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FIFA World Cup 2014 Special Menu at Kolkata Restaurant Koshe Kosha


Football fever is on the high in the city of Kolkata with the start of the FIFA World Cup 2014 and in order to the general feeling of euphoria amongst the Kolkata football lovers, Kolkata restaurant Koshe Kosha has put together a wonderful and delicious World Cup Special menu catering to the tastes of the Bengali food lovers in the city.


“I am a huge fan of the game of football and I have been associated with the game also. With the start of the World Cup, I thought of starting this football special menu so as to cater to the palettes of the people. They will be getting international dishes with a Bengali twist to it. For example the English fish and chips have been made with Bengali herbs. This has been done so as to appeal to the old customers and also to cater to new ones. We hope the menu will be a hit with the customers” said Chiraag Paul, CEO of Koshe Kosha. Chiraag Paul has been associated with the English Club Nottingham Forest, which plays in the division just below the Premier League. He has also been a part of the Birmingham City Football Club division. He is also known to be the first Asian to get an unconditional scholarship.


Some of the delicacies which will be available in the food festival include None the Wurst for it, Rendezvous with Rooney, Rio Rocke, Cristiano Crusher, Nimble as Neymar, Moscow Magic, Spanish Armada etc.

The football special menu will be on offer from 13th June to 31st July from 11 am to 11 pm for both lunch and dinner at all the outlets of Koshe Kosha. Head to Koshe Kosha to root for the special football fever menu and also support the football teams.

Priyanka Dutta