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New Zee Bangla Serial ‘Goyenda Ginni’ marks the Comeback of Indrani Haldar on Small Screen; Brand New Series Starts September 7


When Bengali film and television viewing audiences are engrossed with the tales of Feluda and Byomkesh Bakshi, enters a new detective on the block. This is the first time for Bengali television that the stories of a lady detective will be shown on television. This project titled Goyenda Ginni is the comeback project of Indrani Haldar on television. This project also marks the joint endeavor of Shree Venkatesh Films and Zee Bangla.


Goyenda Ginni is the unique story of Mrs. Paroma Mitra, wife of Dr. Parimal Mitra, eldest daughter in law of the Mitra household. Since her marriage at the tender age of 18, Paroma’s mother in law had given her the entire responsibility of her huge family and she has been living with this identity. She has not only raised her husband’s brothers and sisters like a mother would, but has also been the guiding force in deciding their future and their marriages.


On the day of the marriage of her sister in law, a very expensive piece of jewelry disappears from the house. The whole family starts assuming that someone has stolen the ornament but Paroma refuses to agree and later she finds out the mystery behind the disappearance of the ornament. Thus, the family is relieved after retrieving the ornament, everyone in the family appreciates Paroma’s effort. But Arup, her brother in law who is a cop looks at it from a different perspective, and gets fascinated to hear Paroma’s analysis. Arup salutes her intelligence. Arup appeals to Paroma to help him in resolving every case. Paroma is in disbelief. She is the eldest daughter in law of the family and has been living that life for ages. How can she help Arup in solving criminal cases?

 The new series will begin from 7th September and will be aired at 7.30pm on Zee Bangla.

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