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Wrap Up Party of The Upcoming Bengali Film Raazbari; A Romantic Thriller By Director Sanjoy Bardhan


The wrap up party of the upcoming Bengali film Raazbari took place in the presence of the director Sanjoy Bardhan, Biplab Chatterjee, Mainak Banerjee, debutant actress Giaa and others.


The film Raazbari is a romantic thriller with an element of reincarnation. A murder happens in a royal family many years ago. It gets solved in present time with the help of a doctor and an archaeologist. The heroine of the film is the one who is reincarnated. She gets flashes of memory of her past life and along with the doctor and the archaeologist finds out the truth.

Since the plot of the film is about a royal family, the shooting of the film has been done at Burdwan Rajbari, Belgachia Rajbari, Baruipur Rajbari, Shobhabazar Rajbari, Bolpur and other places.


Joy-Anjan has composed the music of the film. The director said “I wanted something different. The sound track must be such that it will have both an old taste and also a new touch too. This will help in relating to both the eras. With five songs in the film, the music will be hopefully liked by the audience”.

Sudip Mukherjee, Payel Mukherjee, Ratul Mukherjee and others will be seen in important roles in the film.

The film is eyeing for release on the Bengali New Year’s Day in 2017.

Priyanka Dutta

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Actress Suchandra Vaaniya at Poila Baisakh Menu Launch of The Fern Residency


Actress Suchandra Vaaniya was present at the Fern Residency to flag off the special “Bengali Food Festival” on Poila Baisakh. The menu which will be available from 14th April till 16th April will offer mouth watering delicacies to gorge on by the food lovers.


This special menu will be available at the 24 hour in-room dining XII-Zodiac at The Fern Residency. Bengalis are very passionate about good food. And the Chef has kept that in mind while making the menu for the food that will be served to the customers on these three days. The menu has been prepared to give the people the authentic flavor of the Bengali dishes.


Some of the mouth watering delicacies that the hotel will be offering include Hingh aloo dum, Potoler dorma, Murgir chaat, Dinaj purer kosha mnagso, Bhaja mooger dal and many other such dishes. The lunch and dinner buffet menu is different on 14th April from that offered on the 15th and 16th of April.


Actress Suchandra Vaaniya wished her fans advanced Poila Baisakh wishes. She also complimented the Chef for the wide range of mouth watering dishes on offer for the customers.

The special menu will be available or both lunch and dinner. The Poila Baisakh buffet has been priced at Rs 899 plus taxes.

Priyanka Dutta

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Exotic Buffet Lunch and Dinner for Poila Baisakh at Hotel Aauris


With the coming of the Bengali New Year, most Bengalis want to savour Bengali dishes and embrace the Bangaliana. If that is the plan, then book a date at Blue, Hotel Aauris this coming Poila Baisakh.


The menu consists of interesting Bengali dishes for this Poila Baisakh. The soup segment consists of MurghYakhni Shorba and Tomato Dhania Shorba. Salads consist of Chola Shidho, Boil Potato Chaat, Garden Green Salad and Live Puchka Counter.

For starters, the customers will be served Narkeler Chop, Dimer Devil, Maccher Chop, Dhoney Patar Bora and Sim Charchari. Under the Bhaaja segment, one can choose from Begun Bhaaja, Jhuri Aloo Bhaaja, Kumro Bhaaja, Pepyey Bhaaja, Bari Bhaaja and Laal Saag Bori Deeye.


Dhaney Patar Chutney, Mishti Tamator Chutney, Anaras Chutney, Aamer Achar, Lebur Achar and Mixed Achar will also be available to tantalise the taste buds.

Lau Chingri, MangsherJhol, Dhoneypata Bata Murgi and Rui Maachher Kalia form the Non-vegetarian main course. The vegetarian main course consists of Cholaar Daal Narkel Diye, Banda Kopir Ghonto, Palang Begun Bori and Karai Sutir Dhokar Dalna will be available under the vegetarian segment.

Channar Payesh, Jafrani Ladoo, Lady Keny, Malpua, Misti Doi and Rosogolla will be available in the dessert section.

