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Galaxy- Singer Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta’s Debut Book Launched in Kolkata


Rabindranath Tagore has been helping many individuals in many ways with his writings and has many a times soothed, inspired as well as motivatedgenerations. Eminent singer Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta is another such individual who has been able to cope up with her personal loss with the help of the writings of the Bard. Recently at an event she launched her debut book Galaxy which is a collection of fifty three songs of the Bard which has been translated into English poems by the singer. Hand drawn illustrations by the singer along with a DVD which offeres a few poems and songs sung by her at live concerts are also available with this book. Srikanto Acharya, Joy Goswami, Agnimitra Paul, Rangan Bandopadhyay graced the occasion of the book launch.

Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta’s debut book Galaxy Launched at Starmark Kolkata

“My mother passed away a few months back. I was so grieved that I did not know how to cope up with the loss. It is then that I resorted to Tagore and started translating the songs. The poems that I have translated are my humble way of presenting the songs of Tagore in a new way to the readers. I have also been trying to extract the richness from the writings of the Bard. The book is dedicated to my mother and since many of you have not met my mother, the book will itself introduce you to my mother” said Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta while speaking to Sholoana Bangaliana.


Agnimitra Paul, eminent designer and a close friend of the singer said “Swagatalakshmi is like an elder sister to me. She is a multi-talented individual. She can sing, paint and recite- in short a woman with multiple talents. After coming to this book launch event, I have understood that there are various ways with the help of which one can cope up with one’s personal loss”.


Poet Joy Goswami who praised Swagatalakshmi for her valiant efforts also hailed the singer as one of the best of his generation. “Swagatalakshmi may not be a practiced writer but her efforts show in her writings” said the poet.


Swagatalakshmi even regaled the audience with her powerful rendition of “Dariye acho tumi amar gaaner opare” followed by the English translation of the same piece.

The book published by Patra Bharati has been priced at Rs. 799.

Priyanka Dutta

Bengali Story Hotashahoron Narration by All India Radio Artist Satyaki Roy


Hotashahoron is a short story based on a single character named “Hotashahoron”. That’s not his real name though; he got the name or title for his profession. Basically he entertains people by changing his makeup and character. He not only entertains people but also reduces their frustration in different ways.

“Hotashahoron ” has different clients from different classes of the society. Mainly he plays the role of a joker to get rid of the frustration of people.

Suddenly one day Hotashahoron finds that his makeup of the joker is not coming off and is sticking to him like skin. After may a vain efforts  he finally decides to use the masks of  some fearful character from next day so that he can continue with his profession even with that painted face, though in a different way now.

In this story the one & only character “Hotashahoron” addresses the audience in theatrical form and after having spent years together in entertaining people he revolts & takes the decision to challenge the mockery of this society.


The Story, Script and Narration is by All India Radio Elocutionist Satyaki Roy