romantics and bag the credit of being the initiator of a whole new trend of courtship had he tried to put in some originally thought out elements in the movie.

Music by Arindom Chatterjee is pleasing and to add to the good compositions when it is Arijit Singh crooning away romantic numbers like Parbona the music album is bound to do well. Prashmita Paul has also beautifully complemented Singh in the playback and presented a beautiful collection of Bengali Audio Songs.

Acting is one of the strongest points in the film. Bonny Sengupta shines as Joy. He is promising and has enough screen presence. The Tollywood industry needs young blood and Bonny surely promises to deliver good films in future. Bonny, as the irresponsible boy who becomes mature enough to fight against the local goons looks very convincing. Rittika as Nandini frankly does not have much to do except look good. She does not get the scope of showing her acting skills (which she also needs to brush up) as Priyanka got in Chirodini Tumi Je Amar. Sudip Mukherjee as Akram is excellent. He breathes life into the role of the Muslim goon. Mainak as Imraan is also another revelation. As the evil minded brother who does not think twice before murdering his own brother, he is one to look out for. He should focus on more such roles in good films rather than acting in B-grade Bengali films.

With Bunohaansh starring Tollywood Hero Dev and Singham Returns having released on the same day and competing for audience attention, the success of Borbaad will surely be a landmark for the entire crew of this New Bengali Film and from the looks of it, the team may not have to see disappointment at all. A complete masala entertainer, you will in no way waste “Borbaad” your time watching the young couple Bonny Rittika romancing on screen.


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Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.





Upcoming Bengali Movie Punascha brings Soumitra Chatterjee and Rupa Ganguly together On Screen in a Tale of Friendship


The promo launch of the upcoming Bengali film Punascha took place at a city club recently. The event was attended by the director Souvik Mitra and also the cast members of the film. The story, screenplay, dialogue and direction of this film are by Souvik Mitra.

Punascha (Nota Bene) is an urban story. The story is about a retired lady professor called Mohona. She lives alone in a flat in the city. Her only daughter Parna studies at Viswa Bharati in Shantiniketan. Mohona’s husband who was also a professor died a few years back. Renowned writer Animesh Mukherjee who is also her long lost college friend had just won an award and was going to Delhi to receive it. However Animesh plans to receive the award and come back to Kolkata to stay with his friend Mohona for twenty four hours. This is a plan which they have harbored for a long time. The plan works out smoothly. However Animesh dies out of a heart attack. What happens next? What questions does Mohona’s daughter raise? The film gives the answers to all these questions.


Speaking at the occasion, actress Rupa Ganguly said “Despite having a good amount of experience in acting, I felt shaky and butterflies were flying in my stomach when the director informed me that I will be acting opposite Soumitra Chatterjee. There is a good amount of pressure on you as you will have to perform with such a stalwart” said Rupa who plays the role of Mohona. The actress also highlighted on the fact that this story must not be compared with Rabindranath Tagore’s story of the same name. Soumitra Chatterjee plays the role of Animesh while Sayani Ghosh plays the role of Mohona’s daughter.


Directed by Souvik Mitra, the film is scheduled for release on the 8th of August and Sholoana Bangaliana wishes the team the very best and hopes that it will be appreciated by the critics and audience alike.


Priyanka Dutta

Bengali Movie Hrid Majharey Review, Poster, Trailer; Celebrating Shakespeare in Style

Hrid-Majharey-reviewThe term Hamartia means a tragic flaw in the character of a hero. According to Aristotle’s Poetics, it has also been described as an error in the judgement or a fatal mistake. Rangan Ghosh’s debut Bengali film Hrid Majharey traces this very concept of Hamartia in the life of the hero of the film.

The film begins with a scene in which a very disheveled looking Abhijit (Abir) enters the room to find Debjani(Raima) dead. The story goes back to a flashback and we get to see the reason behind such a fatal outcome. Abhijit is a professor of Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College Kolkata. He lives with his only sister who is a crime journalist by profession. A chance meeting with a soothsayer who warns Abhijit to stay away from love for his own good is not given much importance by the professor. One rainy night he gives Debjani a lift in his car and Cupid strikes. They date and fall in love. Abhijit however faces a problem at his job when an infatuated student proposes him. He rejects and in retaliation she does something to get back at the professor. Faced with such grave issues at work, along with Debjani he goes to the Andamans in search of a new life. There they meet Shubro who is a junior of Debjani. Abhijit at times gets jealous of Shubro’s unwavering attention on Debjani. Shubro dies in an accident and this leaves Abhijit in a confused state. He begins to question himself about the prophecy of the soothsayer. What actually happens next? Does Abhijit leave Debjani? Who killed Debjani? Hrid Majharey answers them all.

Director Rangan Ghosh deserves quite a few appreciative pats on the back for dealing with the Shakespearean concepts in such an engaging manner. Despite bringing many a Shakespearean elements in this film, the director presents the love story quite cinematically. This blending is what gives the story a distinct taste. The soothsayer will remind many of the Witches in the tragedy Macbeth. It is the Witches who triggered off the latent ambition of Macbeth. Similarly Abhijit after being forbidden to fall in love actually falls deeply in love with Debjani. This is a simple case of the Forbidden Fruit which is more attractive due to this very aspect.