So hop in to Blue at Hotel Aauris and relish in the Bangaliana!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Poila Baisakh Special Menu at Saptapadi Restaurant


When it is the Bengali New Year knocking at the door step, what better way to welcome it than by gorging on sumptuous Bengali dishes!! Saptapadi restaurant has come up with such amazing Bengali dishes to make your New Year even more special.

Welcome drinks consist of Kacha amer sorbot. This has been specially done so as to quench the thirst of the clients from the oppressive heat. For starters, the restaurant is offering Moori fish stick, Posto bata chicken coin, Ranga aloo croquette, Beguni and Jhuri aloo bhaja.


Under the main course, the menu has salad, Rice, Cholar Dal, Shukto, Dhoka paneer dalna, Bhetki grihoprobesh, Chitol muittha, Kacha lanka murgi, Kochi pathar jhol, Pulao and Luchi.

Under the desserts section, the restaurant is offering Tomato kaju aam satta chutney, Aamlokir aachar, Papd(two types), Mishti doi, Pantuar payesh and Rajbhog.

Special dishes which can be ordered (at extra cost) consist of Bhapa Ilish, Sorse Ilish, Chingri malai curry and Daab chingri.


Saptapadi is located at Hindustan Park. The special menu will be available from 14th to 16th April from 12 noon till 10.45 pm. The pocket pinch for one is Rs 599 plus taxes.

Hop in to Saptapadi and revel in the nostalgia of the Uttam Kumar- Suchitra Sen era.

Priyanka Dutta

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Delicious Poila Baisakh Non-veg and Veg menu at The Taj and The Gateway Hotels in Kolkata


On the occasion of the upcoming Bengali New Year’s Day, The Taj and The Gateway Hotel has come up with an interesting menus to cater to the taste buds of the food lovers of the city.

Buzz at The Gateway Hotel (located on EM Bypass) has come up with a traditional Bengali Zamindari food menu. From Nawabi Amish to Nawabi Niramish, one can indulge their taste buds for a treat of old Kolkata cuisine which will also include a selection of fresh prawns and seafood. Some special dishes in the buffet will be Dishi Dimer Devil, Guri Aloo Bhaja Posto Diye ,Machher Kochuri, Dhakai Roast murgi, Parshe Machh er tel jhal  and Chingri Pulao. For the dessert there will be Jilipi, Labang latika and Chhanar Toast among others. This special menu will be available on Thursday, 14th April 2016. The timing for the lunch buffet is from12:30 pm to 3:30 pm and the dinner buffet is from 07:30 pm to 11:00 pm.


The price per person will be Rs. 1449 plus taxes for buffet per person.

Naba Barsha celebration at Taj Bengal is also unique as it offers you the flavors of special Bengali cuisines at its different restaurants.

Sonargaon will be serving traditional Bengali Aamish , Niramish and Seafood thali and will give the customers to choose from dishes like topse fish fry, kosha mangsho, echorer kaliya, shukto, radha bolobi , kacha aam er chutney etc.the price for vegetarian menu is Rs 2100 plus taxes and for the Non-vegetarian is Rs 2500 plus taxes. The seafood menu is priced at Rs 2800 plus taxes (Lunch and Dinner).


Three to four traditional Bengali dishes will be served in Hub buffet as a special highlight for the occasion. In all buffets including breakfast, lunch and dinner there will be few special food items like luchi, cholar dal, potol er dolma, chingrir malai curry etc. The lunch buffet will cost Rs 1550 plus taxes and the dinner buffet will cost Rs1650 plus taxes.

A specially crafted menu will be offered in the Junction with local street food served as a part of the snacks menu like macher chop, mangshor chop, posto bada and mochar chop.

The display counter at The Promenade Lounge apart from the European dessert will have special Bengali sweets like, kamla bhog, kacha golla, goja, kara paker sandesh, kheer kadam , labanga latika to name a few, made by the in-house master chefs.

All the special dishes at the restaurants will be available on 14th April, 2016, Thursday. Lunch will be served from 12.30 to 2.30 pm while dinner will be served from 7.30 to 11.30 pm.

So this Poila Baisakh, head to The Taj or The Gateway Hotel and relish the mouth watering recipes.

Priyanka Dutta

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