What is also notable is the fact that the element of Hamartia which is a notable aspect of the tragic heroes has also been shown here. Abhijit’s Hamartia is his indecisiveness (much like Hamlet’s indecisiveness) and also the fact that he gets angry very easily (Much like King Lear). These are two of the most distinct flaws in the otherwise charming Abhijit. It is these qualities which lead him to take instant decisions which actually harm him in ways more than one.

Acting by the cast receives a big thumbs up and ably helps the director in this project. Sohag Sen as the soothsayer is just perfect. You will actually have to look twice to understand that it is her. She is that convincing! Raima as the cardiologist does justice to her role. Indrasish Ray as Shubhro also supports the acting department well. Abir Chatterjee as Abhijit is one of the most good looking professors that I have seen in my life. No wonder that the student Shinjini actually falls for him. The actor is just fantastic in the romantic scenes. The soft look and the dimpled smile will melt many a girl’s heart away and Debjani in the film falls for his charms. He must also be given credit for bringing out the troubled emotions in a man so well. The angst and the indecisiveness that he portrays with his eyes and expressions will actually touch your heart.

Music in the film by Mayookh Bhowmick is just so apt and blends really well with the storyline. The music director presents us with such soothing romantic numbers like Emni Korey that you will surely be humming them to your partner the next time you are on a wooing spree.

Andamans has been shot wonderfully. You actually get to see the beauty of the place and also the devastation caused by the natural disaster. It is high time that directors should consider going to this place for the shooting of films.

Hrid Majharey shows that love can be both tender and violent. It can make your life as well as give you enough pains that will take even a lifetime to heal. The film will surely touch your heart and will ensure that it stays in your heart for quite some time.

Rating- 4.5/5

HRID MAJHAREY | Bengali Movie | 2014 | Trailer | Abir Chatterjee | Raima Sen | Indrasish Roy (You Tube)


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Sesh Bole Kichu Nei: Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Did we Expect Too Much ?


Cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption is injurious for your health. It can lead to cancer. These kinds of statutory warnings at the beginning of films and serials have become a compulsory item. With steps being taken to increase the awareness of the people on such issues, there is a great role that films can play in popularizing such thoughts among the general public. Recently released Bengali film Sesh Bole Kichu Nei by director Anjan Dutt is a take on such issues.

The film is about a Bangkok based Bengali writer Animesh Roy (Played by Anjan Dutt) who comes back to Kolkata on receiving an email from his estranged son Judhajit. Judhajit is a song writer by profession. Animesh finds that his talented son had died meanwhile in a road accident. He also finds out that Judhajit was a drug addict. Animesh’s search for his son’s songs leads him to meet his son’s friends Kakoli (Subhasree) and Andy (Jisshu Sengupta). This quest takes Animesh on a tour of the dark world of the drug peddlers and also gives him an insight into the lives of the drug addicts.

With an experienced director like Anjan Dutt at the helm of affairs, expectations are bound to rise among the audience. The film rather than addressing the issues regarding drug addicts and peddlers focuses too much on the other issues. This leads the audience to lose track of the main issue. It does not strike when the iron is hot. It strikes when the audience has got bored and is wondering is anything exciting next. This will lead many to get bored in the process too. Why will a father simply leave his only child due to the wife’s death at childbirth? Any rational human being will have tried to cope with the grief and raised the child as the last ray of hope in his life. Even if I agree with this reaction, why will this same person come rushing back after getting an email from his so-called-estranged-son whom he had left behind with his father-in-law some thirty years ago? Moreover I have doubts whether a heroin and cocaine addict individual can be cured so soon as to start singing songs. Kunal, the character played by Bratya Basu is never explained clearly in the film. As the audience we had to rack our minds and assume that he is an old friend of Animesh. These are some glaring loopholes which I failed to understand. This also bored me as I expected something new and exciting from an Anjan Dutt film.

Soumitra Chatterjee as the father-in-law does full justice to the role given to him. Jisshu as Andy also gets a thumbs up for his act as the drug addict. You forget for a moment that you are actually watching Jisshu on screen. Subhasree is good in her role. But at times she fails to remain the girl next door and actress Subhasree gains an upper hand. Anjan Dutt’s role will remind many of his character San in his earlier Madly Bangalee. Bratya Basu as Kunal does a fitting job in the small screen time allotted to him.

Music in the film is quite good and gels well with the pace of the story.

Sesh Bole Kichu Ney is a film which despite having all the ingredients and matter to serve us a great film fails to strike the note. Despite dealing with such a relevant issue, it fails to strike a chord with the Bengali movie goers.

Rating- 2/5

“Shesh Boley Kichu Nei” Bengali Movie official Trailer | New Bengali Movie 2014 | Jisshu, Subhasree (You Tube)


Bengali Movie Sesh Bole Kichu Ney Review By:


Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.